so, what are you're impressions of the naginata

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  1. breeje

    i tested the naginata out in VR before buying it and it felt oke, not good but oke to play with and have some fun
    now playing with it on live it feels kind of meh and a little under preforming for my play style
    so i started looking up the weapon on how other players where doing with it
    after all it could be me under preforming

    so i watched the video from wrel playing with the naginata and the first thing i noticed was that even wrel was under preforming with the weapon
    he did say they did not wanted to make it OP and then have to nerf it, but the naginata needs some love from our weapon guru (wrel)

    i don't know what to tweak here and i leave it to players with more knowledge about it
    it just needs something extra to it

    here is wrel's video playing with the naginata

  2. dfury73

    NS15M ownes it. Man let al heavies play this weapon please. I just stick to MSW-R, Anchor, Goose and NS15M. All those dead duds standing still in the Bio. Keep em comin.
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  3. Eternaloptimist

    Only tried it in VR training - I could do better with a T9 Carv
  4. Gutseen

    First of all Wrel 's a scrub (low skill as F)
    Second - "Naginata" is outclassed by 2/3 of HA guns in-game. (hell even the lasher is packing more)
    vertical recoil is way 2 high to use it with 3.4-4x scopes in a heaty firefight
    bullet travel packs ****** 490 m/s (lowest midst LMGs + the gun is useless past 80 meters)

    and third
    Naginata's "trait" is easly compensated via macro scripts and swift gun control with low hoz and high vertical sensitivity
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  5. Hammerlock

    my impressions on the naginata ?
    just another NS weapon the game dont need
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  6. Nody

    Well a bit over halfway to auraxium it and it's a close range (1x scope or bust) high ammo capacity weapon with poorish ttk basically. Can you make it work? Sure but forget the idea of not shooting scoped ever and be ready to duck down standing still to reset the cof every so often on top of it. As it's suppose to be a specialist weapon with limited use and hard to master I think they are on the right track with it but could use some minor tweaks to make it more deadly in the close range environment it has to be used (or make the longer range more viable while crouched ala real life LMG it's suppose to mimic).

    It's not a weapon I see myself returning to after auraxium it but I guess as a controllable quick reload suppression weapon it might see some use.
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  7. Savadrin

    Wait, you're saying that someone is noskill and then you talk about running macros to compensate for flaws/kick? KEK
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  8. Gutseen

    when u have a mice for 90$ u are fully aware of anything u can do with it.

    but when behind the mouse lies a body with an *** for its torso even the wickedest aimbot wont help.
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  9. Savadrin

    You can get macro keyboards/mice for less than that. But using macros to stabilize yourself or weapon must be an MLG thing, since it's pretty much bordering on aimbotting.
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  10. Lord_Mogul

    And actually doesn't help with mastering the game at all.
    Sure you might have a macro that works with one weapon but what about the moment when you switch.
    Does your recoil macro helps with another LMG? with your pistol?
    It's the same as with the "sniper buttons" it's mostly a gimmick that doesn't make you a better player. Just lern how to control the game and you won't need that stuff.
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  11. Azzblazter

    Just wanted to say...I love your .GIF :D
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  12. Daylot_Usta

    Tried and rejected, too much recoil even for a LMG and you cant hit easily with full auto. You have to micromanage naginata's trigger. So, hard to use for unskilled players like me.
  13. Gutseen

    RAT (Cyborg) keyboards/mine are never cheap, and u get 102% bang for the buck
    + the notebook i usually run for the 2nd account
  14. Savadrin

    Unless I drop hits I'm past the point in life where I need a mouse to catch reflexes like that, they're gone :D

    I will say that a better mouse improves QOL in this game though. I didn't realize until the other day that some of my **** screen response was because my mouse wasn't smooth enough.
  15. Ziggurat8

    WTF are they doing over there at DBG? Everyone knows the point of releasing new weapons is to let people buy OP **** with real money, take advantage of OP **** for a month or 2 and then "balance" (nerf into obscurity) the weapon so you can make room for the next OP @ release weapon.

    It's what we expect, it works, why changed it now?

    That's 2 **** weapons in a row they released that (emissary) need(ed) a follow up buff. I'm not getting a new weapon and hoping it gets fixed @ some point. That's just asinine.
  16. Liewec123

    i seem to be getting insta-killed by it just like everything else. :p
    when Wrel said they plan on giving it buffs in the future i cringed a little.

    also totally agree with Hammerlock,
    screw NS cross faction junk! give us more faction flavour!
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  17. Ziggurat8

    After checking it out I don't understand its niche. It straight up underperformed compared to the ESF midrange "lane holders" The EM1, Rhino and Polaris. It has virtually the same TTK as those 3 weapons at all ranges with much worse recoil values. The only thing it has on those weapons is a faster reload time and access to HVA but even with HVA it doesn't come close to the ES weapons velocity. You also give up ALS and it has a much worse hip fire over all.

    Though I suppose being NS you only have to buy 1 and forgo the other 3 on alts. If it had .75 ads movement it could be a thing, maybe, but its recoil encourages you to hold still so it wouldnt benefit from that either.

    I would say don't bother unless you need to auraxium every weapon.
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  18. Dualice

    I can't tell if this guy's for real or is just doing a really good parody. But he makes me laugh either way.

    As for the weapon... it's NS, you say? Ah well I'm sure it has some... interesting... *yawn*... mechanics that offset... the, bland... *snore*
  19. DIGGSAN0

    What are you are impressions?
  20. Nody

    Well just finished auraxium it; still think it either needs better choke for mid range engagement when crouching because or better ttk in close range as currently basically all guns will outright kill you in a fair fight in close range. Big plus side is that you can easily do a lot of headshots which is the saving grace for you to stand any chance basically.