So the game will still be cpu bound?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Gambles, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Gambles

    After patch?

    I was looking at some of the changes coming with the upcoming patch at the end of the month. First one listed is an increase in performance for lower end gpu's. I'm thinking really?... how about you try using some of my 7870's power past 40%? I mean do I really have to go out and buy an i5 or an i7 just for this game? because I won't. My 955 @ 3.8 runs everything else just fine.

    Sigh... Guess I'm done for now, maybe an upgrade later in the year will bring me back to see how PS2 is doing.
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  2. LordMondando

  3. TheBloodEagle

    Also if you look at the wording "General performance increases, particularly for lower end GPUs"

    It doesn't say increases ONLY for low end GPUs it says GENERAL PERFORMANCE INCREASES but focusing on lower end GPU particularly. That means, performance increases all around as well.
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  4. Hydragarium

    You're misunderstanding something very basic, Gambles. MMO games are by definition very hard on the CPU - completely ignoring the level of graphical detail possible.

    Is there room for optimization? Yes
    Does this apply to all games to some degree? Yes
    Will performance be better? Probably not overly much - If you think about things like the very reduced draw distance as an example, they are most likely going to "trade" these with increases in the area, giving you a better experience at the same FPS.
  5. TheBloodEagle

    If you look at pre-beta screenshots, everything was much more detailed as well. I think they mentioned before that no affordable consumer PC can run the game at full-potential of the engine currently.
  6. rGlory

    Do not worry, pretty soon it won't be a problem anymore. 10 people that still stay in this "FPS" will render just fine.
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  7. ent|ty

    The problem is not my 8-Core AMD 8120FX? It's not even using them...
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  8. Gambles

    No, I will argue that.

    I play a lot of MMO's, many of them are pretty cpu heavy. It's really the genre, but every single MMO I have played has at least been playable with a 955 @ 3.8. There is a certain standard that it should be at, this game just isn't there. I don't care if they are trying to "future proof" the game, even in that regard the game falls flat because it simply doesn't look that amazing. The whole thing just feels sloppy, not to mention even the best reviews of this game say performance is an issue and directly reference that it is cpu bound. I have even seen people having trouble with i5's! that's completely unacceptable, how long was the beta for this game? look how long it's been out. This is all on top of the fact that they were suppose to be working on the cpu problem. It's not even as if it's efficiently using my cpu, it's at like 25% most of the time when playing, even after un-parking my cores.

    Then they list "general performance fixes" and emphasize "low end gpu's"? This is not what everyone was complaining about. Why isn't the emphasize on "cpu performance" where it should be and what we were promised they would be addressing?

    And it's not like I haven't tried running it on low and highest settings, tweaking the config files, everything. The game simply doesn't run like a release state game. I will wait for the upcoming patch, but you can't try to tell me that this game is anywhere near polished on the performance front, and it looks like this is just the way it's going to be which is sad. What they think 5 years from now they will be able to compete with games that are being developed on hardware that is 5 generations ahead? when the game doesn't even use my 7870's potential now. There has to be some disconnect from reality there for anyone that believes that, what a horrible way to make a game.
  9. Quake

    PS2 is a CPU bound game. Having 6, 8 cores will not help a lick. It's all about how much horsepower you can get out of 2 cores! That is why Intel just crushes AMD which uses more cores to compensate.

    I don't even bother running my second 670gtx anymore with Planetside 2 as it's a waste as the game is cpu ceiling.
  10. Quake

    Actually older Phenom will get better peformance in Planetside 2 cause its core for core faster than the 8120.
  11. Gambles

    I find it hilariously sad that the game uses 2 cores and counts on raw power when they say they wanted to future proof it. When the future is distinctly heading in the generation of more cores and you will start seeing games popping up utilizing this.
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  12. Quake

    All these words and it can be summed up as simply as this : AMD sucks
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  13. Dubious

    The fact that game use 32-bit and directx9...
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  14. LordMondando

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  15. Quake

    almost every game is 32-bit and directx9 is still fast. I'm glad it's 9 cause if it was latest even more players would have issue.
  16. LordMondando

    High end FX chips are having about as many problems as higher end i5's.
  17. Kinigos

    the only thing thats putting of from playing is the fps drop its like a slideshow when a battle is happening.They REALLY need to fix this.Also whoever wrote that from SoE NEEDS too know the gpu isnt the problem,its the cpu and they should focus on that.
  18. Metallicat

    i have a 6 core 1100t black edition at 4ghz.. its not the cpu.. mbe i need 2 more gtx670s.. we'll see.
  19. ent|ty

    Why are you blaming AMD for what the devs didn't optimize for?
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  20. Smaisteri

    I cant remember any patch note which didnt have the line: ''General performance increases''. Still no help ever came.

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