So subscribed for year, terminated auto-renewal - no SC cash?!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Mehuge, Nov 24, 2012.

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  1. Mehuge

    So I have pre-paid 12 months, and because I don't want my credit card details held by your company I had to terminate auto-renewal in order to remove credit card details.

    So as thanks for my support in your game and for subscribing for 12 months in advance, I loose the 500SC cash per month.

    WTF is that ****

    "In addition, and with immediate effect, you will no longer receive SC500 per month (granted for remaining on an auto-renew plan).
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  2. Clarkeh

    This must be your first encounter with SOE billing?
  3. GoldmanSachs

  4. Cyridius

    Was the 500SC part of the T&C of the subscription regardless of auto renewal?

    If so, what they've just done is illegal.
    Otherwise, you should've read the fine print.
  5. Kediec

    No , the 500 SC is a bonus incentive for remaining on a recurring subscription .

    It even has this on the subcription page :-

  6. Mansen

    Another case of people not reading what they are agreeing to when purchasing a service. SOE is obviously not at fault here.
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  7. Mehuge

    No where on that I can see does it indicate the 500SC is on condition of having auto-renewal enabled.

    "500 Station Cash each month" - no mention of auto-renewal being required.

    Plus, disabling auto-renewal is a requirement if you want to remove credit card details.

    Yes ofc if I don't auto-renew a monthly subscription I don't expect to keep getting 500SC but in the case of a 1 year subscription, I should at least get 11 months worth.
  8. Kediec

    As i showed , it clearly shows it on the page where i chose subscription duration . Also , Auto Renewal means a recurring bill . Buying a 1 year chunk of time doesn't = a recurring bill , your just buying a larger time chunk in 1 go .
    Your added bonus for getting the larger plan is that the XP boost is given in full upfront . The SC is a bonus incentive to remain on active billing .
    I myself am on a 6 month plan , but i have left it on a recurring plan simply for the 500SC , because i gathered when reading it , i would lose that bonus if i set my account to cancel at the end of the purchased period .

    I would advise putting in a support ticket though if you want to question them about it . All i'm doing is saying the info i see myself .
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  9. XaTriX

    You haven't lost anything. You will get 500 smedbux every month for the next year.
  10. Mehuge

    I have now posted a support ticket. Because at best, its unclear and misleading - either in the text on the buy page (and the website gives different info than the in game buy page it seems) or it may be the email that I got about termination that is misleading.
  11. Yohimbine

    I just found out the same thing. I hate having my credit info stored by companies. IE playstation 3 info stolen. So I did the 3 month went to cancel to renew later and the option is to lose the benefits. This is BS. I dont want my credit info stored that is my right. But SOE does not care. Why did I give them another chance.
  12. TSR AlexS Customer Service

    Kediac hit the nail on the head about this. The 500 recurring station cash is an incentive to recurring accounts. You are welcome to cancel and remove your payment source but you will lose out on the this reward. I hope this clears everything up.
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  13. Mehuge

    No it doesn't clear it up in the slightest.

    1. Where did it say on the page I linked that this was the case? -- it doesn't mention it
    2. I pre-paid 12 months, that 11 months recurring - pre-paid --- will I get the station cash for those months?!
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  14. TSR AlexS Customer Service

    [IMG]This rate will auto-renew (and be charged to your credit card) with your scheduled billing
    (This can be found on the website)
    ^ It displays this when you're selecting a membership plan. Auto-renew means your card will set to recur after the subscription time ends.
    You can create a billing support ticket so we can look over your account to give you an exact answer whether it is eligible for the monthly station cash.
  15. Datrucane

    Still feels pretty cheap to me. Trying to make money out of people forgetting to cancel their subs is hardly what I would call a serious business venture but maybe that's just me
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  16. Mehuge

    Where? Where ON does it show that? ? ?


    I am just not seeing it.

    Select membership plan, click buy now, your asked for payment details -- not one mention that its only with an auto-renew plan. Not one.

    It says, and I quote: "500 Station cash EACH MONTH"

    That does not equate to, only if set to auto-renew - by any stretch of anyone's imagination.
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  17. TSR AlexS Customer Service

    Mehuge, after reviewing the Planetside 2 website, the wording could use a revamp so I've gone ahead and escalated this to the appropriate department. However, this does not change the fact that all our other websites ,including the site, states that the monthly station cash is a benefit to recurring memberships. This is the same for every game we have. I'll be more than happy to offer you a refund if you like (You will just need to submit a billing support ticket and pm me your reference number). You also have the ability to set your account to recur again to receive the 500 monthly station cash benefit as well. Thanks again!
  18. Mehuge

    The problem also exists for the in game membership screen, the wording is misleading

    Quote: "500SC every month"

    This to me means: for every month purchased - so for 12 months that should mean 6000 SC in total (awarded as 500 SC each month)

    Anyway, I will consider my options, though I feel that I should not have been mislead in the first place, the offer of a refund is appreciated. Thanks

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  19. TSR AlexS Customer Service

    Again, the 500 station cash will indeed be granted monthly as long as you are set to recur. If you create a ticket, I'll be happy to assist you personally if you pm me your ticket reference number.
  20. rts

    Hopefully you guys are able to work this out and the guy gets his SC.
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