So... the Guass SPR

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Levtech, Jun 18, 2014.

  1. Levtech

    I feel like I'm the only one in NC using it, or that has even heard of it. Can anyone prove me wrong?
  2. BillHaverchuck

    Yeah I d rather use the Impetus same stats with -50m/s velocity but access to 4x scope so no sway
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  3. TorigomaSET

    If you want a good Mid-Close range sniper, go for the SASR with a Strightpull. It wreaks.
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  4. Gemenai

    Forward grip + 8x scope.
    When i played as NC i loved this thing.
  5. Plague Rat

    It was my go to weapon for the longest time. Very versatile and effective, and in the right hands more killing potential than even a bolt action. However it takes more practice and effort to really excel with this weapon, so most folks prefer the more specialized pass/fail methodology of the bolt actions.

    Unfortunately, with the removal of sway from the iron rail variants, and semi-scouts getting magazine and velocity increases (The shadow now has more velocity than the SPR) even fewer people bother with the SPR, and even I've backed away from it for the impetus for most situations.

    It's just in a very weird place now that it's close neighbors got tune ups and it did not, and I honestly think being restricted to a 6-12x scope range w/ sway would have warranted a velocity increase to the 600 m/s range.
  6. AnuErebus

    Until they fix it from having a significant RNG factor due to its bloom and give it some long range oomf with a possible a velocity buff you'll probably stay one of the few who use it. I auraxiumed it, but it took a bit of patience. With .8 bloom per shot while ADSing you're CoF is expanding at a huge rate and by the third or forth shot, you're not really likely to hit what you're aiming at. For a rifle that's supposed to land multiple hits on a target for a chance to kill it's pretty disappointing. Right now it's basically a slug shotgun, but without the close quarters damage and that needs to change before I'd consider it a reliable option.

    For a comparision on bloom, a 143 damage automatic has .05 bloom. A 167 .06 bloom. Realistically the SPR's bloom should be around .1 if not lower. .1 is what current battle rifles have, and it's still something of a deterrent on those because of how terribly it affects their long range capabilities.
  7. Moz

    Gauss SPR? Isn't that an NC gun?

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  8. Vikingo

    I have a few other rifles to auraxium first but I will get around to it eventually. Then we will be 2!
  9. Levtech

    My favorite thing to do with it is sit on a tower and put 3 shots into people running up to it. The scope makes aim a bit hard but it pays off. Also, I think the price compensates for where this weapon is lacking.
  10. Epicstrat

    Not the only one. Get T2 hold breath implant, kill everyone who dates stand still or run in a linear path.
  11. hansgrosse

    I like it and use it, mainly because I prefer the semi-autos to the bolt-actions.

    I don't always snipe, but when I do, I prefer SPR.
  12. reydelchicken

    I use this gun as well, and very much prefer it to the bolt action weapons, simply because you can ADAD duel someone with an orion and still have a slim chance of winning if they make a mistake.