So subscribed for year, terminated auto-renewal - no SC cash?!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Mehuge, Nov 24, 2012.

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  2. Reaver027

  3. Mehuge

    Indeed thanks, I had considered that option, but its not necessary as SOE are willing and have been willing all along, to offer a full refund and this is in the process of being arranged. But yes, had SOE been more difficult about it thats exactly what I would have done.
  4. LordEddi


    The first thing I was planning on doing after subbing the first day of release, was cancel my sub so I dont get charged once it runs out. But, I got this message, and it really doesnt leave much room for interpretation;

    Are you sure you want to cancel your Membership?

    If you select "Yes", your Membership will be cancelled at the end of your current Membership cycle (when you would normally be charged next).
    You will also immediately forfeit any remaining monthly Station Cash amounts you would normally receive between now and the end of your current Membership cycle.

    Screenshot can be provided, and I am also pretty damn sure that WHEN I ordered it did specificly tell me that the 500 SC was a bonus for leaving the auto sub on, because I got into a discussion about it with some friends. And when checking now, when selecting a membership on one of my throwaways it clearly states it. So while the wording and **** could be better, its still pretty clear. Atleast you have gotten the offer of a full refund by the mod earlier in the thread.
  5. Achmed20

    on the left side it says:
    - 500 Station Cash each month

    edit: nevermind, completly missed the topic XD
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  6. Mehuge

    If you went either of the two routes (probably the two main routes for new subscribers) to purchasing a subscription, as screen shotted on the first page of this thread, nowhere does it mention auto-renew. I went through the process again just to verify it doesn't (at least as far as I could without paying more money).

    The only place that does mention it, and the place where the little speech bubble image is, is if you go to your accounts page manage subscriptions and RENEW (or perhaps if there is not a current subscription you get the option to start one).

    As for the warning on cancellation. Its largely irrelevant. I had to cancel auto-renew to remove my CC details, which was always my intention.

    A few weeks earlier I had looked at the subscription, considered it, saw it was CC only, and decided against it not wanting to give my CC card details to a company with a poor record on keeping things secure.

    Then came some rather long server queues, and being sat in a queue while others in my outfit were away in game, plus having limited time to play, I would rather not spend most of it sat in a queue. So I was persuaded by the queue and the advertising and the promise of 500SC each month as a membership benefit (not bonus, benefit) to risk my credit card details being entered.

    It was always my intention to immediately remove them, I did not want them to be saved. So as soon as I subscribed, I cancelled auto-renew, and removed my credit card details.

    At no point up to the purchase of the subscription was I warned in any way shape or form, that if I wanted the '500 SC membership benefit (not bonus, benefit)' that I would not be able to remove my credit card details.

    You may well have picked the one and only route to subscribing that did warn you. I happened to choose the most obvious one to me at the time, the in game store method.
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  7. Ebon

    Welp, I just subscribed for 6 months and fell in the same trap. That's what lead me here. Went to remove my CC info and only then saw the note about losing access to the 500SC/month. As has been pointed out repeatedly here, no where during the purchase process did it say it was tied to an auto-renewal. Rather it's listed the same as the rest of the membership benefits.

    Now I'm not necessarily going to cancel my sub, but the wording on the main pricing page really needs to be changed.

    1. Go to
    2. Log in
    3. Still on, click Shop > Membership
    4. Resulting pricing page lists the 500SC with the other benefits as described previously. Nothing about special restrictions.
    5. Clicked BUY NOW button for 6-month sub.
    6. Resulting page does note a "Station Cash Granted For Membership Upsell: 500 SC" however it's not clear what that actually means. I thought I might be getting a one-time 500SC bonus or something. This is the only SOE game I've played in years so I wasn't aware of the 500SC auto-renewal bonus.
    7. Finished purchase.
    8. Went to account page to check payment sources and remove CC.
    9. Couldn't remove because it was being used for PS2 sub.
    10. Went to cancel PS2 sub so I could remove the CC as it's already been charged the $71 and some odd cents for the 6-months and only then saw the message about losing the remaining SC.
    11. "What the...seriously?!"
    12. TO THE FORUMS!
    13. Find this thread.
    14. "Yes...seriously."
    15. Post this.
    If nothing else the 500SC line needs to have a * note and some fine print on that page with the pricing and "Membership Benefits."

    They should add a "SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE BENEFITS" type button to the main Planetside2 page. People have to know to subscribe, it should be advertised right there on the front page in BOLD. Marketing is tying up subs, but they're also potentially leaving money on the table.

    I need to check in game values on XP boosters to see if it's more cost effective to just buy the boosters with SC directly or keep my subscription.

    It is nice that they're willing to do a refund. If it were Steam there's a good chance you're be SOL. Don't get me wrong, I love Steam...they're my pusher of choice.

    Sounds like someone needs to talk to Sales & Marketing and get the change to the website approved. Suggestion, give Higby a camera and have him go harass them until it happens. He seems to be good at that.
  8. shamarama

    Shame they haven't seen fit to update the sales page to accurately state what you are getting, and for what. They already have a whole bunch of fine print at the bottom, and wouldn't take much to have a * next to the Station Cash line and explain what you are actually getting.

    In the fine print at the bottom it actually says "If you discontinue your Premium Membership, you will lose membership benefits at the end of your then-current billing cycle unless, within 30 days of ending your membership, you purchase a new membership" ... so if you've paid for 12-month sub then 'end of your current billing cycle' will be 12 months time, at which point you will stop getting the 'membership benefits'. Look at the list of membership benefits and there is plain and clear 500 SC each month. Their wording is very clear, but after 5 days still hasn't been corrected to what they actually mean? Slack.
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  9. Tiny

    Here I was going to sign up for 12 months, nevermind! I'll keep it :>
  10. Sir Lemming

    So actually I paid for some XP boost and prio login.
    I thought 500SC is normal benefit for a Subscription (giving some in-game-shop-cash as a natural benefit is not an unknown stuff btw in other games, helps keeping the players and encourages further cash buys).
    And yes, I'm not interested in the fact that All Other SOE stuff gives that only for recurring subs. Thought its a sign of dedication to have subbed ppl and some sort of positive evolution in the process of becoming a more user/player friendly company...
    I was wrong. Another disappointment.
  11. Freyar

    Lemming.. you didn't make sense.
  12. Sir Lemming

    Which part is not clear?
  13. Freyar

    Must have been tired.. makes sense now, just in an obscured way.
  14. DirkDeadeye

    This is BS.

    I don't care what the wording says, the guy paid 100 bucks. (rounded) in good faith for a years worth of service. In one lump sum, up front. Which is generally always very desirable. Get the maximum ring you can as soon as you can. Especially when the game launches. There needs to be a return on investment.

    He should get the 11 months worth of "sc cash", there is literally no need for a re-accruing payment schedule with a yearly plan. That's a large lump sum, and he should have the freedom to make the decision to re-up once again, reminded of course through registered email that his time is soon to lapse.

    I don't care what the wording says. It's still ridiculous, that incentive is obviously geared towards those who aren't convinced enough to make that up front investment and are kept on a more manageable monthly, quarterly, or half yearly plan.

    I understand the CSR's have no authority other than rephrase the letter of the policy, but I think what should be learned here is there needs to be a little more care and understanding as to how these payment plans are set up.

    Especially for this particular model..since I'd say in 6 months the benefit of the subscription won't really mean anything.

    Also might I add in the Left pane of

    the 500SC/mo is touted as a membership benefit.

    What defines memebership? Being within the window you've paid for? Or having the re-accruing charges?

    I like the weather in California. You need a PR guy? God damn.
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  15. DirkDeadeye

    oh and stating the freakin' obvious here from the T&C from the purchase page.

    If you discontinue your Premium Membership, you will lose membership benefits at the end of your then-current billing cycle unless, within 30 days of ending your membership, you purchase a new membership. If you purchase a new membership more than 30 days after ending your current membership, you will return as a member at the lowest applicable percentage tier.

    I don't have a JD, but that's pretty cut and dry in my eyes as to his billing cycle is 11 months. So he should get the cash.
  16. mendota

    I take it you've never done the books for a company? People from states without sales tax are in almost every case exempt from the local sales tax. And technically, it goes the other way too. If you're from a district with sales tax and you shop outside your tax area, the merchant is supposed to wire the sales tax back to your state.

    It sounds like in the story you've got there, the customer was probably in the right, and the clerk in the wrong.

    But honestly, it's usually best to just assume that the purchase they're making falls under the tax-free category to cut down on your own B&O taxes, assuming the customer can prove residence with a driver's license or something.
  17. Schisist

    Like i said, if these creatures in the F2P business had their way, we would all be bolted to our chairs with our credit cards hooked to their accounts until we die or go bankrupt.

    They don't care about you kids, F2P isn't for you. They want every cent you're worth then you can go die for all they care. Money makers take over, this is what you get.
  18. AbortedMan

    Taken right from the PS2 Store membership page text on the bottom:

    If you discontinue your Premium Membership, you will lose membership benefits at the end of your then-current billing cycle unless, within 30 days of ending your membership, you purchase a new membership.

    Monthly 500 SC is listed as a membership benefit.

    SOE, give the guy (and everyone else that does this) his monthly 500 SC welfare check.
  19. Goden

    SOE really needs to drop their horrific predatory business practices. I've spent $40 on this game (so that's about the same as a standard release for any other game) and I still feel like I didn't get very much. At $7 a gun for anything that is actually worth your time the money disappears very quickly. Compound this with the fact that your purchases are bound to your character - NOT your account. Meaning you have to re-buy everything if you want to make another character.

    Would it really hurt that much if you loosened up a little, SOE? I can't justify spending any more money on this game because it doesn't go anywhere.
  20. TheBloodEagle

    Only read the first page but you're much better off just getting the one month plan with auto-renewal I believe, then you get the 500. I don't think I'd want to straight up sign up for 12 months personally. I don't know where PS2 is heading, know what I mean. I can't believe how greedy they are though. The amount everything costs is so artificial & predatory.
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