So the infiltrator is allowed shotgun afterall

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  1. Bl4ckVoid

    On the Flash.

    But WHY??????? This is way too powerful together, why is this allowed at all???
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  2. Apples

    While I don't see how it matters what class is on the flash while it has X weapon loaded I have questioned whether it should have weapons when using the cloak loadout since they buffed the graphic to be less visible and removed the dust trails while it's cloaked. I typically don't render the cloaked flashes till they're maybe 15-20m out where as I can see a cloaked infiltrator at about 30m most times if they're moving. On a side note I do like that they buffed stalker cloak as much as they did but I always get a good laugh when someone uses it and starts shouting out targets, it makes them easy to find for face pews.
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  3. Ballto21

    Its cloak, not supposed to be invisible but shouldnt be visible far out. If anything infantry infiltrator cloak when springing should be a limited 20m sight, and then just barely. As for the flash its fine as is considering you can shoot the driver off of it, cloaking gives you a different kind of defense that puts you on par with harassers in being annoying sometimes. As it stands they do not pose a big enough threat to either infantry or armor even with two or three fury flashes. All you have to do if a fury flash or any flash is harassing your squad is shoot at it, most bullets will hit the driver.
  4. Apples

    Had an infiltrator using cloak/shotgun on a flash once to camp a sunderer. I put up 3 AT mines in the path he was taking and despite running over them time and time again it never set them off. Nobody could seem to get visual or audio on them in time amidst the battle to do much either. I think he managed 40+ kills before he was finally tagged. An extreme example of success but it's pretty wtf. If the flash isn't visible while cloaked and moving till 15m out it's already too late.
  5. Takara

    Then he was smart enough to avoid them. Or it was lag...lag can **** with the timing of the mines. But on a flash if you even drive near mines they explode...the ATV won't take any damage but it will kill the driver. happens all the time.
  6. Ballto21

    Had a heavy assault using adrenaline and a shotgun once to camp a biolab. I put up two AI mines in the hallway he was in but despite stepping on them his flak/overshield absorbed them. I think he managed 40+ kills before he was finally tagged. An extreme example of success but its pretty wtf. If the shield isnt down by 5% before he kills one or two people its too late.

    With the infantry cloak being pointless to use indoors (in quite a few cases) inside hallways or some buildings wraith cloak is the diamond in the rough.
  7. MasonSTL

    I think I have been killed by a wraith shotgun lightning a handful of times. I don't see a problem.
  8. Bl4ckVoid

    It is not a problem (yet), but it is incredibly op.
    There is really no counter, by the time you see them, you die. By the time you hear them, you die.

    When/if more people realize how cheesy this is, it will be an issue. For now, there is only one counter to it: redeploy.
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  9. sustainedfire

    No one really cares about the Renegade Flash Shotgun.

    If someone uses it effectively, good on them- it's use extremely situational, and the cert drop to get a viable shotgun Flash is large.

    Plus it's a Flash. Just barely drivable, extremely vulnerable, and not a real threat to any given battle.
  10. CapEnTrade

    It's balanced because using flash weapons is hard to do thus the reward is comfortably high, plus flashes are super easy to kill.
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  11. sustainedfire

    Probably the only thing I have ever seen you type where i agreed.
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  12. Reclaimer77

    Are you serious??? Just..LMAO!!!
  13. CapEnTrade

    Everybody agrees on something.
    Glad we see eye to eye in this case.
  14. Apples

    That was the annoying thing, there really wasn't any lag going on and he ran directly over all of them every time without detonating. As I recall however, there's some fix in the test servers or going into them soon to speed up AT mine reaction speed. Apparently harrassers were also running over AT mines without setting them off.
  15. Kanil

    Literally every vehicle counters the Flash. Spend 150 resources on the stock Basilisk Harasser and just shoot the Flash when it decloaks.
  16. Freedom Fries

    As a hard core battle flasher,I completely disagree.

    And for the record,I use turbo instead of wraith(Real men use turbo),and with stealth as my defensive slot. Even when you're visible,people don't see you coming most of the time. And besides,the flash is incredibly loud. Unless you're in a big battle with explosions and gun shots blanketing your hearing 100% of the time,you should be able to hear when a flash is near.

    And this 1000x,you can be one of the best players with combat flashes,but it doesn't matter.

    Because a stock harrasser

    -Is faster than a racer chassis flash by default
    -Has turbo default
    -Is even faster when you add in the flash losing distance due to having to dodge
    -Is easier to drive and has a stable shooting platform

    The flash is effectively the slowest vehicle in the game.
  17. Peebuddy

    Cloakers riding flashes all have death wishes, they kill 1 maybe 2 people before being gunned down trying to escape, you're not completely invisible and once they're know (by capping someone in the face with your shottie) you're as obvious as night and day.

    Let em keep their death quads, they'd probably do a better job sniping anyways so consider yourself lucky there's one less sniper in this game.
  18. Alarox

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  19. breeje

    i wish that everybody could drive a fully certed flash with an weapon of choice for one day
    then they can see for themselves how hard it is to drive one successful
    those players that get kill after kill making you think the ghost flash comes directly from hell
    driven by Lucifer him self have hundreds off hours and where killed an thousand off times
    before they became the nightmare they are today
    you can consider them the top players like you have some esf players
    i only can have respect for them even when they kill me
  20. Captain Kid

    When did they buff the stalker cloak?