So, scout rifles?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by sosolidshoe, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. sosolidshoe

    Yeah, what's the deal with these? They took away my Precious, the Nova, and smedders says I should be happy with the scout rifles, but I don't want to fork over my Alpha Squad SCs(which I bought specifically so I could get the bloody Nova on release, a day later they removed that option :mad: ) on a lemon. I'll be playing VS by the way.
  2. xenoneo

    The Artemis is the VS automatic scout rifle for infiltrator.
    The others are a semi-auto and bolt action version with close range scopes.
    I only tried the ghost and it's terrible imho.
    The Artemis has a small clip, but it's the only good one afaik.
  3. Sentnl

    ^ This is not my video.
  4. StormFrog

    As of the end of the beta the Scout Rifles did 143 damage per bullet and fired at 650 rpm. So, you can kill someone you get the jump on but you won't win an equal firefight with most of the other classes.
  5. HvcTerr

    Based on my pre-launch experiences:
    • Artemis: Full auto, 20 shots, fairly carbine-like, feels like it needs most of the magazine to kill people, so best used against single unaware opponents. The closest you can get to older shotgun gameplay.
    • Nyx: Semi-auto, 10 shots, basically a VA39 with different scope choices and slightly different recoil/spread mechanics for followup shots.
  6. sosolidshoe

    OK thanks guys, looks like the Artemis will be tolerable. I still think it's a shame they removed the Nova though(and judging how ******** smedders sounded when I brought it up on his twitter, we at least know -why- they removed it :p).
  7. Highway_Star

    I see classes other than the infiltrator using these sniper-type weapons. Am I missing something? I can't see them in the shop list.
  8. Fafnir

    Scout rifles are for infiltrators, battle rifles are for other classes.
  9. Highway_Star

    Got any TR examples of battle rifles?
  10. Fafnir

    Each faction has only one, we have AMR-66.
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  11. katuy

    One thing to note is you can flip a lot of the autos to semi auto mode. I can counter snipe somewhat effectivly with my engineer. I flip it to single fire and with my 3.4 power scope its accurate at long range as long as you are not rocking and rolling with it.
  12. Highway_Star

    Thank you. That's the exact gun I was looking for. :)

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