So PS2 on PS4, kinda feeling left out.

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  1. Tofucheese

    Been playing the game and liking it so far. But watching tutorials trying to get better and noticing all the cool systems (implants, construction, etc.) that PC has, and PS4 is obviously far behind.

    I checked the update frequency of PS4, and it's pretty sporadic. How or where do I find info on future updates, or is the PS4 remaining in this state for a while?

    Kinda feel like the Devs gave up on PS4 version.
  2. XanIves

    Would you prefer to have all the stuff we have, on the same day we get it, but only run at 15 fps?

    The devs have stated innumerable times that the construction system cannot impact performance when it goes live on PS4, so they're doing a huge number of performance passes on it right now, after which it will be rolled out for admins on PS4 to drop fortifications on LIVE servers to measure the impact, followed by it going LIVE for everyone if all goes well.

    The entire Implant System is getting overhauled right now, so I would presume that PS4 is getting Implants when they update them, as it'd be kinda dumb to implement them now, only to completely change the mechanics a month later.

    Watch Wrel's Auraxium Update videos on youtube if you want updates on what's coming down the pipeline for both versions.
  3. Tofucheese

    Appreciate the response, and wrel is actually who I'm getting my tutorials from, but my focus of topic was mostly the case of updates on ps4 being so randomized. A PS4 update hasn't been released since March. No info is put out on future updates (at least nothing I can find) except from wrel (as we've agreed).

    I'm looking for plans and notes from devs. They want the PS2 community to thrive on PS4, but are not releasing info for people who want to be fans of this game (myself) to look forward to.

    I've read that the implant system is being reworked on PC, I get it. I understand that the construction system is new. All I'm asking for is the Devs to release future update info for console fans.
  4. Valthis78

    PS4 updates have to be approved by Sony before they are allowed so thats one reason they are slower. On the other hand the updates are generally larger than PC updates. You have to remember PS2 was on PC for 3 years prior to PS4 so its alot to get caught up. There was an update submitted to Sony a couple days ago that should be approved soon. Also look at reddit, more info on updates etc there.
  5. Sinful Raevyn

  6. Tofucheese

    Reddit, didn't think of that. Not being sarcastic at all, I usually don't like to trust what's spoken on Reddit so I tend to avoid it for info and news, but with nothing else to go off of, good idea. Thanks.
  7. DreTheProphet

    I was playing since the beta and then a ton once the game was released on the PS4. I recently came back to it, and I am loving all of the changes. Now I can't turn it off. I've always said this game was the one that took the place of MAG for me. I'm still running around solo on VS and having a blast, but thinking I should join up with a clan sometime soon. Looking forward to when this update drops.
  8. Badname707

    This may surprise you, but the official forums rarely see any dev interaction. If you're looking for information from devs, reddit is the place to go.
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  9. Jawarisin

    go there: