So this just happened on Miller during an alert (4:20 pm)

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  1. Jac70

    Yeah it was a good alert with pretty even pop until the end when the NC started to gain a little. Still a good fight, at about 1:30 remaining iterritory was 20/40/40 TR/VS/NC and the NC managed to get a hex in the dying minutes to take the victory.
  2. Xasapis

    The only reason the population was somewhat balanced today was because TR logged to their NC alts to get points. Population reverted back to normal after the alert.
  3. Riku

    TR just as VS did it, called 4th factioners.
    They are useless folks camping the warpgate for points.
    So when TR have 50% pop, about 10+% per se are useless - just as lots of NC have been today as they were winning drawing the 4th factioners towards them.
    Considering that it's unusual for VS and NC per se to attack each other during an alert (exceptions prove the rule) and combined with the fact that TR arent as many as the chart says they are (4th f.), I think people are exaggerating in this thread just a little bit.
    And this is not crying from my side; it's a frikkin game and I have fun, winning or losing. You guys should as well, and don't be so shallow but instead also try to understand what's going on behind the scenes.

  4. -Zlodey-

    So it was confirmed - big VS and NC outfits really trying to make an alliance aganist "most populated faction" - for now its TR, and will try to deny TR victory in alerts time, no matter what, and this is not another "ATRA" joke.
    I`m watching for enemy activity on map on alerts for long time, and already noticed low activity around VS and NC borders in last days.
    Okay, this means more exp from VS and NC kills for me. Thanks.
  5. AntonioAJC

    What can I say? The TR runs in numbers, not firepower.
  6. Riku

    Thanks for linking and I think you're right, but I find it curious that the two overpopulated (on that continent) factions stomped the underpopulated with all their force. They werent fighting each other except for a platoon detected fight at the north and ghost caps.
    Dont get me wrong, I find it a great way to rebalance it and get everyone into fair action again! But what happened today was lame teaming up stomping the weaker/underpopulated. If that won't happen again, I really welcome that idea they came up with.
    And even if they continue doing it...I farmed hella lot of certs. I enjoyed myself regardless :D :D

  7. Xasapis

    These were merely the last minutes of the alert, when it was obvious the TR would not win it. Quite a considerable force of TR tried to warpgate VS Indar, but it was too close to the finish of the alert again. I think whoever switched for that alert didn't switch back, so I've seen at 1am or so (local) VS as first faction with 35% after ... not sure, 4 months?

    Considering how numerous the TR are and how hard it is to find good fights with those numbers, they should be glad for this informal cease fire between the weakest factions of the server. After all, this is how the three faction system is supposed to work (which surprisingly enough didn't work at all in GW2).
  8. Riku

    Hi thanks for the response,

    I logged in when there were about 50-60 minutes left on the alert and took the screenshot. I played for 30 minutes and had to log out again before it was over. I don't think what you're saying is quite right, nevertheless I've had nice huge battles. :)
  9. LordMondando

    Dude, I don't think you've read that right.

    Notice the bit with Tram in it. Don't know where your getting the 'no matter what' bit from either.
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  10. LordMondando

    It was a very close run thing the last 20-30 minutes against you guys.

  11. Shinrah

    Actually it was 40/40 between NC and VS until 0:00:19 before the alert ended. Then Apex flipped and NC got to 42/37 and took the win. GG and super close guys:>
  12. GhostAvatar

    All to blind, carry on wearing blinkers. I ain't going to discuss this any further with closed minds.
  13. Flag

    Well, that is quite a statement. I wonder if you actually see the amusing irony of your post.
  14. GhostAvatar

    Of course I do, but it seems no one else did (hence the blind people attacking).
  15. Flag

    In fairness, you did a poor job at wording your post(s) in a sensible way. So if there is a disconnection between your intent and how people read it, you're entitled to at least part of the blame.

    And this is giving you the benefit of the doubt.
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  18. pica

    If you scroll to the left it says exactly how many more people TR have. At the moment of writing NC/VS both have around 500, TR around 650
  19. Rodinvac

    Another crappy alert ended. Here's some pics for your enjoyment:
    please take notice of the World Population and the TR population on the other continents




    NC was even worse off than usual and as VS is was again a pain.
    Faction unbalances are not unique to the Miller server or TR as a faction, so hopefully someone at SOE will wake up to it.
  20. Xasapis

    Are you talking about the sirician site? If so, it doesn't tell you how many people are in game. It tells you how many people logged in the game every 30mins. While you can get an assessment of how many people are roughly in the game, it's not an indication of how many are online. If I log at 6pm and play for four hours, I'll only appear on that chart once, at 6pm.