So, WDS Scores.

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  1. MurderBunneh

    It is funny how many Miller TR are running here complaining. Didn't you have a massive overpop for like the entire release of the game so far?

    Do you not see the hipocracy of your words? Do you not remember the last WDS where TR was dominating every server and you said it was superior TR leadership? This is why 90% of you have no credibility.

    But then again these are some of the same people who claimed Flinch was balanced and when it got changed they cried that flinch was a part of TR faction perk. They then actually asked for buffs. lol.

    As long as flinch favored TR it was fine. The minute it is the same for all TR cry for buffs despite having the best performing weapons and the highest pop at the time.
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  2. FlamingSquirrel

    Wow, you're mad bro. Wipe the foam from your mouth and re-read my post.

    I said NC is generally overpopped at the moment. It is. It's widely acknowledged. Just because you happen to log on during the low-NC-pop period on your single server each day doesn't mean that NC isn't generally overpopped over all servers.

    I didn't say that the NC MAX is OP. I said that people mostly use MAXs to farm infantry, and the NC MAXs Anti-Infantry weapons are the best. Don't believe me? These are the top three Anti-Infantry weapons for kills per hour in the game at the moment:
    1. AF-41 Hacksaw
    2. NCM1 Scattercannon
    3. AF-34 Mattock

    Notice any pattern forming?
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  3. FlamingSquirrel

    Who are you even talking to? Who was it who said it was 'superior TR leadership' when TR was winning? Certainly not me, nor any other TR who frequents these boards, I expect.

    Who said flinch was balanced? Who said it was a TR faction perk? Who asked for flinch to be even more in favour of TR high ROF weapons?

    Who was crying for buffs when it was changed?

    This entire post is like like you're raging against some evil vision of a TR player that exists only in your head, yet you've generalized over the entire faction.
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  4. axiom537

    I agree the population balance is an issue, but I really think it is more about 4th factioners and ex-NC coming to the NC, because in comparison they aren't as gimped and the TR are just in a demoralized state right now, because they got a pretty big hit from the nerf bat, even though it was deserved it's still going to sting and take time to adjust to the way the new weapons handle.

    Max suits aren't so bad, yes the NC own the CQC game, but over all, that does not equate to over whelming performance differences. POST-PU2 AI MAX.

    Same can be said of the MBT stats, for as OP as everyone says the Shield is it just isn't equating the the Vanguard producing overwhelming results.
    POST-PU2 MBT Primaries
    POST-PU2 MBT Secondaries

    Granted the Vulcan just doesn't work on the prowler, but the only place where the NC have a huge kill advantage is its use of the NS-Halberd. So I would say it is not even so much the Shield that is making the Vanguard appear OP vs other tanks, it is the fact that most Vanguards are running AP/Halberd Anti-Tank combos, shield or no shield that combo is going to out DPS any other MBT not running the same weapon load out.
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  5. FlamingSquirrel

    I guess that's what makes asymmetric balancing so difficult. Overpop doesn't necessarily mean that one faction is stronger than the others, all it means is people think it is. Whether or not it's true is extremely difficult to say. All it takes is a few posts where people cry that Vanguard or ScatMAX is OP, and people will start to believe it, true or not.

    I honestly think the main reason TR is underplayed now is because of the bland weapon looks, bland weapon stats and bland weapon sounds. I consider myself TR through and through, but I've played NC and VS quite a bit, and I can't see any weak points in any of the faction's weapons. They're all very effective, as long as you play to their strengths. I don't feel that TR's weapons are weak, quite the opposite. The Mozzy is excellent, though I slightly prefer the Scythe, and while the Prowler is a bit of a crap MBT, it is very effective at farming infantry (which is always popular). The only weakness I see in TR, at present, is entirely cosmetic.

    I suspect a lot of those new NCers are ex-TRs disillusioned with the blandness and generally crap looking weapons, looking for something new. The problem is, I can't see this problem ever being addressed.
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  6. Hoki

  7. Aegie

    So, what I see is that overall TR have ~89% of the NC score and VS have ~98% of the NC score.

    On the daily for today we see VS>NC>TR and those are with NC with ~94% of the VS and TR with ~87% of VS (and with ~94% of NC daily).

    That being said, I have not freakin' idea what goes into the WDS algorithm- does anyone else other than Malorn?

    Can anyone show me the WDS scoring algorithm or explain it to me?
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  8. CDN_Wolvie

    There are ways to be effective in the WDS and have the battle lust, its not just ghost capping. I don't want to give it completely away but on the Lattice continents there are some fights that do more than ghost capping if you are willing and able to fight for a few hours.
  9. Flashtirade

    oh lawd i'm gonna be tracking these again
  10. d3adline

    There is nothing to complain about being TR on Miller, we still bring the hurt 24/7 but only because our core is strong. When I take a look on the global picture however... Planetside 2 is not balanced around a single server.
  11. Irathi

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  12. CactusLynx

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  13. Goretzu

    NC are on 35% of the total score and VS are on 34%....... so that would "mean" both NC and VS need nerfing (or else why is 3% more ok but 4% more beyond the pale? o_O ).

    Of course the TR being on 31% (as opposed to 40% at this point last time) is hardly the end of the world.

    NC were 11% behind the TR at this point in the last WDS, the TR worldwide is 4% behind the NC and the VS just 1% behind....... it would be hard to get much more balanced than that. :confused:
  14. Hobo Jack

    conary brigs and woodman it looks like it is actually pretty damn close and its still early in general for all doom and gloom that your faction is not winning. i could easilly see NC slack off as time progresses
  15. FlamingSquirrel

    Things are looking a bit more balanced between NC and VS now, VS have been pushing back hard. It's closer than I thought it would be.

    Looks like it's more and more of a TR underpop problem than a NC or VS overpop issue. Except on Miller, but that's partly down to our good outfits and partly due to all the TR from other servers having migrated there as it's the only place where we have the pop to compete.
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  16. d3adline

    We simply don't have enough data yet, TR and NC pop seems to be pretty even on Miller in the last 2 weeks. You can't really use the data from last WDS, as this system HIGHLY favoured the overpop faction (which was bad, ghostcap Amerish and Esamir over night alongside guard squads much?), but got "fixed" in the last two weeks into a system that gave petty points to the VS (which was even worse).
  17. Fjantan

    I play on Miller, the only reason NC is not winning there is because NC on Miller are still killwhores.
    Since the same morons from Werner, that only statpeddle with Lib, reaver, AI MAXes. LA and Infils, No real core Power, just wanna gain kills and seem leet.
    Look at mcy all they do is drop on some useless base they cant cap and killwhore in MAXes.

    Winning WDS on Miller as TR is like stealing candy from a baby.
  18. Aegie

    Looking at TR total being ~91% of leading NC and VS being ~99% of leading NC.

    NC have 4 servers, TR/VS tied with 2 a piece.

    So gaps appear to be closing, particularly between NC and VS where the overall gap is nearly non-existent.

    What factions are losing on a server where they hold an appreciable and relatively stable population advantage?

    Likewise, what factions are winning on servers where they hold an appreciable and relatively stable population disadvantage?

    Are there any examples of servers where the faction consistently in last place, population-wise, is winning?
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  19. Kitakami

    WDS might show which faction is most powerful, if there was any fighting going on.:D At the moment it's like which pizza co can deliver to the most neighbourhoods!
  20. Goretzu

    Indeed, things may (and will) change.

    However that doesn't negate the reality of then and now.

    The current system (i.e. prior to this patch) was pretty similar in how it rewarded faction population-wise to the orginal scoring system from WDS1 week1.

    Looking at it all it is much more balanced than last time, not so much from the scoring point of view (that is simply the result), but rather the game balance and population balance point of view.
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