So, WDS Scores.

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  1. CDN_Wolvie

    Er, Yam, what are you talking about, 2-1? HSTL had just over 1 squad there and we were mostly focused on anti-air when your Sunderer arrived below the AA turret I was manning just beside the vehicle terminal. And you of all Outfits should know, "almost" doesn't count, we scouted and measured your defense of point A and brought an appropriately overwhelming response to bear by bringing the necessary equipment and coordination from the spawn room. Come on now, I ran with SPV for a short while (I still get your OP night message notifications from the Outfit page sometimes), I know you and yours are not push overs, respectable foes and allies - so why do you feel the need to blame non-existent numbers when we both know team work counts for so much more?

    Sad, I came to expect better of you than to belittle yourself by selling your reputation so cheap over some light ribbing in reply to a image post.
  2. Mastachief

    The game is as balanced as it has ever been. Quit ******** and get ghost capping... it's fun... its certainly why i login.... seriously why would i want to go around shooting stuff and enjoying combat when i can sit in a comfy lib and float around gathering little points and gaining useless items for a meaningless score. 4th faction hoppers piss everyone off get over yourselves it will be over soon and you can get back to zerging every hex with 70%+ pop while circle jerking in /yell, and avoiding any meaningful confrontation.

    WDS is a really stupid system. It's dumb in the way it works and doesn't factor in contribution or combat. Don't hate the players, hate the game or more over the game designers that seem to lack even a basic understanding of how their own game works.

    Level designers that cannot find their way to the vehicle bay in a biolab are perfect examples.
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  3. biterwylie

    Yep. Hardly a surprise TR have no interest in WDS. They were wining right up until the end when they were stitched up and lost to a VS SOE fix.

    I agree ref the bland aspect, effective but bland would be my description. But to I think the same can be said of many and most parts of the other factions also. There are many aspects of NC that are ineffective and thus what could be fun is not. Max shield, for example.

    Mmmm the only faction unique things that are fun and can be effective also are Magrider and ZOE IMO.
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  4. Kinan Eldari

    Currently this is what's tearing people to... well, shreds. NC max's are a real pain in the *** to deal with today.

    It's sad now though that this is the TR on Cobalt right now. Lots of losses, getting our behinds handed to us during prime time because of a consistent NC overpop and gear that's somehow lacking in comparison to what the VS and NC are bringing to the field. The Vulcan's gotten a massive effective distance range nerf, the TR max is easily the worst of the bunch and the only thing we really got going for us is a slightly larger magazine. The striker's the most useless launcher in the game and frankly, most of the TR gear is rather sad. A fact that seems to be showing in the scores of the WDS.

    So while your NC seem to be in better shape by far, now the TR are the whipping boys of the game it seems, and the 4th factioners and the actual TR players know it.

    Also, I'm aware how whiney this sounds, but all I have to do is point at all the nerfs of the last couple patches and the current WDS scores. There's something going on that needs fixing, and I'm not even going to bother claiming that I know what it is. Because just undoing the nerfs isn't it, as Bvenged pointed out what'll happen then.

    Just hoping the devs will give the TR gear a once-over to try and balance it as well as VS/NC gear.
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  5. CaptainYamerica

    When I checked the map, while we were on point TR had 24-48. We had 12-24. of that 12-24 we had 12 of those. Just sayin' We also had no support from the rest of NC. You notice how "quickly" they responded to anywhere we were hitting (we don't like to be part of the zerg if we can help it). And even when they do, they don't like to push. I am not tossing blame here. Just pointing out reasons.

    I was laughing my *** off while playing. We were having a great time that night and win or lose I was wracking up the certs and having fun. That is what mattered to me. I like to joke... a lot. With friend and foe. But when people say or post something I view as derogatory towards my outfit mates, I get a bit defensive.

    I post a picture as a joke to people complaining about something that truly doesn't matter. I could care less about WDS. Obviously it struck a chord somewhere. Your post read as snark to me. Not ribbing. And I do recall one of the d-baggers there with you also /yelling something about wiping a "scrub outfit." People can think that all they want, but anyone who has played with or against us knows otherwise.
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  6. bPostal

    That's actually a pretty good idea for a metagame. When you see your faction's world pop jump up around the 40% marker, get as many to log off for half an hour and see if the 4th factioners go somewhere else. Repeat until populations have been balanced as the 4th faction logs off in disgust.

    Probably wouldn't work, but would be fun.
  7. LordCreepy

    OH NOES - now TR won't get a shiny decal and a 3 day exp boost. Damn it.

    Oh wait I am on MIller...

    Anyway who cares about this lame excuse of metagame?

    PS: Oh I almost forgot. Don't worry fellow VS and TR SOE will FIX the event 1 or 2 weeks before it ends and "recalculate" the points that got earned - just sit back and relax till then.
  8. FlamingSquirrel

    Constant massive NC overpop, and winning WDS on pretty much every server means the game is as balanced as it has ever been? I was unsurprised to see you are NC. I'm sure there were many TRs posting the same thing when TR were massively overpopped and were winning WDS on every server. You know what happened then? TR were nerfed into the ground. We certainly needed nerfing, but considering TR weapons look ****, sound ****, and are practically all the same - the OPness was all we had. We're now the lowest pop, largely because of the (largely justified) tears from the other factions. It'll remain like this until TR is either OP again, or we're given a makeover so that our weapon/armour design finally looks like it was given the same attention as the other factions.

    There has to be a reason why one faction is more attractive than the other two. Posting 'it's all okay gais' time and time again in the forums will not stop the nerf-hammer from falling, whether it's deserved or not. SoE nerf based on stats (and tears), the more 4th-factioneers run to NC, the greater the likelihood that the hammer will fall. Sorry, but that's the truth. I've no idea if NC is balanced or not, but the majority seem to think that it's not judging by the current overpopulation, and that will likely be enough to doom you to nerfing.
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  9. Goretzu

    VS on Miller have had a significant pop drop since the WDS started, which is ironic because just before it they were running 37% in a couple of PTs.
  10. axiom537

    Show me any hard data on weapon performance that shows NC weapons out performing the other empires and we can discuss balance, but I haven't seen anything that even remotely supports that argument. It was not the results from the last WDS that lead to any weapon balance, it was the actual data on weapon performance. THE WDS was just the final straw, that highlighted that well documented weapon imbalances at the time. I will agree that the TR vulcan on the prowler is obviously under performing and I will also concede the TR argument that there weapons are not very unique, but I will not except that they are under performing in general or are out classed by the NC of VS because none of the data supports that argument.

    There is a current population imbalance, however I do not believe it is caused by a weapon imbalance, since the data on weapon performance does not support this argument. The question is what is causing this population imbalance?

    Here is my take on the cause of this imbalance...The TR for almost an entire year had numerous weapons that where seriously outperforming their NC & VS counterparts, this is supported by all metrics used to compare weapon performance & balance. PU2 brought those weapons into balance, and all the metrics I have seen shows this is the case and for the most part on average all the weapons between the three factions are fairly balanced.

    The problem as I see it is the TR have grown accustomed to those OP weapons and now that they have been balanced they are not as powerful as they used to be and this is going to take weeks for TR to become accustomed to this new performance norm. They are also going to need to relearn many of their tactics, since they can no longer rely on those OP weapons and 4th factioners. Couple this with the 4th factioners and those that left the NC and to a lesser extent the VS and joined the TR in protest of the TR OP'ness have now abandoned the TR. So the issue is two fold, TR weapons are no longer obviously OP and they lost population because of it, and it has demoralized the TR and its going to take weeks for the TR to get their groove back.

    As for why the NC are seeing the greatest population boost with out any serious buffs, I chalk up to 4th factioners deciding to give NC a try now that they are no longer gimped in comparison to the TR and VS, after not playing NC since the nerf to the Phoenix & Scat maxes. The NC are also receiving a population buff because many NC quit or moved to TR after months of being at the **** end of the stick for so long and now those players are coming back, again not because the NC is OP, but rather because the 3 factions are much more balanced.
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  11. CaptainYamerica

    If you flip-flopped all the spots you said "TR" with "NC" and vice-versa, quite a few TR players would simply tell you "L2P."

    I remember that's what happened for months and months, especially during the last WDS.
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  12. axiom537

    NO because during the last WDS we had actual hard data that showed TR weapons seriously out performing both the NC and VS weapons. So, every argument regarding the TR being OP was supported by actual weapons data and not the WDS score alone. The last WDS score simply reinforced and supported the actual weapon performance & population data.

    I would be more then open to look at any weapon imbalance provided it is backed with actual weapon performance data metrics, but I am not going to take gut feelings or a WDS result which is more a result of a population imbalance then a weapon imbalance.

    Love your sig BTW
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  13. Nephi1im

    Man, can you imagine.... After the NC, with their crazy inflated population, sweep WDS and get such an unfair advatage as...... XP BOOSTS AND CAMO!!!????? Seriously SOE, you have to fix something. All of these NC boosted up on XP with their FREE amerish brush running around in a couple of weeks..... IT WILL BE MAYHEM!

    Thanks for breaking the game... jeez.
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  14. sindz

    No its the same if you look on population on miller, its just because the TR massive overpop came back for WDS.
  15. LT_Latency

    It just based on population.

    If you can get more people you can take more High Value points and Defend more High value points. This system is tailor made of the zerg.
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  16. Goretzu

    VS were back up to 37% world pop on miller for much of PT today. :eek:
  17. Goretzu

    35% 34% 31% worldwide scores so far, it's much more balanced that it was in the first week last time; then it was ~ 40%, 31%, 29%.
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  18. FlamingSquirrel

    You mistake the tone of my post. I was not saying NC IS OP. I was pointing out that going around saying that everything is fine and perfectly balanced when one side is overpopped on almost every server, is probably not a good idea, especially when it is your own faction that is overpopped.

    However, I did say that there must be reasons for it, and I don't think, as you do, that people are just saying 'hey, let's give them a go now that they're 'perfectly balanced''. Players of online competitive games do not think that way. The only time people switch en masse, as they have done recently to NC, is when they see an edge.

    Though I DO think that the factions are largely balanced asymmetrically, the problem is that currently MAX suits and tanks (as always) are very popular. Guess which two NC specific vehicles are currently the strongest? Vanguard (by quite a large margin) and Scatmax Anti-Infantry (people rarely pull MAXs for AV, except for Bursters which all faction have, they're mostly used to farm infantry).

    That's where I personally think the cause of the current overpop is.
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  19. MurderBunneh

    Lol dude from Miller TR complaining about pop and balance lololololol.
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  20. MurderBunneh

    Your full of **** though the servers are not heavily NC. It depends on when you play. I play from 12pm - 8am CST and 95% of the time all three NA servers have a HEAVY VS pop. Connery has a 40-48% VS the entire time I play.

    As far as the NC max being anything close to op? LOL **** off.
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