So subscribed for year, terminated auto-renewal - no SC cash?!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Mehuge, Nov 24, 2012.

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  1. Mehuge

    Thats overlooking the fact that its clearly sold as a membership benefit, not as a bonus for auto-renewal.

    The *only* place that auto-renew is mentioned that I could find, is if you go and try and renew and existing subscription. On neither the website buy page or the in game buy page does it in anyway suggest that its dependant on auto-renewal.
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  2. Ryloxx

    It's sad I just randomly go through the forums every day and find something that makes me sick. Yesterday it was the fact I bought a 7 day 50% XP boost only to find AFTER the fact that when you swap out the Alpha Squad boost it goes poof. (Haven't swapped it out yet I'm scared lol)

    This is theft, no other way you can cut it really. I don't know why people would be surprised, they did the same thing with Alpha Squad. They pretty their 'advertisement' up, and put the fine print on some other random page. When you question it, you are made to feel stupid because you 'didn't read the fine print'. (In this case you didn't read one of the 3-4 separate version of this? lol)

    If you buy a year, why should you need a recurring sub. Basically, all this seems to be doing is preying on the forgetful person who doesn't cancel their sub before they get billed again? Not really sure what the point is. If it's to stop people from getting one month whenever they feel like it, then don't give them the SC until the sub actually recurs.
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  3. Jestunhi

    Whats left unclear?

    1. Website needs to be reworded to be clearer as it differs depending on which page you view. SoE has agreed this needs to be fixed.

    2. If you want a refund, you can have one.

    3. If you put your details back in, you can regain the auto-renewal benefit.

    What more do you expect, them to change how the SoE billing system works (which they have explained in this thread is the same across multiple games) because you don't like it?
  4. Binkus

    this is disgraceful you have paid for 12 months upfront, then you get 12 months full benefit

    i guess their ultimate plan here is hopefully you will forget to cancel in 12 months time and bing! they have made extra cash..... which is what i would actually put my money on being the reason it is done like this
  5. Dornez

    Don't care what the website says, demanding a credit card be on file after someone paid for an entire year is asinine, give the man his SC and quit looking like greedy jerks.
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  6. ReaperOne1Two2

    Marketing tactic to increase the amount of money to be gained by people who forget to remove details before the recur date, nothing wrong here just a bit sleazy. But yes they need to fix that wording since it is wrong.
  7. Jestunhi

    I'm sorry, who demanded this?

    Giving someone a reward for doing something is not the same as forcing everyone to do it.

    Get a grip.


    This whole thread is about someone who did not leave their CC details on file, so it's clear you are not required to do so.
  8. Freyar

    Yet he's not getting his SC because he removed it.
  9. Jestunhi

    That's right.

    He's not getting the SC which is given to people who have an auto-renew subscription setup.

    This has been clarified multiple times in this thread. He has been offered a full refund or the SC if he sets up an auto-renewal again. It has also been stated that the wording will be updated to better reflect the reality.


    If I get air miles for buying on my credit card but nothing for buying on my debit card I am in no way "required" to use my credit card.

    In the same way, if you get benefits for being a subscriber and an additional benefit from retaining an auto-renewing sub I am in no way "required" to auto-renew.
  10. Freyar

    Still doesn't mean we have to like it, you know. For the reasons outlined before, there's sufficient merit to not disqualify someone based on whether or not the card details are there.
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  11. RoosterNE

    Sure they offered to fix it for the OP, but this is going to be an issue for many people who might not be frequenting the forums here. The point is that while it may not have been intentional, the sign-up page is clearly a bait-and-switch and needs to be remedied immediately and all users who signed up under the false advertising be given exactly what was advertised.

    Kudos for offering to refund OP... but this likely impacted a good number of folks that will have no idea they won't be getting their 500 SC per month.
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  12. Jestunhi

    I don't think anyone's claiming the buy / membership pages should stay as they are.
  13. Trinith

    Come on folks, the guy signed up for a year. If that's not worthy of the subscription bonus, I don't know what is. Consider also that had he left auto-renewal on and just cancelled the day before his subscription ran up, he'd have gotten the bonus.

    Any rational person should agree that it's pretty unreasonable to not get the bonus for cancelling right away.
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  14. Jestunhi

    He can have the SC if he signs back up to a auto-renewal scheme.

    If he's concerned about the card details why not get a pre-paid debit or setup an credit card for things like this where you will never *need* the rest of the available credit. That way if fraud occurs it's not an issue to wait for it to be refunded by your bank, because it's not money you were going to spend on anything.
  15. Otleaz

    Plain and simple, this is slimy.

    These people don't deserve any money.
  16. Crator

    SOE never tested the SC transactions system against the playerbase in beta. So no one knew what to expect. The way they built the in-game limitations to cosmetics and items you can equip is NOT spelled out to the buyer at time of purchase. And the resource system that is suppose to net SOE profit via resource boosts hinders good game-play. Too many money grabs going on here! Whether it was intentional or not. They need to listen to people on this or everyone is just going to walk away from the game and hate SOE for a long time, again.
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  17. Mehuge

    Like I said in my most recent post, no 3 is not possible, I have tried it. I will get billed another $120 if I go ahead with it.

    What I expect to get is is what I was sold, which is 500SC each month. Without that, subscription is overpriced massively. I have already asked for the following in a support ticket:-

    6000SC (over 12 months)
    Refund for cost of 6000SC
    or full refund and cancelled subscription.

    If its the latter, then SOE just lost another subs. It's a **** way to treat someone who is willing to pay up front for 12 months subscription. Certainly not the way to keep subscribers.

    Anyone else think the XP boost, early access and priority queue alone (without the SC) is worth 10-15$ per month? Because I certainly don't.
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  18. FireKetchup

    This is disgusting. I've already put $100 into the game (glad I haven't canceled auto-renewal yet I guess...), but hell if I'll spend any more if this isn't fixed.

    Absolutely disgraceful.
  19. Mehuge

    And there-in lies the crux of the issue.

    I was sold 500 SC EACH MONTH as a membership benefit NOT as a bonus for having auto-renewal.
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  20. Vellsi

    The intent to reward renewed subscription is to give monthly subscribers a reason to subscribe for another consecutive month without cancelling to squeeze more money out of them and avoid losing them to another game.
    Someone who invests into an entire year gives a huge financial advantage (after all he might stop playing but then has already paid for the time). This should not get penalized and I bet the pricing guy who came up with it would not approve of the tie-in to saving credit card details either. It's merely sloppy coding by the one who implemented it and needs to get addressed. ._.
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