[Suggestion] So trying to figure out which faction to join and stick with

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by The Wolf, Jan 15, 2017.

  1. The Wolf

    So lets see I like the Halo UNSC Spartan/ODST armor sets, I personally don't really know as TR and NC both have sets similar to them. Any suggestions guys?
  2. SoljVS

    Game is dying. Don't even waste your time.
  3. The Wolf

    Just going to leave this here.
    Sep 30, 2012
    I know the game has started to die. Or at least to you it has. I see more people now than when we started Closed Beta, and the low pop back in Open Beta etc.
  4. The Shady Engineer

    Don't mind him. Devs recently nerfed thermal optics so that they don't highlight infantry for easy kills and his *** is still sore.

    I'd say try all 3 factions first and then decide on who you like best. TR or VS are generally the easier option for new players because they offer high fire rates and high magazine capacities in the case of TR and low recoil and short reload speeds in the case of VS. Also a lot of weapons have cross faction equivalents. So TR has access to some high damage weapons and NC has access to high RoF weapons so you aren't locked to your faction's traits with no alternatives.
  5. The Wolf

    I am actually not new. I just prefer a certain armor look lol. I know about the NS weapons, current patches, all of the factions perks. Which tbh, those perks are what make their factions weapons stronger. NC you just gotta learn how to handle the recoil with a forward grip etc. TR low recoil high fire rate cause they were running like 9MM bullets. VS use laser weapons which cause them to have no recoil and no bullet drop. I started back in Closed Beta, I was one of the people who voted for the weapon lock system for TKing. During my time in there I bought the Alpha Squad Founder pack. Then played quit for a few years cause I had to get my 64 bit system back and had to fight windows on that one lol.
  6. LaughingDead

    Relic VS armor and Spartan NC armor are supposedly in the works.
  7. Eternaloptimist

    You might want to hang on a bit until the newest armour sets are out. The Sigma set that just came out for NC makes them look better - not like the old stuff that looks as if it is made out of Lego. But my favourite is the TR stuff atm.
  8. RainbowDash9

    TR if you want good life long friends to play with and somewhat organized play (i emphasize the SOME)
    VS if you want to be super effective in battle (all aboard the battlegoose hype train)
    NC if you just want to shoot **** and not care if you kill teammates (Highest population, lowest IQ)

    As for armor, TR still probably, NC is too lego-y and vs has hentai
  9. The Shady Engineer

    Ah, heh, alright. Welcome back. :)

    Armor wise TR (in my opinion obviously as cosmetics are subjective) have the best looking armor with the recently released AVA sets. They also have a lot of military style helmets like gas masks and berets and commissar caps and such. NC are probably the closest to Halo armor with their boxy industrial looking armor and helmet design. Vanu cosmetics give them a bug like appearance. At least in my opinion. :S
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  10. FateJH

    If you're good, you should go NC. They need all the help they can get.
    If you're not that good, you should also go NC.
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  11. The Wolf

    Best reply ever a win win either way right lmao.