So uhh..."Urban Forest" is SOE's code for "Flamboyant Vanu Pink"

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  1. Trysaeder



    If they're going to troll that hard with the difference between the shop 'preview' and the actual camo look, I might as well go the full distance and buy Giraffe camo as well.

    Also, why doesn't the VS medic composite armour get the sick purple thigh protectors? They're on the engineer and heavy but not the medic?
  2. Vreki

    Because aliens get Urban Alien Forest of course.
    It reminds you of your flamboyant homeworld
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  3. wolfva

    I guess that 'urban forest' is where the Pink Flamingo lives, under the Rainbow, and people are GLAD to be there....
    "We are now hunting for the reclusive leather clad biker; his preferred habitat is dark bars. Contrary to his name, he's never actually ridden a motorcycle, though he revels in biker chaps sans pants...."
  4. wolfva

    Mazzar, if you're going to post stuff like that, please include a 'NSFW' label. I don't need Human Resources breathing down my neck again.
  5. Mazzar

    Mate, its clearly a legitimate IMDB info-page about a legitimate movie.
  6. Spiffmeister

    Aren't we all technically aliens because we came from Earth to Auraxis...
  7. wolfva

    Cool. I'll have you represent me if I'm brought in front of a board of inquiry for viewing racially insensitive web pages.
  8. Linedan

    They really should rename that camo "Urban Fabulous" for Vanu. That', I don't like Barnies much, but I wouldn't even wish that on them.
  9. Marked4Death

    Lol, +1 for "Urban Fabulous"
  10. Remeus

    No. Well to the natives we would be but to us they would be the aliens. It's not about who goes where, alien simply means unfamilliar, not something from outer space. It's a common misconception that is also applied to the term xenos. Xenos simply means outsider, so xenophobia is not a fear of space creatures, it is a fear of anything outide of your culture i.e. something that is alien to you. If you grew up in Europe before African cultures became widely know then Africans were alien to you, and you were alien to africans. Which means the use illegal alien in immigration terms actually doesn't make much sense but meh. Anyway... Who cares? The Vanu and the NC are just terrible terrible people who have failed to embrace the good will of the Republic and have instead attempted to orchistrate its ruin and bring harm to its innocent citizens. As such they must be purged with a firey vengeance.

    Just.... terrible terrible people...
  11. Marinealver

    lol there is no homeworld other than earth