So TR Maxes are AMAZING!?

Discussion in 'MAX' started by KnightCole, Sep 14, 2016.

  1. KnightCole

    Cuz yeah, I was dorking around a little bit and met a TR MAX. I grabbed my NC Max, put on some shotguns, met him point blank range inside abuilding, shot my load and he just mowed me right down. I guess NC MAxes still suck utterly. I was dead before I could reload.....

    I went made a TR and grabbed a max, since ive got dual Mutis, and hot dog, TR Max accuracy is AMAZING now.

    I see NC Maxes still suck ***. Guns are low dmg, low mag cap and a reload rate that would make world of Tanks arty blush....
  2. T.A.94

    I am quite sorry to tell you that actually the NC MAX is most powerfull in your described combat cenario.
    You missed the point telling us what weapons and attachmetns you used and also your suitslot would be interessting.
    As well the information what your opponent used for Weapon types and did he used the LOCKDOWN ability.

    My expierience using my NC MAX showed me even if using autorepair I took out VS or TR MAXes with ease, no matter
    if using double GD-23 Grinder (best to face other MAX Units in my oppinion) or using one scattercannon and Mattock
    on each an arm. Of course in close quater combatsituatons.

    It gets more tricky using double Hacksaws but still possible to be succsessful if using the AEGIS-SHIELD ability.

    Honestly using Gorgons makes a fight agains an other MAX almost eaqual and only depends what Suit both use.

    By the way a NC Grinder MAX is able to take down any other MAX even if they got their kineticarmour full certified.

    The only TR or VS weapons i realized are effective against an close combat engagement are the
    TRs M3 Pounder HEG and VSs Cosmos VM2. One of them is enough if beeing equipped to deal
    huge dmg.
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  3. Ryo313

    well... the TR max is quite nice but the NC one isn't as bad as you describe.
    i guess those shotguns you used are for "light" infantry combat... try ravens or the other weapon ( i'm bad with names and i play the game in german xP)

    as for AV combat you outclass the TR max especially when it comes down to range advantage.

    don't get me wrong tho.. i'm not saying the NC MAX is OP nor UP same goes with the TR MAX.
  4. toxs

    It comes down to the situation. The MAXes have different strengths and weakness. Similar to rock paper scissor. If I am playing with a very organized group doing point holds. A lock down TR MAX might be the best depending on the base.
  5. CommanderC2121

    Yes and no. Ive found NC maxes to be piss poor at attacking infantry (even with shotguns, for reasons like low mag count, long reloads) and TR/VS maxes excel at AI combat, but when it comes to AV, i can promise you, nothing is more deadly then a dual falcon NC max. N.O.T.H.I.N.G.
  6. NubCannon

    in cqc The NC maxes have the highest TTK against other maxes. unless the other MAX has specifically set up to fight dual scatt maxes (non explosive dmg reduction. with dual mercy is usually how i fly against enemy maxes.)

    NC maxes are not a unit that is good at attacking anymore, but they are the most effective point hold classes ever.

    Tips for good NC max, in cqc, use the new repair ability, max explosive dmg reduction, dual scatter max (without slugs), if you want to use the riot shield, use the auto repair or have an engineer near by. use the shield when reloading or to minimalize the damage taken by C4 (look directly at the C4 brick before it explodes, this significantly reduces the damage taken.)

    For midrange NC max (not recommended combat) the mattocks with slugs are best. aim for the head, have cover near by because NC sucks at midrange.

    For long range, always use dual ravens. they may not be the best anti infantry weapons, but infantry aren't much of a problem at long range. i would recommend running the riot shield (for tank rounds) and auto repair.

    I wish they would buff fracture maxes. they just seem very mediocre, even with max lockdown, especially in comparison to ravens and those VS balls of death with no bullet drop.

    actually TR max in general is not as good at anti vehicle as NC: ravens do more damage per shot + have good reload, negating the higher mag capacity of the fractures, but they also do more damage per shot than the pounders. and then the falcons do more damage per shot than the ravens.

    however the TR max is a midrange beast with dual mercys

    VS max is about the same at all ranges making it a very consistently annoying enemy
  7. Planeswalker

    I play all factions, and I have to say. TR maxes are by far the weakest. It is acutally so big difference that when I am on my VS and play as heavy, if I see an NC max I literally have to turn around 180 degrees and get the hell out of there asap, or he will mow me down with no mercy. However, if I see a TR max, I can usually activate my heavy shield and by the time he has managed to kill me I would at least have got him down to half health with one rocket and LMG spam while adad-strafing. I am not talking about pounders btw, they are scary as hell, probably because I dont run flak armour. Now that they nerf the pounders against infantry, TR will lose their best (and only) effective anti infantry MAX weapon.
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