So ... the patch, it's gona be a big change? Or did I read it wrong?

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  1. Inzababa

    the big changes I was thinking of :

    a) orbitral strike (wtf, I never read up on it and never went to test server so have no idea)

    b) revamp of the implants

    not sure that will change much replacing energy with a currency .. but then that also depends of "in what measure"






    Minor Cloak - Remaining stationary for a time will cloak you.

    Are you kidding me?



    I stopped reading there, I don't give a sheet about the rest, they could be dressing VS into penguins and giving fluffy giant balls for NC to fly in in the form of a hot hair ballon or even give TR bloody pink plastic slingshots to throw rocks THAT I WOULNDT GIVE A **** COMPARED TO MAKING EVERYONE A BLOODY INFILTRATOR HAVE YOU LOST YOUR FA C KING MINDS??
  2. Liewec123

    i'll copy and paste what i wrote to the "OMG THA WORLD IS ENDING!" thread from 30 minutes ago...

    in its current iteration it has you unable to attack for 1.25 seconds after you've uncloaked,
    that is enough time for ANY weapon in the game to kill you twice over, some weapons could kill you 3 times over.

    if you're sitting in a room waiting to ambush someone and they have a flashlight, you're as good as dead,
    even if they don't have a flashlight as long as they are looking around constantly they can kill you when you become visible
    before you can even fire a shot.

    learn the cloak sounds of the 3 factions and keep your ears primed,
    if you hear a decloak sound that wasn't from your faction look around and get your free kill.
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  3. Gundem

    Planetside 2 Official forums are a month behind Redditside, as per usual.
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  4. Eternaloptimist

    I'll let you know if it is a big thing or not once I can actually log in :eek:.

    still coming up as under maintenance here in the UK
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  5. Inzababa

    I confess, I did absolutely no reading, my entire reaction, thread, and post and mindset, and rage, and general frustration, and hate at day break, is TOTALLY based only on that yellow sentence.

    But I tell you what, I'm bookmarking my own thread, cause I'l be coming back to it once I've tested it myself, but as a matter of principle, even with what you say, I still think it's a very very

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  6. Inzababa

    I don't use reddit, well rarely, it's the social network internet equivalent of lynch mob rule.

    I start from the premise that the majority is ********. If true, then anything, or at least, a majority of things on reddit is ******** too.

    Empirically, I did verify this to be true.

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  7. Kdog559

    Even if you are using the cloak implant you are losing out on another benefit implant slot if your a heavy or some other class other than infil.But I see the cloaking implant as a way of strategy or just for ***** and giggles.Nothing to be concerned about other than you have to watch your back anyways when you hear the uncloaking " whoosh" when they uncloak. Its no different from infils.Just got to keep your eyes and ears open just as usual but with all classes now.No biggie.
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  8. Inzababa

    hmm yea, I know, I'll take my light assautl, I go to the A point, and I fly to a place that no one can reach but that is still in the zone, and go watch a movie on Netflix.
  9. Inzababa

    oh wait, here's another, mly and my platoon ALL FEUCKING HIDE

    I'll leave the rest to your imagination

    (I admit, that could in certain cases be a lot of fun, for the hiding platoon I mean)

    I mean honestly, I can write another 50 pots about how absurd this is gonna be.
  10. Kdog559

    They will find you when they see the "A" point is "Contested". Pull those darklights out and start the search party!
  11. Inzababa


    read my post again :p


    they are searching left and right, not up and down.

    They are going to have to learn to search up and down, but seriously, there's like a million bases where a light assault could fly to a place no one would ever think about looking with their darkflashlight even though it's in the cappng zone....

    Even today, without being a light assault, 3 times out of 4, I can cloack next to the A somewhere and laugh as 4 idiots without flash lights run around trying to find me shooting left and right
  12. Wolfson

    I'm just thinking of all those infiltrators who are going to slot this up right before a continent is locked, and then run around hacking every single thing they can get their hands on because nobody can find them.

    Or the base builders who drop 12-24 on a site, who remain motionless while one guy stacks a hive up. can't find what you don't see.

    Or the squads that are just going to sit in the rafters of a Tech Plant and wait for someone to come cap it, because darklights don't reach that far.
  13. Wolfson

    the first rule that ANYONE who has seen any Aliens or Predator movie is you ALWAYS check up.
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  14. Fennel

    It's going to result in more people wielding darklights as their attachment, running into a point, and finding people trying to hide, then having a good almost 2 seconds to get a few easy kills.

    I don't understand why people are going all overboard with this, not when there are other options for implants --- like ones that make you just passively regenerate ammo and health, or let you crouchwalk significantly faster, or detect explosives a fair bit away, or let you regenerate health on pistol kills.
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  15. Kdog559

    Only the dumb ones dont look up hahahaha
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  16. Inzababa

    ok guys, I'll make it real simple :

    right now, before the patch, I can take my infiltrator (the one without a main weapon) and infinitely cloak myself near any capture point right?

    right, now, any class can do this.

    Even with flashlights, people, me even, sometimes have to spend a long time finding the cloaked dude.

    I think that totally sucks, especially, for example, go look at Esamir continent, there's a base I'm fighting there all the time, it's called "Geological Survery Camp" (the one to the very east).

    It is a BEATCH to search for a cloacked infiltrator there, I mean itr's a pain in the ****!

    can you imagine what it's going to be with a cloaked light assault?

    I know it's not going to be an issue on most bases and with most fights and with most people using a darkflashlight these days, but hell, it's the kind of thing that when it does happen, makes me rage quit and rant huge walls of text on the forums!
  17. BrbImAFK

    You're making a storm in a teacup about this. Minor cloak has been discussed to death and here's the conclusion :
    1. A tiny minority of people will have this implant (drop rate calculated at 0.05%, requiring over 2,000 packs purchased to have a decent chance of unlocking).
    2. It's going to be completely useless in major battles, because you won't have the 8 seconds of standing still doing nothing for it to kick in without getting killed or having to move and fight.
    3. It has a major delay before you can use your weapons. If you enter an "empty" room and hear a cloak sound, there'll be plenty of time to kill them before they can even fire at you.
    4. It will be annoying on ghost caps (with pump-HA's camping the point room or whatever), but it will net them a tiny number of kills overall, and if they do it once and stick around, you come back with a flash-light and "pwn their azz".
    5. A secondary, minor-ish issue is the dilution of the class system. What if "Minor Cloak" is only the first, and we're gonna get "Minor Jumppack" and "Minor Overshield" in the next batch.
    Minor cloak is a TEENY, TINY problem. That's it.

    The real problems are:
    1. The new implant system is P2W, because it allows you to buy combat power with cash. The old system also let you purchase with cash, but they literally gave them away for free, so you were only really paying for the convenience of having them "now".
    2. Max rank Catlike implant is going to let you move at 87.5% of full movement speed WHILE CROUCHED! That means, half the hit-box (probably less as you'll get more leg hits, so do less damage) while gaining crouch CoF! This is WAY OP and going to virtually mandate a crouch-spamming meta as a counter to the current headshot-olympics meta we have now.
    3. There are two implant slots now. Good, right? Yeah... except that with the new system being P2W, unless you've paid, the other dude is now going to have twice the advantage over you he had before!
    4. Old members are getting screwed over BIG TIME. If you have a full collection of implants and the energy to run them, you'll be able to convert that into approximately THREE of the new ELEVEN implants. Yeah. Hope you liked having all the toys. **** you, now you have a third of them! Haha. Pay up.
    5. New members are going to be screwed over too.... if they don't pay cash, they're looking at 7,000 certs (calculated based on the information we had during PTS phase - may have gone live differently) to upgrade ONE implant. It's not like they have other things to spend their certs on, right? Oh wait.....
    6. With most people earning around 100-ish certs per hour, 7,000 certs per implants represents 70 HOURS - or, if you play 3 hours a day EVERY DAY, about 3.5 weeks. Per implant. Of eleven! Enjoy your grind!
    7. Certain vital implants like Sensor Shield (for stalker infiltrators and basically anybody who likes to flank / ambush, like LA's) are just gone. They say they'll be in Phase 2, but we all know how often DBG follows through and actually delivers Phase 2, right?
    8. Finally, there's the implants that only reward the MLG-pro players. Like the one that does "+100 shields on headshot kill". Yeah, because fighting those dudes wasn't hard enough already. The poor MLG-l33ts totally need even more help roflstomping all the average plebs like me. Let's make it even easier for them! The skill-gap is widening even further, and it was already big enough.
    Yeah, the new implant system is ****, and I'm probably going to cancel my sub over it.
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  18. Kristan

    Oh look another tread about situational and rare implant! We must join the bandwagon and at least make five more of those!
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  19. Demigan

    Im going to have to make a thread explaining how Minor Cloak is completely different to other cloaks.

    And if you look at the current stats the best case scenario is that you get the first shot in just before your target opens fire. In any other case you wasted 8sec+waiting time on the ability while simultaneously giving your opponent a few free shots, and you would have been better off leaving the implant slot empty
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  20. FieldMarshall

    You have to sit still for 8 seconds (thats almost a full redeploy) plus however long it takes for someone to show up,
    and if you want to cloak somewhere useful, you are most likely going to get shot/sniped before you get to cloak.
    Then you have to pray that nearby enemies dont see/find you.
    Then you have to uncloak and hope they dont kill you the 1.5 seconds it takes before you can start shooting.
    And if you are using the cloak implant, you are not using other more useful implants. Enemies will have an implant advantage on you.

    You seem worried about LAs, so lets look at a typical LA scenario:
    LA flies up to a vantage point overlooking where enemies might walk past to take advantage of the cloak. Sits still for 8 seconds and gets sniped.
    And if he doesent die, what's he going to do. Just sit there and wait and then maybe get a kill if the 1.5second weapons delay doesent get you killed?
    When compared to a normal LA that is already hidden on rooftops, popping over the edge to pick off enemies, the cloak just seems weak and slow.

    I just cant imagine why any decent player would want to use cloak over other implants.
    I predict minor cloak is going to be a "noob trap" that anyone above 0.5KPM wont get any real benefit from but will help newbies get the occasional kill.
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