So... what is the playerbase on Ceres like then?

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  1. Bindlestiff

    Quite keen to know if there is a big difference between those on Ceres, and those on Cobalt. In particular:

    What is the population distribution like?
    Who usually wins alerts?
    Which continents are the most popular (by faction / in general)?
    Who are the outfits to watch out for?

    I'm excited for the merge, just hope it happens soon.
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  2. rhodes 0v2

    what, getting tired of farming F2P cattle?
  3. Iridar51

    Well, I don't know how things are on Cobalt, but to answer your questions:
    What is the population distribution like?
    During primetime it's usually pretty even at 33/34/33, outside of primetime it goes in a random direction. I don't really monitor it, though.

    Who usually wins alerts?
    My impressions: there are some nail-bitingly close alerts, and there are alerts clearly dominated by TR/NC.
    VS rarely wins alerts, but that's probably because of the lack of powerful outfits and general underpop until a couple of months ago.
    I really couldn't make sense of the graph =\

    Which continents are the most popular (by faction / in general)?
    I think with continent locking introduced this questions is irrelevant. Nowadays most of the action is on Hossin, but when an alert happens for an another continent, people usually are willing to go and fight there.

    Who are the outfits to watch out for?
    TR: [TTRO] The Terran Order - the biggest outfit, if you catch my meaning. [RMIS] Red Mist - smaller than TTRO, but more "elite". [BAWC] Broken Arrow - small, "elite" outfit. Generally, the latter two outfits prefer infantry action.

    NC: [MACS] and [MACX] - TorokF somewhere in there. Strong players in all aspects of play. [FIS7] and [FACS] also have a presence.

    VS: Only has two outfits worth mentioning - [TFDN] The Foundation and [DORA] The Pandora Project. TFDN used to be vehicle farmers, but recently acquired powerful infantry division. Didn't stop them from farming, though.
    darkelfdruid is in DORA, nuff said.
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  4. Bindlestiff

    I'm the one usually getting farmed :)
  5. Bindlestiff

    I guess a little bit like Cobalt - definite shades of high NC pop on our server though from time to time.

    This should work out quite nicely then as VS on Cobalt do tend to win a good share of alerts when they can be bothered.


    So this merge seems heavily favoured in TR / NC favour?
  6. Ribero

    Hopefully we get some quality NC. We've got the numbers, just need that strong core.

    Unfortunately, I think it was said elsewhere that the Ceres NC are fond of... the Strength in Unity approach, if you catch my meaning.

    Though to be fair, I deleted my Ceres VS back in 2013, so I haven't any recent experiences of the server.
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  7. Bindlestiff

    Should be interesting when they collide with TRID then :)
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  8. NylaJess

    LOL wut hell ur u saying!!! 1st that VS DORA outfit alot of them got banned from speed hacks and aim bots and i mean alot long ago since then they are absolutely useless VS outfit, plus u find most of them mainly in Bio labs all time. ( i dont think DORA outfit knows the rest of other maps areas exists lol, maybe thats why u see them in Bio Labs mainly)
    Regarding NC outfits let me tell u 1 of the most organized NC outfits in Ceres are GBX (Global Bullet Xchange) u can see them here in 10th:
    and here:

    Im pretty sure u see those folks from GBX very often in any map and alerts.
  9. Iridar51

    Well, DORA was on top of my head when I tried to remember what outfit tags I see often when I die. There's also DHMR - outfit of elite farmers, and Ergo Proxy, which is probably a strong outfit as well, it's just that they have a unmemorable tag of [VEP], so I forgot to mention them.

    I missed some of TR outfits as well, there's FREC for FREnCh people, and IPT, GETR for German-speaking. Missed the GBX, yeah.
  10. Hartkernharald

    tfdn are ghostcappers, dora and uvg are the br 100 farmer types, vep is... not an outfit. ta-dah, ceres vs.
  11. Vikingo

    A little outfit summary on the Ceres sub reddit
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  12. volth

    1. It's depends what time you playing. But NC and Vanu is strong from 6pm to 9 pm and TR 10pm+
    But NC and Vanu have the most players I think.

    2. NC then Vanu and TR, but it depends on what time you play.

    3. Hossin and Esamir use to be the only unlocked continents on prime time. Esamir is almost always empty and Hossin have some good fights.

    4. TTRO is a good TR outfit. I don't play the other factions so idk about them.
  13. Longasc

    TFDN, DORA and VEP for Vanu, VEP is French AFAIK.
    NC uses to dominate with TR being second but it got a lot better lately for the Vanu, very often even numbers and very close 33/33/34 results. So that's good.

    NC is the strongest numerically and also quality wise very good as well. TR has seen a decline lately, they used to be more numerous than the Vanu but by now they are a TTRO organized bunch of lowbies. I always got the impression TTRO very often organizes Galaxies to drop newbies in battlezones to die there, it's a human wave approach.

    edit: Indar and Hossin mostly. Esamir was only popular during the snowman hunt.
  14. Plunutsud pls

    Ceres, oh yeah, VS get farmed there all the time.

    I deploy a Sundy near an enemy base, dozens of pubs will spawn at it but not a single one will bother to repair it when it starts smoking in front of them. I have to run back/redeploy and save it myself.

    Emerald is a nice place to be.
  15. nehylen

    I started the game about a month and a half ago on Ceres, i play as a kind of VS "mercenary" in that i don't belong to an outfit, and just bounce from one zone of trouble to another (outfits often imply ghost capping, or overwhelming numbers), and the outfits i see active the most on my side of things are TFDN/ VEP / DORA.

    As far as the enemy is concerned, the outfit i've noticed the most is definitely RedMist (RMIS): when they land in a zone that i'm playing in, even in inferior numbers, it's a real slaughter. While i do like the competitive feeling when fighting them, they often end up overwhelming the guys i'm there with and I, lest there's enough people on both sides to make them a non-factor.

    In the grand scheme of things, the balance in population/territory does feel about even. As a Vanu i kill significantly more(+10%) and die less to NC (-4%) than i do to TR though.
    Hossin's defintely where the action's at right now, almost non-stop, and there's one other continent(whichever, usually alert-dependent) where the war's going on, while the 2 others are either locked or quasi-deserted.
  16. Captain Kid

    That's true but I find Emerald (and Matherson before that) much harder. My K/D on Ceres is much higher and I can get away with more stuff.
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  17. Vixxing

    Mmm.... Fresh NC and TR meat... :D ill welcome you to Cobalt with a headshot or a dalton round... (or even a headshot with a dalton round)
  18. Kociboss

    Cobalt's TR needs aid.

    It's close to useless as of now.
  19. Plunutsud pls

    Yeah Emerald has a lot of high BR players and good outfits.
  20. Bindlestiff