So, WDS Scores.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by MGP, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. MGP

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  2. d3adline


    That's what you get when you whine long and loud enough, GG NC.
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  3. Horrida Messor

    Yesturday late at night VS was winning in total score, so let's not jump into conclusions.
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  4. JesNC

    Tactical Superiority!

    Oh wait, that was a long, long time ago on servers far, far away.

    I fully expect the TR to cry and to be told to L2P at least as much as the NC were back then. I've got bets running, so don't disappoint me.

    edit: The scores are quite close though.
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  5. CactusLynx

    >implying VS didnt dominate last WDS
    >This thread
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  6. Aractain

    Just hand the prizes out already and lets get to the next big balance update. (VS won last time then TR got nerfed so NC wins this time and VS gets nerfed!)
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  7. d3adline

    That statement is ******** and you should feel ********. Coming up with the Miller excuse, Miller has always been a TR stronghold with lots of veteran outfits. I don't mind losing (barely) to NC on a single server, I do mind if the gap is THAT high on every other server though, have you even watched the stats?
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  8. CaptainYamerica

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  9. SnipersUnion

    NC didn't even win one week in the last one, and still took part for the fun. You can't take losing for one day, then accuse the NC of whine.

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  10. Bvenged

    Being a veteran PS1 outfit means sod-all, especially now PS2 has been out for over a year.

    Also, I like how WDS is a pile of rubbish and yet all the hate is on the NC. Come on d3adline, be better than that.
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  11. d3adline

    You're right with that, don't get me wrong, I'm no sore loser. Something caused NC to lose BIG time, now TR is suffering from the same issues despite the favourable warpgates. There has to be a reason for that.
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  12. Qel

    WDS is just silly and a poor stop gap feature until continent locking arrives, lets just all agree on that and move on. Also MGP seriously more whining about NC? don't you have something else to do?
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  13. Andrea SKye

    And you still get the daily "OMG NC ****, ALL OUR VEHICLES AND WEAPONS SUCK" threads.

    But the main problem here, is population. Untill SOE addressed the server pop issues I dont think there should of been another WDS.
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  14. Brandmon

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  15. axiom537

    Faction with the largest population, is going to have the extra troops to ghost cap, empty continents. That is what I watched last evening on Esamir as a Swarm of about 50 Air craft + 50 ground vehicles moved from one base ghost capping Esamir, for their reward.

    I don't think this is necessarily a balance issue as it is more of a population issue and while Population imbalance can be the result of a weapon balance issue, I haven't seen anything to suggest that. I have yet to see any data that suggests any NC weapons are far superior to their VS or TR counterparts.
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  16. Bvenged

    Because in the last WDS there was:
    - TR overpop (avg 35-40%, occasionally higher);
    - OP Marauder slaughtering hundreds of NC with the pre-nerf Harasser.
    - OP Vulcan tearing our vehicles apart with the pre-nerf Harrasser.
    - OP Striker denying NC and VS armour and air, plus the broken lock-on mechanics that came with it.
    - NC had less effective gun mechanics by comparison too.
    - VS ZOE.

    What did NC have? Shotgun MAXes that are only any good in CQC & a Vanguard shield?

    In fact, I know I sound hypocritical, but between August and November 2013, NC morale on miller got so low that outfits were falling apart as people quit the game forever over it. The surviving outfits forged tighter mini-alliances to do better, and WASP ended up taking on 2 outfits at this time too (Beast division and Nordic Assault).

    It was an awful time to play NC as every night was a loss for the most part. We cherished our victories with NCTO and coop nights, but even those were few and far between especially when we were up against 38-40% TR with OP gear we had no counters for.

    So yeah, that's why. Can't fly & can't tank because strikers, and can't be on the offensive without your Sunderers getting shredded by Vulcans, farmed by mauraders or 1-2x your numbers of TR dropping on your head.


    Miller populations have been fluctuating at prime time this week, interestingly. TR had it early on, then VS, and now NC again. It's too early to say, but I think the 4th factioners are confused... which is good. Likewise, the WDS score yesterday kept rocking between TR and NC having a lead on Miller.
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  17. starlinvf

    I find it ironic that even after trying to lower the bar, you still couldn't clear it. This gave me a nice chuckle.


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  18. Chipay

    This WDS is won by those who have the highest pop, no surprise really. Except for Malorn, claiming that population won't affect the WDS scores. Devs really don't understand this game at all, even after a year....
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  19. iMartyr

    I'm over it...HEYO
  20. lothbrook

    I think the bigger issue is how boring the game is now, tons of people capping bases that are barely occupied, run into an enemy force and everyone just goes elsewhere for easier WDS score, its boring as ****, and i might just stop playing till its over with.
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