So subscribed for year, terminated auto-renewal - no SC cash?!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Mehuge, Nov 24, 2012.

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  1. Lankey

    I don't see why they cant do what another mmo I played that went F2P did for subscribers. You would receive bonus points at the end of every month you were subscribed regardless if its on auto renewal.
  2. somerandom18

    wow this sucks... I spent a bunch of my alpha squad station cash based on thinking I would get 500 each month for 3 months (my sub time)... Now I'm effectively down 1500 sc that I could have spent on better ****. Whatever it doesn't mean soe will be getting my money any sooner.

    I'll just make sure to cancel the day before my sub runs out next time. Problem solved.
  3. HvcTerr

    IMO this is the crucial part here. I'm pretty sure every customer understood the promise as:

    "You get 500SC in each consecutive month your purchase, as a reward for being a consistent customer."

    And in this case, he did! He purchased 11 consecutive months, not zero. Conversely, I'm also sure nobody (at least, no customer) interpreted SOEs marketing as:

    "You get 500SC in each consecutive month that you leave automatic-renewals enabled, as a reward for allowing us to charge you without your direct involvement in the future."

    As others have pointed out, he should at least get the same benefits as if he left auto-pay enabled until within the 12th month.
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  4. somerandom18

    yea like sub for 3 months get 500 every 3 months does soe really want to attempt to squeeze money out of us like that and try to get ppl to pay monthly? I hope not...
  5. G1n

    and you were given an honest explanation as well as an offer to refund your money.
  6. FireKetchup

    I hope they're as generous when other people realize in a few months that they didn't get their monthly SC. I sort of doubt that though, given how slimy it is in the first place to have a HIDDEN condition that states the 12 consecutive months you just bought don't actually count as being consecutive.

    This is false advertising, pure and simple.
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  7. somerandom18

    I personally don't think this warrants a refund.

    But hey I'm not a overreacting derp like most "QQ refund now" people.
  8. RichBits

    Honestly I think this is such an evil tactic by SOE billing. They're preying on people who forget to cancel their sub during the last month and to do so they'll dribble out 500 SC each month. What they should have done was just give a lump sum of SC for membership and then let you cancel anytime. They certainly has made me VERY wary of whatever they try to do. Their billing/marketing team is obviously not trustworthy.
  9. Urban_Scorp

    People argue that there are "shades of grey" instead of black and white morality-wise, but everything that displeases them tends to be labeled evil. Can't be the result of someone screwing up the webpage. Nope, gotta be a grand evil conspiracy to milk you you were paying in the first place.

    A refund was offered because there was an error on the page. If they were truly evil there'd be none on offer. No need for everyone to lose their minds.
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  10. somerandom18

    Have you read the mechwarrior online forums? They are rather entertaining.
  11. MaxDamage

    I had no idea this reward was for renewing subscriptions only either.
    I have no problem with this idea as an incentive to auto renew, but in this particular case it looks super shady.
    I too usually unsubscribe after subscribing, then hop back in if I'm still enjoying the game when it runs out.

    I suppose with PS2, you are still able to play, and less likely to notice.

    Glad this was brought up and dealt with. Thanks for posting this.
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  12. Urban_Scorp

    Nope. Honestly I kinda forgot that was a thing.

    Although I did talk with a Radio Shack clerk a day ago who had an interesting story about a lady from Georgia who got all bent out of shape because she was going to be charged the Alabama sales tax for purchasing an item in the store which just so happens to be located in Alabama. "But I'm from Georgia!" She protested and said, "I didn't know about any Alabama sales tax." She threatened to call pretty much every authority she could name and then swore she'd never buy from Radio Shack again.

    Now some might be tempted to go on about southerners and rednecks but to be honest these people are everywhere. The perpetually aggrieved. The slightest slight enrages them because they already had their beliefs and a haze of anger clouding their vision, they just needed the smallest excuse...a little verification no matter how questionable to feel justified in letting loose.
  13. Mehuge

    Which is what I have asked for in the support ticket I raised today having weighed up my options, and having tried to re-add CC details to re-activate auto-renew, narrowly escaped being charged another $120 in the process and decided that paying 10$ per month for an XP boost is a waste of money.

    Although that is not really the point. The point is I was sold one thing and given another. I pay for what was described as a bugatti vayron and they deliver a mini (ok so thats possibly a bit of an extreme example). They have not corrected the website yet, I doubt they have corrected the in-game page yet either.

    And at the end of it all, I still question what the original intent was - I don't think if the intent was that it was a bonus for auto-renew, that it would have been described as each month and as a membership benefit in the first place, it would have been described as a bonus from the outset.

    Either way, SOE has screwed up, and I await my refund.
  14. Gary

    I think people are over looking the issue. Its not the fact he is annoyed by Auto renewel.... Its the fact that nowhere on the membership page or the Store mention anything about you only getting the station cash if you left auto renewal on. Its not even like they lost out on money. He payed up front he isnt getting charged monthly but SOE insist he wont get anything due to the fact he canceled to remove he details and was not informed until he did so that he would not recieve the station cash.

    Has the page even been edited yet to show that you have to leave auto renewal on... last i checked no. Same for the sticky by a member of the team last i check it said "500 station cash for each month purchased" Not "500 station cash for each month if you keep auto renewal active" And that is a simple thread which will take a simple edit to fix.

    Sony must be holding out to catch more people in this trap... Disgraceful practice and unacceptable by any standards Misleading information and flat out leaving information out in order to boost sales.
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  15. Hyena Grin

    I think a better way to encourage longer memberships is to give extra SC for longer membership intervals, rather than worrying about auto-renewal... if monthly gets 500sc per month, 3-months gets 600, 6 months gets 700, and 12 months gets 800, or something like that, it'd encourage people to subscribe for longer times. Who cares if someone is on auto-renewal if they've paid up twelve months in advance. That is twelve months of auto-renewal.

    It just seems very shortsighted.
  16. Mattressi

    Wow, just saw this thread and that's absolutely horrible! Ignoring that it's illegal for them to pull that crap in my country, Australia, it will also lose them customers and what little customer faith SOE has left.

    Seriously, if you very clearly advertise something as one thing, but sell another, you can be fined and forced to pay the aggrieved. I don't know if there's this kind of consumer law elsewhere, though. It's just plain dishonest: it's not ambiguously worded - it very clearly states that you get 500 SC per month as a membership benefit!

    I was heavily considering buying some SC, but there is no way I will have dealings with a company this dishonest, out of protest and also out of fear that there are these illegal, hidden (as in - in no way viewable to the public) T&C. Offering a refund is not the solution - the solution is offering what your bloody page says the customer is paying for!
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  17. Phaze

    I know you have nothing to do with the rules - but that's pretty rotten and tacky move by SOE.

    A lot of people want to set their subscription to 'cancel' so they don't accidentally get charged again - in case they happen to forget a year/6 months/whatever from now... so SOE hopes to steal "oops" subscriptions down the road by offering the 500 SC as an "incentive?"

    It's a really cheap ploy and speaks poorly of the company.

    Let your game do the talking. If it's good and supported well - people won't forget to re-subscribe.
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  18. Mehuge

    Support are refunding my subscription (which they have offered to do all along I should point out - but I wanted to weigh up my options and also hopefully get some kind of clarification). I still really don't have full clarification except they are adamant that the recurring requirement is correct, and those two purchasing routes need amending to clarify.

    It dawned on me reading the support response I got, that the 'each month' phrase perhaps refers to the multi-month subscriptions and means you get 500 sc 'each month auto-renew remains enabled'. On its own however, it can be taken to mean 'for each month of subscription purchased' which is what I and others have taken it to mean.

    It is certainly unclear, and definitely needs clarification on those pages, and for that reason alone, I think this thread was justified.

    I personally don't want to be required to keep auto-renew enabled, so won't be re-subscribing. That is my personal choice.
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  19. Mehuge

    @mods - Why did this thread get moved out of Account and Billing support forum into here?
  20. Lynart

    Suggestion for the OP: chargeback your CC.
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