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  1. ThePyroRussian

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  2. Alarox

    1.) Not a PSA.
    2.) It still has the heaviest armor.
    3.) Please stop exaggerating. It doesn't help.
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    there is pretty much zero reason to pull a vanguard over a lightning now. and if you maxed out the shield, the joke gets even better: for those 1800 certs you spent you can use a nerfed ability 33% more frequently!

    the writing's been on the wall for awhile, but this isn't a combined arms game anymore. it's infantry or bust, especially if you're NC.
  4. Flashtirade

    We should go back to release days where the NC used nothing but sunderers and infantry to do things (read: attacking the Crown).
  5. Alarox

    Just finished a 3 hour session with 1000 score/min.


    The Vanguard is not worthless.
  6. KnightCole

    Whats the trick to a tank not being just Lib fodder?
  7. Frozen-K

    Stealth, not firing on everything in sight, and some luck.

    Also, these vanguard threads need to die. Seriously. One thread is enough. A page's worth of threads, completely different.
  8. Alarox

    You just have to wait for them to leave. We usually shoot them as priority to make them scared of flying in our general area, and always stay near cover when we know Liberators are around.

    Other than that you're at their mercy. It is frustrating. Example: we killed this Lightning driver 3 times in a row so he pulled a composite Liberator and, I **** you not, face tanked us at ground level with the tankbuster.
  9. KnightCole

    Exactly...the Liberator is soooo weak and UP that it can just 1v1 or 1v3 almost every hard counter to it.

    And in all seriousness, I have a hard time judging distance to Libs and Gals...they are so damn big they look closer then they are...or farther, I seriously cant tell...its bad. Esp when they are fairly low and close. I seem to under shoot or over shoot the stupid things.

    And yes, Air really makes tanking boring. Its like I log in.....alright, im feeling tanky.....spawn Vanguard, roll out to my 1st post, camp a hill a down, kill a Lighting, snipe a Flash, smoke 2-3 infantry.......and sure as ****..Liberator...
  10. KnightCole

    I dont say the Vanguard is UP. In fact, I commonly find myself looking for the shield when im in my TR tanks...

    I like the Vanguard overall. Its a bit slow but its tough and overall kidna deadly.

    As for firing at everything in sight...I dont do that. I do miss alot cuz the sights we get in game just dont work for me. The majority of the range which we fight is blank and not even shown on the optic thing...

    You should make a video that shows other people how to vanguard
    The vanguard is good,
    most of the drivers are crap
    They think their tanks are invincible and they have NO situation awareness or communication
    MOST not ALL but most
    Anyway video please to show forumside your Vanguard ways.
  12. Konfuzfanten

    LOL, holy christ. i think my all time best infantry/lib farming is something around 50000 score/hour for 1 hour and 30 min or so...that was without membership or boosters. How in the wide World did you get so high a score?

  13. Alarox

    Well, I do have membership. +50%. So it would be 40000 score/hour without it.
  14. Mianera

    I want to see ponies and zombies in the game.

    Anyways, the nerf was overkill, the reason I stopped playing NC and hopped back on TR.
  15. Noppa

    Am i bad on a math(i am) or that doesnt make any sense ... 60k/hour -50% is more like 30k/hour(60k*0.50=30k) + u have alert going on there + u need to be against lot of vehicles to pull that off, imbossible in my server these days, NC hardly pull any tanks and there is TR/VS zergs going on every where u look.
  16. Konfuzfanten

    thats still some MLG score right there ;)

    Well played.
  17. Vearo

    The math works by him having 150% experience with membership. Losing 50% is a reduction of 1/3 of 150%, so:
    (1 - 1/3)*60 000 = 40 000
  18. Noppa

    Yeah i thought so that could be the case.. so in the end the it is only 33.333333333%

    Anyway i rest my case, was getting 70k+ / hour as infantry in bio lab with membership bonus so it aint hard to get, i ques i did remember wrong cos havent rly pay attention to score / hour.
  19. Klypto

    Mine was 72,000-73,000 at the time he took that screenshot.

    I wish I could give certs to the poor Filthy peasant infantry who do not have a Majestic Vanguard in all of it's splendor.

    My heart breaks for all of their poverty and lack of certs.

    If only there were some means to spread the wondrous Joy of the Glorious Vanguard to others.


    I could donate half of my score to a totally worthless and useless BR1 scrub and give them BR100 and still be a fantastic and handsome BR100 myself.

    The answer is obvious, have 2 tank gods Alarox and Klypto in it.



    But in all seriousness.


    If a lib was pulled specifically to kill you it will happen. Doesn't matter if you have skyguards escorting you and he's overextended to the extreme, if he wants you dead you will die. The only thing that will save you is cover.

    It's the wonders of composite armor.

    The best part is even if you somehow blow it up he will jump out as a LA and try to C4 you.

    I'm looking forward to the new resource system where tank>Lib>C4>tank will be unlikely because of prohibitive costs.
  20. KnightCole

    What do you know about the new resource system? I would like to hear what SoE is planning. Besides just jacking the prices of everything up to 5k each hahaha.