So we basically get a longshot 2.0?

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by Bape, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. Bape

    Seriously if this is NC ES Im just gonna have a good laugh.

    50 more dmg
    200 more velocity
  2. Kwyjibo

    You shut your mouth and buy some SC right now in anticipation!

    But seriously, I guess it's cool if you get a boner for stats, or you suck at leading your shots.
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  3. Pikachu

    How much can you do with a SR that is to focus on damage yet must not pass the threshold of OHK?
  4. LibertyRevolution

    They should just make it OHK to the body and be done with it.
    Then the rest of the population can switch to NC and there will be finally be peace on Auraxis.
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  5. TheKhopesh

    I'm hoping anti-max sniper.
    Then we'd have a non-explosive weapon to combat maxes outside scatmax range (AKA slapping distance).

    An anti-sniper sniper rifle.

    800 m/s velocity.
    900 damage.
    No damage loss at range.

    OHK's cloakers without requiring a headshot.
    If the enemy knows you're using it, they throw on nanoweave.
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  6. TheKhopesh

    An anti-sniper sniper rifle.

    800 m/s velocity.
    900 damage (900@ 250m, 650@ 300m).
    Extremely low damage loss at range.

    OHK's cloakers without requiring a headshot (Legshots have a lesser damage than chest, so it'd have to be head or center-mass).
    If the enemy knows you're using it, they throw on nanoweave.

    NC seems to be pretty crutch'd in the infil department, seeing as VS have infinite ammo and get some pretty dandy multi-use out of their new sniper (Really jelly of this :D), and the TR have a SABR-13 on steroids for their new infil arsenal.

    So yeah.
    I don't see why the faction who's specialty is "Overkill in every bullet", can't get the best in the damage department.

    VS get a very versatile weapon, TR more daka, and NC more Gallegher-in-a-bullet. :p
  7. DevDevBooday

    You realise without nanoweave, it will OHK body shot snipers?
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  8. DevDevBooday

    Also CAN WE STOP WITH THE NC ESSR WHINE THREADS there are about 10 now is the space of less than 12 hours!
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  9. Pikachu

    Not happening in vr
    Not happening in vr.
  10. DevDevBooday

    hmm true, odd, since snipers only have 750 health.
  11. Bape

    Sorry you will be seeing non stop threads about this.
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  12. DevDevBooday

    I know, BUT I CAN DREAM! xD
  13. Bape

    We just get another bolt action not unique at all they can at least give us anti-vehicle mode or max mode that does higher damage or something but this just gonna make a lot of NC enter whine mode which is actually happening now.
  14. DevDevBooday

    we get another battle rifle. whats ur point?
  15. Bape

    No it unique regardless it has 3 burst mode and 2 burst mode that gonna be insane.
  16. DevDevBooday

    BURST MODE egads! so unique, its unlike any gun ever encountered -_-
    But im going to accept my sniper and not whine about what isnt going to change.

    NC on the other hand will whine anyway, then still buy the sniper.
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  17. gnometheft

    I won't lie I'm in love with the new NC sniper. It fills a different niche than the longshot, and feels like a true hard hitting NC weapon. Velocity, and by extension extremely little drop is very nice in a sniper, also some extra damage to boot wont be too shabby.
  18. Bape

    Infiltrator don't have burst mode also TR only has 2 burst weapon which is the sabr. In the end of the day NC got the worse ES out of the 3 faction that a fact. What would you have something that can own in close-medium range or a weapon that only long range and just a reskin with 50 more dmg and more velocity?
  19. DevDevBooday

    it has ALOT more velocity

    And no.
    The NC gets the least UNIQUE one. But definitely not the worst
    either way, its not worse than the Shade
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  20. Bape

    Shade is better? unlimited ammo,Semi-auto mode, full charge head shot, and no bullet drop. I bet higby is planning on making it 2 full charge before overheat. I know im buying the TR and VS but im not buying the NC one I already have a longshot.