[Vehicle] So, the Corsair

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Baneblade, Jun 23, 2022.

  1. Baneblade

    When I look at the upcoming patrol boat/cutter analog, I can definitely see some potential. The Grunt Cannon is a nice touch, but only if it actually has a decent range. The boat in combat? I'm not that optimistic.

    Sure the dual Basilisk guns will be decent support weapons, and might even be enough to let it fight the other stuff on the water in a relatively fair fight. However, I think the forward deck gun should be replaced with the Lightning's Turrets. Including the Skyguard.

    And that Basilisk turret moved to the aft of the boat. And perhaps the Corsair pilot should also control the main battery (the Lightning turrets)?

    So the Corsair would have a lot of offensive firepower, which offsets its defensive drawbacks. Unless yall plan to give it Colossus level hp and or another defensive trump card? Anything stuck in the water is already going to be at a disadvantage, so lets not underarm it.
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  2. Baneblade

    Given that repairing this thing is not going to be as easy as with ground vehicles, or even air, the Engineer passive repair should apply to the Corsair as well.
  3. FLHuk

    I really want to see a vid of this thing coming up through a CP miles from the wet, insta gibbing everything for 300m....
  4. Crayv

    Personally I just find it funny the thing will have "yeet seats".
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