So, WDS Scores.

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  1. Camycamera

    this clearly shows that the NC was OP all along! :eek:

    nerf the NC!
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  2. Pondera

    That's adorable. Implying the Sovereignty needs outside help to win. I'm busy with classes tonight, so go ahead little rookie. Reach for the stars this weekend. It'll be all the more fun when I have some free time and can watch the VS kick you back into the dirt.
  3. Accuser

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  4. d3adline

    Yes, SOE changing the rules while the event was running was the only reason VS won, problem?
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    WDS has very little to do with actual fighting efficiency. It's all about being at the right place at the right time. It's even often about staying at the right place until the right time comes.
    eg: defenders have to delay their counterattack and wait for the facility timer to get the defense WDS bonus. Stupid design...
  6. Noktaj


    Woodman EU last evening, prime time.
    This system is ********.
    People don't even care when they get warpgated. They just follow the swarm for easy ghostcapping WDS points.
    Most of time I just look at the map in discomfort trying to find a decent fight while the zergs carefully avoid themselves.

    I thought World Domination would have been about.... dominating? Instead is about capping the most undefended territories. This system actually REWARDS you if you lose your territory more often then not, so that the enemy gets less points when they'll capture it (and they will).

    All this will eventually wear off when people will get their 2000 WDS points and realize that the "reward" are 3x 1h boosts, useless one use camos, or if you are very very lucky, a golden PDW that will double the one you already have.

    Meh, SOE.
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  7. Kunavi

    Play the system. Arrange it so we can cycle cap territories which opposing Factions hold for 4 Hrs each. So every 4 Hrs or how ever much is required for a territory to reach max WDS bearing, we migrate in PEACE and we all PROSPER. Arranging to do this early on will allow us to play normally until the next 2K Points prize is available and NOBODY until then will have to worry or play like a complete spaz. In any case I'm not good at typing down my exact thoughts as proven in many, many Threads but perhaps this makes sense? An arranged farm of WDS with the Factions treat territories as WDS Points hatcheries so to speak, for each other? I had similar ideas in the previous contest, not one person was interested, yet you all complain about this. I say make best with what you get. Adapt. Or completely and absolutely IGNORE WDS. We could alternatively set other smaller scale arrangements like Faction A capturing a point for Faction B to take back. INDEFINITELY. In many territories. If nothing else all this might show SOE how flawed and exploitable their mechanics are, a fact which stands for many things including KD farming, XP farming and so on. No matter what, if SOE have any cells left in their heads they should already be seeing this by what you all reported here and during the last WDS. Then again they fail to see population balance as a problem so I'm not holding my breath.

    Thanks for reading if you did.
  8. Goretzu

    TR are winning on Miller by ~2000 or so. :confused:
  9. Irondove

    requesting more cynicism!
  10. d3adline

    This is my personal limit, can't go above that, sorry.
  11. Regpuppy

    All I see is anecdote and misdirection in posts about NC being "overpowered" in this topic. When the real issue is this event being horribly broken with personal rewards that reward the wrong type of behavior. I'm sure we've all seen it by now. Your whole faction basically not giving a damn while they all swarm to a 50 point base for their contribution. Even if it's just boosts, that's good enough for most people. So the first half of every.single.freaking.week is going to be filled with so much of this type of cheese farming it's not even funny.

    Problem with offense behavior? It encourages everyone to zerg into a territory with high point value because the individual rewards favor it. Defending takes much longer to get the same points and airtight defense (not allowing the enemy to loiter on the point) gives even less. So all we have is the majority cycling continents and focusing on this while the few who try to fight as usual get rolled by the enemy's farm zerg.

    The problem here is that in SOE's silent tests, they didn't have these same personal incentives. Just usual gameplay driving their results. Hopefully SOE takes a look at player behavior and reworks personal rewards heavily so we can get a real bead on how the rest of the system actually works when people actually try.
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  12. GhostAvatar

    Best quote ever. And I hope they stay that way.
  13. sindz

    2k down to NC and 12k down to VS. dont forget that.
  14. Bape

    And who said NC is the only faction that whines this thread proven that is a myth :rolleyes:.
  15. DevDevBooday

    I think the scores are close enough atm. What annoys me though is NC's attitude 'Haha TR now its your turn to be underpowered and weak' Like they seem to think that NC is ENTITLED to be overpowered this time round.

    Everyone is supposed to be equal guys, in their own assymetrically balanced ways.
    We arent supposed to take turns being the OP faction.
    Atm though something is fishy about NC coming first on most servers, especially since they sucked last time round.

    Dont expect us to believe that you all just became incredibly good since last pre season.
    You dont just go from embarrassingly behind in one season, to overally winner, the next.
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  16. Zorro

    WDS has just begun, it is too early to make any conclusions.
  17. biterwylie

    What do you mean exactly by this statement?
  18. NoctD

    Simple - pop wins domination type events.

    Ever since ZOE got nerfed, and TR got multiple nerf bats, all the 4th faction went NC, and thus you have yourself your WDS winner already.

    You can introduce some sort of handicap adjustments that no one understands, but aside from that, WDS favors pop and the most powerful faction. The most nerfed of the 3 is behind, the least nerfed with the most pop is up front. Go figure.
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  19. biterwylie

    Yep! SOE decided to take a page out of Bernie Eccelstones hand book last time.
  20. d3adline

    That 4th factioners are greatly prefering NC atm despite the favourable Warpgates being TR, for whatever reasons, one of them is TR equipment being boring and bland, and the other reasons, well... Only time will tell.

    Yeah, that was like if F1 would introduce double points for the last three races. Oh wait...