So, the NC keep getting warpgated.....

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  1. Beerbeerbeer

    Having multiple high-BR characters of all factions hedges your bet.

    Unless you're stuck with an outfit and have that sense of loyalty, then you're SOL.

    Me personally, I'll switch multiple, and I mean multiple times per day.

    DBG allows it so I take advantage of it.

    So level up TR/VS and dogpile away I say. I do.

    There's no honor in getting farmed. Unless you're a masochist, keep playing that low pop faction.
  2. Pat22

    Early afternoon Indar on Emerald looked pretty similar. Except VS pop was in the low 20%, and my squad pushed all the way up to their warpgate down the Rashnu lane.
    In fact, the map looks so much like Emerald's did that if it wasn't for the pop, I'd say this was a screenshot of Emerald
  3. Springjack

    You should revel in these times when you have teammates. You're basically forced to play these "maps", this place adjacent to your warp gate deserves your attention.
    My main [Raider Moxif] character NC on Connery, I am a solo player. I almost always have a Sunderer (stealth usually) deployed, and predominantly play Infiltrator as I have taken to Auraxium Sniper Rifles (SASR and Railjack done!). I understand this is a team game, and I try to facilitate unique opportunities to tackle our Red and Purple adversaries. I do not use the voice options available to me, and this is perhaps a fault of mine- I do prefer to chat with /yell, V commands, /tell (esp opponents), and /re or /region for exposing enemy etc. I am in Onslaught Company, led by the virtuous, exalted Morbrin, whose Sun Tzu and other quotes inspire me to take charge of the situation.

    I know that one Sunderer can make a difference. One Sniper, an agitator of perhaps the entire community.... Striving to get head shots in weird angles, away from his sunderer that makes it all possible. I choose to play Infiltrator because I like to live a long time without having to change classes or die / redeploy. I enjoy being in the moments away from "it all" - frankly because my frames per second suffers.

    These people that spawn in from my Sunderer, knew what they were getting into, they see the map and that it is on top of a mountain, cliff, hole in no where, right next to-if not on top of the enemy base. If they cannot take advantage of that mindset (that vulnerability), then they should find another fight or make their own. If you have the ability to birth people into the world, you have made your own fight. I think, there can never be too many sunderers, because it represents the spirit of the game. People can decide on their own from the map screen if my Sunderer is the right situation they want to put themselves in.

    Sometimes I worry when a lot of people spawn through my Sunderer on top of a mountain. A good chunk of those people need their own fights and Sunderers, because they expose my Sunderer it's delicate situation. Stealth Bubble means go away, do not attract attention to me. and if you do, then please try to defend me! And if you run away I (personifying the Sunderer) understand that your running away is for the good of the NC, raising hell and sabotage (ie: picking off head shots) in each and every moment for the enemy :D!

    thank you for reading.
  4. WeRelic

    This happens to every faction on a cyclical basis... on Emerald at least. If the game isn't doing it for you today, swap factions to a more balanced one (read: preferably not the overpopped faction), try to do something out of the ordinary, or just log off.

    I can recall several times where me and my outfit mates have done something unconventional to try and break the monotony when the map looks like this, and just as many times where we just logged off cause it wasn't as fun as usual.

    Remember, at the end of the day it's still a game. If it's not fun or engaging; find something that is, or try to change your approach to the game.
  5. Ximi

    I cant explain better than u. However people play the faction he likes and if the faction lose all times isnt much funny...
  6. Benton582

    A is partly right, but can't be proven, C is still again partly correct, having the worst recoil and ease of use, making it difficult for any skill level to use, as well as having the HIGHEST penalty for missing. But it's more shifted where NC is a sitting territory farm for the VS and TR. They always shift highly towards us no matter the alert, no matter the pop, even if lower. I don't need to hear any disagreements, because this should be obvious of ALL NC players by BR45. If you don't have a useful input, do not reply, unless you have better actual reasoning. And has played NC long enough in the situation. I hate people who ******** their comments.
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  7. Taemien

    What the OP is failing to show is the Continents NC had under their control at the time of those screenshots. When you cap two continents back to back... expect to get double teamed.

    I will say this though. When I'm playing NC, I prefer to fight TR. When playing TR, I prefer to fight NC. VS doesn't fight. They either have population 1.5 to 2 times yours, or they sit in their spawn rooms and whine. They won't fight at all. They zerg or whine.

    Good news is, they're losing their alert domination because of it. As they should.
  8. CorporationUSA

    Well that sucks. Stuff purchased with cash is supposed to be unlocked account wide. I don't see why that wouldn't apply to promotional weapons.
  9. PKSpark

    Magrider, MAGRIDERS. If there's one thing i experienced stopping a zerg too many times are thoses. 3 of them and you're good destroying any 48++
  10. Mythical1

    Something that Emerald VS faces every day. Double team.

    Yeeeaahhh.... No. I have a BR33 NC, so i know the weapons fairly well. Otherwise, I have nothing I need to prove to you.

    Deal with it. :cool:
  11. Jubikus

    Everyone gets double teamed.
  12. TowerOfGlower

    Actually, all my cash purchased items showed up. Was hoping I didn't have to save certs for the dual AA max again.

    Again, prime west coast time. When most people play. Not noon on a Sunday.

    Yep. Always love those who argue and then say "I don't need to show you any proof because I'm always right." Just admit you can't figure out how to do ALT+PrtScn and post to Imgur.

  13. Lazarusxt

    I tend to think the VP system is to blame. Now that you get more points for major facilities, territory gains and warpgate connections there is more incentive than ever to gang up on a single faction and thats going to typically be the lowest pop faction for least resistance. Alerts remain unchanged since you still need the most territory to win the points but the rest of the time it seems to be standard practice to pick on the litttle guy for easy VPs. So depending on the time of day you play you might log in to being warpgated at the start of the alert at which point it feels rather hopeless so you switch continents or log.

    I don't dislike the system I just think it needs work.
  14. Mythical1

    Yeah..... and I love all the sheeple so connected to their social media that they can't live without everything at their fingertips. Learn to disconnect more often than you sleep. I won't post a screen because I DON'T WANT TO. You can take my word for it that I have a BR33 NC or you can continue to touch yourself.

    Don't like it? Take this guy's advice.
  15. T0x1s

    "I bring facts" lol where are the facts showing all NC weapon are inferior to TR and VS weapons. NC Connery just sucks and VS/TR abuse that
  16. Lazarusxt

    Ebbs and flows based on pop and time of day. NC was winning quite a bit not too long ago. Also seems like TR has had a significant and sustained population increase recently as they seem to be locking down the off continents while simultaneously holding the main one.