So this just happened on Miller during an alert (4:20 pm)

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  1. Chioxin

    That's a good start, though that's putting the power in the Player's hand. In most FPS's there are certainly people willing to switch to a losing team to get a challenge, but there are many who would switch to a winning team because they just want to win. You guys are the ones with the numbers and statistics on your servers. If the transfer tokens don't work after a few months, do consider offering players to move from a specific server to another specific server. They don't get to choose where they move too if they accept the offer, but the move would cost them nothing.

    Thanks for the reply =) No need to respond to this one ;)
  2. StzA

    game is stale right now
  3. LordMondando

    To be blunt about it, I don't see how that allays any of the issues.

    Even if you gave everyone, one free. In order to solve the problem. We'd effectively have to have TR characters leave Miller and VS and NC characters stay.

    That is not the likely population movement.

    I also imagine this would be mirrored on the U.S servers on which the NC dominates.
  4. huller

    oh well, worth a try ^.^
  5. LordMondando

    29/42/29 again tonight.

    Something really needs doing.
  6. NoctD

    You know what we were told back when the server merges were being done? That SOE wanted to get the merges done first before releasing these, and they would be available soon after the merges.

    Its totally inexcusable that they're STILL on the roadmap backlog with no timeframe attached to them. I'll quote Higby...

    Shortly after the merges are complete we plan to begin offering server transfer tokens, so if you would prefer to go to a different server at that point you could.
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  7. Zeewulf

    Yeah it's getting to the point where i look at the percentages and if it's way out of whack then don't bother playing...
  8. Qel

    Server transfer tokens are something that would be nice to have as a paid for but rarely used item to transfer to a server a friend might play on or something not a fix for server population imbalances. They need to add them sure, but also make them cheap enough so most people can afford them every so often, but expensive enough that we don't have entire factions/outfits abandoning servers.

    Say tokens went live tomorrow on Miller there is no telling what would happen population wise. For all we know we could have all the TR on woodman (as an example) see how well the TR on Miller are doing and decide to come over, maybe many of the VS on Miller frustrated at their long time lower population would go elsewhere in the hope of being the most numerous for once? It could easily get worse, not better.

    There isn't an easy solution but free for all server transfers isn't it. Think it needs to be a combination of directing new players to particular servers for particular factions, limiting peoples ability to change character within a server (e.g. switch faction once a month within a server, so encouraging people to have their alts elsewhere), and provide better incentives to play the factions that are at a population disadvantage, sure we have the xp bonuses, but if one faction wins every alert who cares?
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  9. Zeewulf

    First thing they should do as a priority is bring back the old PS1 way of only switching factions on the same server every 24hrs...
  10. pica

    Yup, same. Just logged off because indar was lagging like hell, 60% tr pop on amerish and esamir
  11. RazerKilll

    world pop atm.

    28 vanu
    45 tr
    26 nc
  12. TintaBux

    Like said, depends on the leader, not to many good ones there, 3-4 but they not online all time none stop so when not can get a big messy, bit of a different setup to more drilled outfits, deadly as can be when on it, but when no proper leader there bit all over.
  13. variablez

    the longer times it takes to cap, is also not helping.
    at the moment every move we make to take a TR base has more time for the TR to redeploy their surplus of extra troops to stop the caps in their tracks.

    Previously I didn't mind the population in balance, as it was a challenge, though now it is getting a bit too extreme. NC and VS should stop attacking each other and concentrate on the TR. Though I am sure this will not happen.

    What happened to all the NC players, did they all join the TR?
    They used to have a much higher pop.

    The TR's new toys do seem to be the shinest, with the striker and fracture and they are used in great numbers by the TR.

    No one on vanu uses the lancer enough in numbers to be effective, in numbers they are great against armour, though not as much against air.
    The pheonixs look fun, but don't really seem to be that effective.

    SOE the game was really well balanced before the introduction of these weapons, give refunds to everyone and take them out.

    Best solution for Pop balance would be ~(sure TR wouldn't like this)....
    give a damage or armour bonus based on population.
    As Xp does not help you kill swarms of enemies.
  14. Steakbeard

    I can see an easy and simple way to perhaps mitigate this constant problem.
    First, SOE needs to finish what they started and make all unlocks for SC account wide. We know they know the equivalents, they are in the damn shop every day. Buy the Hacksaw, or blueshift or mercy. Oh look, equivalents. So, enable the FULL account unlocks.

    The next phase is population control. No empire is allowed to have more than a 3 percent lead in world population from the other empires. Make it queue based so that players on the popular empire cannot get in until players from the lesser populated empires can get in. I imagine that most players will play an underpopulated empire on the server if they have access to their unlocks. It should be based on this, no empire should have significantly more population than any other. Where they go, is another matter, but right now, we're losing massive scores of people to other games because their main is useless.

    The next phase, is to buff the continent bonuses to almost silly levels. +50% xp if you're 10% less than the leader, that kind of thing. Make people WANT to chase the XP. Even more, make it so that certs earned on an alt character give you something back on your "main" character. Say a 20% income of certs earned on your alt character go back to your main.

    This way we can make it so the game flourishes with players hopping from faction to faction, enjoying the game without the constant bickering and politics. Everyone is all factions. Unlocks are account wide, who cares if the TR have the overpowered vulcan or fractures, you have access too if you buy unlocks on your NC, it could be great
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  15. nitram1000

    This was Miller this evening and pretty much the same every evening.

    Roughly 20% more population than both other empires. It will get even worse with the lattice system where, lets face it, numbers will dominate.

    It's getting pretty tiresome to be honest and cannot wait for the server transfer tokens or better yet, Battlefield 4.
  16. zukhov

    The pop imbalance is because of the 4th faction. Its simply way too easy to switch sides. Too late to do anything about that now, even timers, xp boosts etc. won't stop the overall shift of people to the 'winning side'. It happens all the time in other games, people hanging out in the lobby desperately clicking to be on the winning team etc.

    Personally I would use the main strength of PS2, its persistent world to build in incentives for players to remain loyal to their faction. Some sort of reward for sticking with your faction, something that people would want and is deleted if you switch sides.

    Hopefully a more meaningful strategic layer on the game would also be useful in achieving this, players are less likely to swap factions if they have something invested in their empire. Maybe people would not be so quick to switch if that entailed destroying something they had helped create.
  17. Steakbeard

    I disagree. Nothing can be done to stop faction switching really, the game has no initial cost, so 4th empire people will just swap onto another account. The only way this can be solved is with incentives to stick with your one account, and give account wide unlocks and restrict the population.

    Embrace the faction switching, play all empires, earn certs on your main from your alt. Simple!
  18. Dictatorfish

    F2P game, three characters per account, one account per email address, infinite free email address courtesy of Gmail, Hotmail, etc.

    "Loyalty" isn't something that's ever going to happen on a mass scale in a F2P game, I'm afraid.
  19. StB2000

    That's not only the 4th faction. I saw many new players in TR lately. Not only low BR but they don't know their way, stand in plain sight and don't move when shot. I wonder where they come from and why they chose TR.
  20. Fumblewatt

    with these populations i propose SOE implements a giant wall from J808 impact site, all the way down south to the end of the map, same on esamir but from mani bio lab down to the tech plant... OR ... the purple and blues allies up thus becoming the
    Plue faction