So! The Duster?

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  1. dstock

    Yup, I keep pulling them when I see an enemy footzerg running to a base, and I finally got a copper medal with it on one of my characters, haha.

    Agreed it looks and sounds cool, those are literally the only strong points on this weapon. I keep pulling it, trying different kits and playstyles, and I just get frustrated and pull a Zephyr. I mean, the Bulldog is significantly more effective; Shredder/Bulldog is a better AI loadout than Duster+Anything.

    I can't really complain, though, I bought it knowing full well how terrible it is (I tried it in VR before I heard VR was broken, lol). I just wanted something different, and I hoped that if I bought it and let others try it, they could see how terrible it really is, haha.

    Free Duster rides on Waterson, PM me!
  2. Blackinvictus

    Wow, man that's a hell of a noteworthy accomplishment there! I can't recall even KILLING anyone with it, LOL
  3. PlayerOneSVK

    So when we will get BUFF to DUSTER ?
  4. Burevestnik

    At 8:18 mark. Be amazed. Also bought it with station cash AFTER testing it on another players Liberator.

    My favorite gun in the game right now just because of the gunner trolls i get by putting them in optimal range and position and then listening how they complain when they haven't got a single kill or around 3-5 kills in an hour of flying over infantry concentrations.
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  5. Spectre 694

    I think i got over 20 kills with Duster so far. Mostly from solo Libbing. I run Vektor/Duster/Hyena as solo Liberator build and having lots of fun with it.
  6. DurandaI

    The duster:

    Slowest projectile velocity of any belly gun.
    Lowest damage per hit of any explosive belly gun.
    Smallest blast radius of any explosive belly gun.
    Least accurate of any belly gun.
    Highest ROF of any explosive belly gun.
    Highest Mag size of any explosive belly gun.

    One of these things needs to change, i vote that the duster keeps the lowest damage, bullet velocity, and accuracy, but gains the largest splash radius of any belly gun, that way you can actually use it as intended.
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  7. Blackinvictus

    Great vid!

    Inspired me to drop the shredder for a bit and put on the zephyr, which is starting to turn my gunner from warrior to farmer, so I had better switch back before he gets fat and out of shape on account of it, LOL.
  8. Schwak

    3m internal blast radius would make the gun incredibly fun to use. The main problem is its set up as a 2 hit kill weapon but the spread is so wide and the internal blast is so small your chances of getting 2 hits on the same target are astronomical. It's suppose to be basically a carpet bombing belly gun, why not make it cover an area.
  9. Fangry

    Remove splash on dalton and Zepher, then Duster becomes much more useful
    or people just use shredder...
  10. dstock

    Patch Notes: CoF reduced from 8 degrees to 6.

    No mention of horrendous bloom per shot.

    You know what else had a CoF of 6 degrees? The original implementation of the current Saron, when it was bugged and people screamed bloody murder. That doesn't even account for the gross difference in projectile velocity.

    EDIT: I'm going to go try it, if anyone else wants a shot, PM me.
  11. dstock

    I posted these in General Discussion and the thread got locked, lol.

    Duster Vs Armor

    Duster Vs Air

    Watch the spread of the shells around the Harasser halfway through the first video. I have 1.25x Zoom in the video, I'd guess we're about 50-60m up. The CoF is better, the bloom seems reasonable, but it needs to be tightened up just a bit. The effective engagement range / time needed on target is still too high to be useful. You basically need Thermals, as well.

    I still prefer the Zephyr, unless I want to laugh.

    EDIT: Fixed Links.
  12. Burevestnik

    You fly 50-60 meters off target? Way to high for it to be effective in full auto. Who ever does not full auto does not play duster how it's meant to be played.

    It's also extremely satisfying to do it that way to show your enemy that you're about to kill him and even if the lib dies he couldn't do a single thing to prevent me parking the double barrels as his tophat and magdumping it.
  13. MacavitySWE

    The main problem about the Duster comes down to two things: extremely bad bloom/Cone of fire, and very low splash radius (0.5 metres for a High explosive?).
    I've tried using the thing on maybe 10 occasions, every time my gunner starts complaining about it being horrible, so I had to switch back to Zepher if we're going for infantry. Tap-fire it gets out DPS'd by Zepher/Dalton/Shredder, and spamfire you can't hit a single thing unless you're literally 10 metres above target.

    If it's supposed to be a area-of-denial weapon then it really needs more splash radius, and a little bit better/tighter cone of fire. Doesn't have to be super tight like Zepher/Dalton/Shredder, but at least so you can fully auto fire from at least 100m up and still hit like within 10-20 metres of your center cursor. 3m explosive or even 4m, and a tighter cone of fire would make it viable. The slowness of the projectiles make it pretty easy to get out of harms way anyway. But yeah, this weapon needs to be adjusted, it's not functioning at all.
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  14. DurandaI

  15. Nody

    Only thinking out loud here but what about turning it towards the PS1 BFR VS weapon? You know the burning ground style so claim it's the future version of Napalm with a splash and burning ground. Works as deterrant for infantry and slows down vehicles or something along those lines.
  16. lyravega

    At least it is not TR specific belly gun. That was the initial (and ******) plan. Thank god they aborted early.
  17. Stormsinger

    Zephyr, Dalton, and Shredder rounds go where you point them. Pointing them where you want them to go may be difficult, especially when on the move, but their path is predictable.

    The duster poops high explosives wherever it pleases, and given that "High Explosive" rounds affect an area approximately the size of your average NC's big toe, attempting to use it at it's effective accurate range... you have probably already knocked your target's head off with the duster's barrel. Turn this weapon into a 50 meter long bayonet, and allow the belly gunner to stab things by flailing with his mouse, and the duster will be more effective then it is now.
  18. Runegrace

    The Duster I think needs more power, such as better splash radius or some other buff. In exchange, however, it needs a longer reload. This weapon is clearly supposed to be the carpet-bomber option, so it would make sense if the power of each individual payload was way better than a Zephyr, but then the reload was terrible so hovering above a base just made you a target. Fly over an area, dump the payload, and fly off while the gun reloads. By the time you come back for another pass, the gun has reloaded.

    It'd solidify what this gun is supposed to be doing, giving it a contrast to the Zephyr. You could then run it in a different play style, rather than just wondering if it's better or worse than a Zephyr at the same job.
  19. Blackinvictus

    There is no wondering here, heh. We even tried it fully certed out last weekend JUST to see if maybe it had some hidden application or something we were missing. Nope, that thing is still straight garbage, even with the COF (reduced?)

    Look on the bright side of things though, it has ABSOLUTELY no place to go in its current state but up! :)
  20. dstock

    From 8 to 6. Degrees, unless I'm mistaken. It's absurd, when the Saron was reworked and had a broken CoF, the broken value was 6...

    Seriously, what a joke.