So... We're basically in O:MFG 2 ?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Bonom Denej, Jan 3, 2015.

  1. Bonom Denej

    From Smedley's twitter account :
    "The team has been asked to stand down on adding anything new until we fix the list I mentioned and focus down a lot of bugs"

    The list mentioned is the latter :
    "Here are my top 4 ps2 issues - server lag, fps drops, obvious memory leak and ctd"

    So yeah... No new content until major flaws fixed, it looks like we're into some kind of O:MFG 2 right now. I know this is not a Gameplay Discussion but it's the only place on the forum where it'll get maximum attention I think.

    Honestly, I'm not having much issues as far as lag/fps drop/memory leaks but if it means make the game more stable for a lot of people, I'm ok with not having new content for a while.

    PS : Sorry for the space before the ? in the title, it's how we do it in French and I have a lot of trouble getting rid of that habit.
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  2. BlueSkies

    Have you noticed medkits not working or you repair something and then 1 second later the damage is back?

    Thats server lag.
  3. Doc Jim

    People (myself included) have been forced to replace our med kits with restoration kits as they are less affected by the lag.
  4. Corporate Thug

    If I play for longer than a hour or two the game starts to run badly. I usually will notice everyone strafing as if they're running forward at full speed, even shielded HA players. Trades happen more frequently for me and it feels as if everyone I fight has much better reflexes than myself. Some issues could be due to me playing a little before primetime, then once primetime hits, the server starts crapping out but either way, I'm all for fixing this game.
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  5. Bonom Denej

    Oh ok, indeed I noticed that... Happened a couple of times yesterday during prime time on Miller. Didn't know it was because of the server lag as everything else was pretty fine.
  6. GhostAvatar

    Naaaa. Now its Operation: Make the game actually work.
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  7. Nerazim

    I think the best thing they can do for this game right now is to optimize it so more people can run it, get the servers working nicely and squash some of the more annoying bugs. Let's get the content we already have working properly before going forward.

    New players will be way more likely to stick around if they can actually play at 50fps and <120ms , without weird bugs cropping up all the time.

    In the short term they'd probably earn more releasing shiny new items, but growing the player base with a less frustrating game experience is wiser.
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  8. maxkeiser

    As long as these 'optimisations' don't involve making the graphics worse (please give options to high end users), reducing texture quality etc or restricting movements, view distances etc etc I don't have an issue.
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  9. Golconda

    This is wonderful news, the extreme latency on EU servers is making the game a joke in these days.
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  10. Auzor

    I like that "performance" is being looked at;
    they also need to redesign quite a bit of the rest of the game;
    the bases, (spawn room shelling needs to die in a fire)
    and the core purpose of playing: why attack bases, why attack a continent, ..
  11. eldarfalcongravtank

    OMFG2 or not, they NEED to do something against the bad stability and server lag

    i come here after just having crashed three times within half an hour:mad: i dont have the will to fire up the game anymore
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  12. Whatupwidat

    IMO the fact I've been ejected out of my vehicle 50 feet into the air for nearly 6 months is a bit...well...Glad they're fixing it xD
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  13. FBVanu

    I rather play a game without bugs, lags, hitching and floating stuff.etc..

    than a game with new questionable content with lots of bugs..

    so, yeah, you go Smed! Make it happen.
  14. Tiedemann

    I guess they read the answers on their surveys, forum posts, Reddit etc. then :p

    I'm happy they do it but I hope they don't do as the first round and "fix" the game, then tear it "all" down the next months/year. They should fix bugs faster and not introduce new stuff before the issues from the last patch(es) have been fixed imo.
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  15. PurpleOtter

    It would really be nice to be able to play again, instead of frames rates in the single digits...
  16. NinjaTurtle

    Yeah lets hope it lasts this time.

    Last OMFG was great, performance jumped hugely. Then patch by patch it slipped to worse levels than pre OMFG

    At this point I am so frustrated I am balder than Bruce Willis
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  17. CorporationUSA

    Maybe SOE needs to rework their patch schedule? Seems like it would make more sense to make game changes and release new content in very small patches spread out over time, with a designated bug-fix patch between each release. They seriously need to allot time for bug fixes after each patch, and stop doing these mega-patches that change 50 things at once.
  18. Pootisman

    They need to fix the servers. I have 150 - 300ms ping in game, although i have a 100mbit connection and out of game ping to the server is 22ms. Why is in game ping more than 10 times higher??? Because of all this lag, i get lots of lag related problems like rubberbanding and one-hit-deaths. Only during late night and forenoon ping goes below 100ms.

    Yea, happens a lot. When im a MAX and i get repaired by an engie my health bar flashes ervery time - full health - low health - full health - ...
  19. iller

    They won't fix the "server lag" issue until they start penalizing Packet-Manippers like they penalize team-killers....
  20. Liewec123

    will this be why i shoot someone in the face with a shotgun, but they kill me anyway and it shows that they had full health and shields? (note i usually don't have lag or latency (around 80ms average))