So, the Gauss Rifle Burst... I like it.

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by hansgrosse, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. hansgrosse

    Despite the gun's low cost, I never got around to buying it. I just figured it couldn't to anything another AR couldn't to better. Then I ended up falling in love with the TR's SABR-13. Since it seems pretty similar to the SABR on the surface with its identical 2x burst setting, damage tier, and rate of fire, I decided to grab the Gauss Rifle Burst up a few days ago. After all, if it handles anything like the SABR I'm sure to like it, right?

    My verdict? This... is a great gun.

    Having the fastest bullet in the game with HVA attached is a neat perk, but what really sold me on the Gauss Burst is its INCREDIBLE shot grouping. The thing's 2x burst fire mode is effing ridiculous! Even at extremely long ranges it'll put both rounds of its burst almost directly on top of each other. It's accurate enough that I routinely get double headshots well out past 100 meters, and even out to render distance its grouping is tight enough to put both rounds into a human-sized target with good consistency, and this is without a foregrip! The SABR-13's got NOTHING on the Gauss Rifle Burst's accuracy.

    Combined with the rifle's insane muzzle velocity, this is perhaps the easiest AR in the game to kill with at long distances. It's amazing, really. Words just escape me. I'd go so far as to say that the Gauss Burst is basically a semi-auto sniper rifle for the NC medic that doesn't suffer from ADS sway.

    I seriously <3 this gun. I think I've found my new favorite toy.
  2. EViLMinD

    I just bought it. Now I have every infantry gun in the NC arsenal.

    What do you recommend for attachments? For my Gauss rifle S, I typically use HVA, compensator, grip and 3.4mark. Minus the compensator, I figured I'd use the same setup for the Gauss burst.
  3. Fang7.62

    Hmm, interesting. I was doing some long range fighting yesterday with my Gauss rifle S with 4x scope, doing single shots or bursts and I was amazed by how well it did. If this thing does exactly that, even better and is cheap then hell yeah I'm getting it. Still tempted to get reaper DMR though. But you can never have enough guns :)
  4. hansgrosse

    Compensator, grip, and 3.4x sight are a good way to go with this thing. I opted for the laser sight in lieu of the forward grip because I like having a way to deal with enemies that manage to get in close, but that's largely personal preference. Foregrip will ensure that any recoil that IS felt will be almost entirely vertical.

    If you're looking for a long range killer for your medic then you really can't go wrong with the Gauss Burst. Of course, the Reaper DMR is a 200 damage weapon and has perfect single-shot accuracy, so it's a strong long range option too. It's basically down to whether you prefer the Gauss Burst's higher muzzle velocity and accurate burst capabilities or the DMR's higher damage tier and full-auto capability.

    So I spent most of the weekend with the Gauss Rifle Burst and I've noticed that this rifle has some weird quirks. There are times when its burst accuracy is freaking PERFECT like I was describing originally, and there are times when it's... not. This doesn't seem to be random, as the circumstances under which I'm firing it yield consistent results, but I haven't figured it all out yet.

    For instance, the rifle's elevation angle seems to have something to do with its accuracy. Shooting at defenders on the top of Scarred Mesa Skydock from the ground, its burst accuracy is close to perfect. Every single time. Shooting at enemies on level ground, however, yields worse results, and the 2nd shot can often fly wildly off course. Its sweet spot seems to be somewhere between 30 and 45 degrees elevation. I'm pretty sure there are other bands of elevation in which it excels as well because I've had it do well at elevations closer to level too, but I haven't precisely nailed them down yet. Computer performance seems to be a factor as well. In extremely large fights where my FPS starts to suffer I've noticed that the rifle does much better in all angles of elevation. There are likely other, less obvious factors as well that I'll come to understand as I continue to use the Gauss Rifle Burst (I'll keep you all informed when I discover them!), but for now that's the extent of what I've found.

    I still stand by my assertion that this is an incredible and very, very accurate gun, but in order to get the most out of its burst fire mode one really must come to understand its unusual performance characteristics and be able to maneuver into favorable firing positions.

    If anyone has additional insight into this gun's unusual performance, then please list it here! I'd love to know if there's anything I'm missing.
  5. EViLMinD

    Did some VR testing. I'm gonna try laser, hva, 4xTrueshot and flash suppressor.
  6. hansgrosse

    Yar, I like the laser on this gun, and I consider HVA mandatory for it as well. I've considered upgrading to a 4x scope too (currently using 3.4x LACO), as that extra little bit of magnification can count for a lot. Also, the LACO's red dot can be a bit obtrusive for extreme-long range engagements.

    Is there a particular reason you're going for the flash suppressor? Not that I'm saying it's a bad choice, I'm just curious because I didn't see a use for it on this particular gun.
  7. EViLMinD

    I've learned that flash suppressors work well on semi-auto and burst fire weapons. I use 'em on the Shadow and Warden because they keep me off enemy radar for no real drawback. The recoil penalty isn't noticeable unless I tap too quickly. Which I wouldn't want to do anyway. Precision guns are for headshots - not spraying.

    I wouldn't use a (sound) suppressor for the Gauss burst. I don't want to slow the velocity. Seeing as how that is the gun's best trick.
  8. phreec

    Flash suppressors don't hide you from the radar, only the sound suppressor.

    Anyway, I gave the Gauss Burst a try. So far I'm not impressed. It's nowhere near the SABR-13 in terms of accuracy because this gun still has a very high 1st shot recoil multiplier. That second shot still flies way off the first at ranges you'd like to use a long range weapon. The default Gauss Rifle with a grip is more accurate, much better in CQC and better at preserving ammo.

    Although it's cheap, it's not worth the 300+ certs you'll be spending on the gun and its attachments.
  9. Frozen-K

    I never liked wasting certs on any of the faction specific burst weapons. Being limited by burst is slightly annoying. You could cert out the stock weapons, or save for others, like the S variant weapons. If only some of them weren't so spendy.
  10. EViLMinD
    I thought they did. I started using one on my Shadow a couple months ago. All this time, I thought I was being more stealthy. lol.

    Ok. From now on, I don't see the point in using one unless sniping at night. Even then, it's not much of a benefit.
  11. Being@RT

    Since this is a bit related...

    Test server Release notes 5.29.2013
    Not only did the Flash suppressor not hide you on the radar like the sound suppressor, but it also didn't (doesn't? until patch hits live anyway) hide your muzzle flash at long range because it wasn't rendered anyway :p

    Flash Suppressor is the attachment you use if you can't have compensator or the compensator wouldn't be of any use or if you do not want the drawbacks of the suppressor.
  12. hansgrosse

    Theoretically, you're absolutely right; the Gauss Burst does seem to have a fairly high first shot recoil on paper, and I've found that using it in VR training or firing it off in the warpgate supports this. I will sometimes get wild 2nd shots in actual combat that fly off-course too. In fact, even when it's shooting at its best you'll still notice fairly severe (and misleading) "visual recoil" through your sights. In reality, however, the Gauss Burst has an interesting tendency to develop almost literally perfect burst accuracy as you continue to fight with it (Wish my computer was good enough to capture video of this... :(). I haven't completely figured out what causes this behavior yet, and I'm starting to doubt my earlier observations on the matter, but it definitely happens. Suffice it to say that when the Gauss Burst DOES start behaving it turns into one of the most amazing long-range rifles ever!

    Have you fought with it for any length of time? Trial it if you haven't dropped the certs for it, carry it into a large-scale battle or two, and tell me how it handles for you. I'm becoming really curious as to whether this phenomenon happens for anyone else.
  13. loleator

    Watch mattiace videos on how to control burst, use the gauss saw.
  14. hansgrosse

    Firing controlled bursts from automatic weapons and figuring out what lets the burst-fire mode on the Gauss Rifle Burst ignore its first-shot recoil are two completely unrelated tasks, I'm afraid.

    And as for the Gauss SAW, well, my medic can't use that. :p
  15. TeknoBug

    I'm not a big fan of the burst assault rifles, I have them all and almost never use them- the COF is too quick unless you tap it slower (watch the bullet spread closely while scoped in NV). Try the Gauss S, much better alternative (and it has a burst mode IIRC).
  16. kennonfodder

    Hans would you say that a fully certed Gauss Burst is worth the 300 certs when someone has the fully certed Reaper , Gauss SAW and Gauss S or even a Warden?

    After reading this I feel tempted to try it out, but is it such a difference? Dont want to waste 300 certs
  17. loleator

    ow opened many tabs and though this was on the ha subforum, anyways change saw with your default medic weapon and it's the same thing. tapping the mouse so much will give you carpal syndrome, I prefer to make burts with full auto weapons, practise makes it work and you won't be handicapped at short range
  18. Imposer

    I just found this hidden gem on Monday night, and bought it yesterday. It's so awesome, not only is it a great long range weapon but it's hip fire is also really tight, just make sure they are in the center of your cross hairs. I'm considering getting the laser sight instead of the fore grip because I don't really feel like the fore grip will change that much. I wonder how the burst fires on the other factions are?
  19. MrK

    Like all thread on medic subforums about a NC AR, this one made me lose some Cert Points :)
    So, I unlocked it to test it out.
    It's funny how I mirrored OP impression.
    First 10 minutes was "WOW, awesome gun!". Immediatly noticed a pretty tight hip CoF with the laser addon, then the mid-long range encounters ran pretty well, with the thing hitting where other Gauss variants would have missed.
    Then the weird behavior kicked in, ending in mixed results. Sometimes, it's dead accurate. Sometimes it's not. I reviewed some of the footage I took, maybe yes, it's an elevation thing, I don't know.
    I suspect I compensate too much on the left when things go bad.

    Add to this you too often forget you are using a burst only weapon and get screwed watching your gun stop firing thinking "WTF?" then realise you need to continue tapping, and dies, you begin to wonder why using the gun? I'm going to re-use my Gauss S more in the coming sessions to compare both burst mode to see if I don't simply do better with a Gauss S.
    Thing is, Gauss Burst, contrary to all other NC weapons, is NOT crippled when firing on the move. You can sidestep during mid-long range engagement and keep hitting. That's the selling point for me.
  20. hansgrosse

    I noticed that you threw in a few non-medic guns there. Are you looking for a good long-range option in general or are you looking for something medic-specific? The Gauss Burst is a great option either way, but I thought that was interesting.

    More importantly, how effective are you at long range with what you already own? I'll break it down by weapon.
    ---> If you can hit your target consistently with the Reaper DMR or Gauss SAW then I'd say there's really no reason to switch to the Gauss Burst since Reaper/SAW damage output is very good. If you have problems leading targets at longer distances, though, the Gauss Burst might just be the gun for you! Its muzzle velocity is already extremely high, but slap HVA on the rifle and the only shots in the game that are faster are the Lancer's and Vortex's laser beams.
    ---> IMO, the Warden is inferior to the Gauss Burst at both long and close range while being competetive at medium ranges.
    ---> I have only VR experience with the Gauss Rifle S, and I have no experience whatsoever with the Gauss SAW S, so I won't make a comparison here.

    It's also worth noting that while a "fully-certed" Gauss Burst will run you 300 certs (330 if you include a scope, which I highly recommend), a functional Gauss Burst will only cost 130 certs; the cost of the weapon itself and the scope of your choice. It will still be very effective in this minimalist configuration.

    Understandable. XD

    And yes, I've become quite good at trigger discipline with automatic weapons. Up until recently, my long-range medic options NC-side were the Reaper DMR, the NS-11A, and the default NC1, and they all work wonderfully at range. Still, I wouldn't compare any of these to SASR's in the ranged lethality department. I DO consider the Gauss Burst to be on par with a SASR. It's just that deadly.

    Also, burst weapons gimping you at close range is largely a myth. Most of them do just fine, especially with a laser sight, and this one is no exception. In fact, many of them actually keep tighter crosshairs during sustained hipfire than their automatic counterparts without much loss in rate of fire. I've gunned down SMG infiltrators at point-blank range with my laser-sighted Gauss Burst; I'm happy with its close-range performance.

    Congrats on discovering this gun's potential! :D

    Your assessment is correct; the rifle's burst accuracy is already damn near perfect when it's behaving, so the foregrip doesn't bring very much to the table. The laser, on the other hand, is extremely useful when you find that the enemy has managed to get up close and personal. I think switching to a laser sight is the right choice.

    I don't have any experience with Vanu burst-fire weapons and I can't speak for the TR's burst-fire carbine, but the TR's burst rifles are pretty nice. The T1B, though actually a decent gun, is overshadowed and largely outperformed by the SABR-13, which is a very, very good gun. The SABR-13 is actually more or less a sister gun to the Gauss Burst and even has better hard-coded recoil modifiers, but alas, it doesn't seem to be able to flat-out ignore first shot recoil like the Gauss Burst can.