So, the Vanguard Shield...

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Gundem, Mar 8, 2014.

  1. Pikachu

    Why you all complain over vanguard shield and dalton for the last six months and never before that?
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  2. NC_agent00kevin

    Yes, because precluding stats from the discussion has nothing to do with 'is it fun'

    What this is is another not-so-cleverly disguised 'nerf OP VG Shield' thread. Look at your posts so far.

    Pretty cool how you can 'calculate' that the Vanguard cannot lose but any other stats and numbers are irrelevant. Its also cool how you think you've disguised the true intention of this thread.

    Quite honestly the Vanguard is garbage without it, and its kinda garbage even with it. I drive Lightnings far more often than Vanguards.
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  3. FateJH

    He has something of a point. Even if it was a sincere attempt, you've sullied your own argument.
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  4. Gundem

    No, this is what I've experienced with it, while playing as Gunner for Klypto.

    There was no agenda.

    There is no attack.

    I dislike the Prowler's Lockdown more then the Vanguard's Shield, if you want to know my actual opinion.
  5. Gundem

    That post is there because it baffles me how anyone could find the ability ensure victory with the push of a button.

    Keep believing that I want it nerfed all you want, because in reality, I want the Vanguard buffed. I'll go ahead an post another thread about it if you want, but this is simply asking if you think it's fun in it's current state.
  6. Gundem

    I suppose because ZOE was more pressing?

    Oh, your another one of the goons who think I want if buffed.

    Oh well.
  7. Qel

    I guess a better question would be are you happy with the Vanguard in its current state?

    The shield is the only choice at present and yeah sure in a 1v1 battle I can see how it could be considered 'I win' but take that away and what has the Vanguard got exactly? a velocity bonus but other than that its big, slow and compared to say the prowler, rubbish vs infantry.

    If they were approaching this from a standpoint of 'we're balancing the Vanguard entirely around the shield and that needs to change, what useful functionality can we give the vanguard in exchange?' I'd be interested, but I fear this will just be yet another 'oh noes the forums are mad, nerf it to oblivion'.
  8. Pikachu

  9. NC_agent00kevin


    Just stop with the beating around the bush stuff and come out and say it:

    You think the VG Shield is an iWin button, and would like to see Vanguards without it. You are entitled to your opinion and vision of how you think the game should be. Nonsense threads and trying to disguise it and/or lay a 'trap' for people on the forums is just silly though.

    Than Vanguard isnt fun, and its not because of the shield. Its because it drives like a bulldozer in pudding and no amount of shield changes that, nor does lack of a shield. Any changes to its acceleration and maneuverability significant enough to make the shield unneccesary would just make it a Prowler. It is what it is. Some people like it, others dont. Some people easily defeat them, others have trouble.
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  10. Gundem

    Attacked me over a spelling error.

    I meant to say nerfed.

    Yes, I see it as a winshield. I'd like to see it changed to something else. And I'd like to see it buffed in the areas that make it lackluster.
  11. NC_agent00kevin

    Thats not a spelling error, its clearly not an attack, and thus far you've attacked everyone who has disagreed with you in this thread. A bit underhandedly, but thinly veiled nonetheless.

    I see no reason to continue discussion on the subject with you. At least, not until you can learn to respect others' opinions and views on the subject as well as be forthright about what you really mean and want to discuss. No one has ever 'won' a debate by insulting their opponents, no matter how cleverly disguised.
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  12. Corezer

    Thinly veiled nerf attempt.

    You say performance doesn't matter, then talk about performance, then preclude performance from the argument citing entertainment like the 2 are in no way linked.

    Now that you are being called out, you back track. "I only brought up performance because I don't understand how people can have fun even though how people have fun isn't what I am asking, just a yes/no here people, completely innocent." "I actually want the vanguard buffed, I just didn't mention that half cause I make stuff up."

    You don't gun for Klypto, nice try. We are in the same outfit, in TS all the time, if someone, ANYONE, had a problem with VGS, I would have heard it... with my ears... I know a lot of us have a problem with the vanguard... cause it sucks, and we don't have much confidence in SOE's ability to make the vanguard less shield centric without making it suck more... cause they suck...

    You don't have fun losing as VS, I got it... to beat a vanguard, use a rock and your brain... ok let me explain it so you don't try combining the 2...

    Shoot vanguard, see shield, play ring around the rosy, kill vanguard.

    If you want a different ability, rather than complain here you can always play another faction, don't sit here and try to impose your will on others... VG will get changes without you bothering the community.
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  13. Epic High Five

    It's a lot of fun, having a covered retreat means a lot more flexibility for an otherwise cumbersome tank
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  14. Alarox

    The shield is fun.
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  15. Pondera

    Okay, as much as you didn't WANT stats, by Vanu, you're going to get them.

    I find the duration of the shield extremely interesting because 8 seconds is exactly how long the Vanguard takes to accelerate to full speed without the racer tank frame. With racer 3, it takes 5 seconds to move through all 3 gear states to maximum speed.

    So, once you see that the Vanguard is sporting its trademark blue glow....BACK. OFF. I'm sorry, but if you keep trying to fire on and beat an invincible tank, the mechanic isn't broken or OP. You're just an idiot. Pull back around cover, do some quick repairs to your MBT, and hop back in. When Mr. NC comes around the corner is his shiny, now more vulnerable tank, put a round in his side and continue the fight. Chances are good that, if he was already damaged before he hit the shield, you're going to win.

    I main as a Vanu, and I cannot believe how our playerbase is acting. The Vanguard performs the worst of the 3 MBTs, and its shield is going to be nerfed because people can't figure out how to deal with an invincibility star from Mario Brothers.

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  16. SenEvason

    I think it's fun in that if I see a friendly tank getting pummeled while trying to retreat, I can pop my shield and drive in front of him, saving his butt without dying myself.
  17. AltF4Fun

    I second this as TR player.Just get the hell away from it when you see the shield.Never really had problems with vanguards,expect when I ****** up and deserve to die.I dont get the drama......
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  18. Pondera

    Thank you, TR Man.

    I mean, if the shield lasted 30 seconds? Okay yeah, I can see some problems with it. But 5 seconds? Cry me a river.

    Do you people WANT the Vanguard shield to go the same way as ZOE? Oh yeah, I'm sure the NC will appreciate that. That'll put them in a GREAT mood.
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  19. Epic High Five


    As a [GOON], I take exception to this deliberate misrepresentation of our noble character.

    We mostly just talk about butts
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  20. Brandmon

    The only fixes tank combat needs is for the directional Magburner (where directional boost is percentage based, so we don't see Magriders strafing at 101kmph) and fixed AV secondaries for the Prowler (namely for the Vulcan, at long ranges either the damage drop off should be the weakness or accuracy, but not both). Otherwise Vanguard Shield is fine.