So, Phoenix now one-shots ESF as well as infantry. Why?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by St0mpy, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. St0mpy

    Giving one side a launcher which can scout deployed sunderers up to 450m around any NC base is one thing.

    Giving one side a launcher fireable from safe cover which can 1sk infantry 250m away is another.

    Buffing it so the missile is easier to bend, travels longer and can still be dumbfired is another

    But now its buffed so it one shot kills all ESF too? WTH SOE? Didnt this thing have enough accolades already? Why not add some more? Hey lets pretend we nerf it with slower speed so we can give it something even more OP, 1 shot kill on ESF now too.

    And dont start going on about how the Striker can shoot air and you cant, striker has a long lock, a full salvo of 5 only hits for 1.6x a SKEP missile and certainly can NOT 1sk (or 1 salvokill) an ESF, not even close.

    I expect to hear crys of how hard done by you are with a slow missile and you cant catch ESF in full flight, aww poor things, any ESF you do catch up with, or ones flying overhead, BOOM, One shot, no chance.

    As if the thing wasnt already OP enough. What right does any side have to 1sk anything, never mind with a weapon that has so many additional uses.

    Well ive said it before, for me this games now about VS vs TR, am not interested in engaging with NC outside of biolabs (at least the OP maxes arent that OP). So keep your OP Phoenix, carry on making lots of threads crying about how it should be stronger, faster, longer. Already it kills ESF in 1, MBT/Lighning rear in 2, seems you want it to be good at everything with the rest locked down and limited. Well have it, fight on your own with it.
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  2. Stormlight666

    Any ESF that can be hit by a Phoenix deserves to die, 'nuff said.

    Sorry if your cries because you're hover-spamming infantry and get hit by one bring you to the forums to gripe about it. Maybe spend the time and learn how to fly.
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  3. Goodnight

    Wrong.... it's max flight is 300m.

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  4. Bill Hicks

    Sounds like someone rocket podded too long OOOPS!
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  5. Vendettta

    Welcome to Phoenixside 2 bro. Find the nearest base and hide inside, its your only hope.
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  6. St0mpy

    Your viewport sees _at least_ 150m ahead of the camera, thus the visible scouting range of the platform is at least 300m+150m.

    Ive got about 10 pod kills in all my flying here, and I fly quite a bit, almost every time I log in since beta, your point?
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  7. HadesR

    Thing is though most of us know it needs balancing .. but do you expect people to put it away and not use it until it is ?
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  8. ChaosRender

    Never understood how people say they scout with a phoenix, you looking thru a sniper's scope doing 100+ meters a second. Heck you cant hit most things unless you know they are there before you shoot the rocket.
  9. Beartornado

    If your Sunderer is still visible just by looking 150m further in a singular direction without any view behind obstacles or structures that are within that 150m range then it was already spotted long before that Phoenix rocket saw it.
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  10. Ashtarid

    The problem is that people can't expect ANYTHING anymore, the supposed 'nerf' for it atm isn't even really a nerf and worst of all is that this is a pattern, the rest of us non-nc players are just waiting for the next nc-bias weapon to come out and we go through this whole charade again. While the phoenix isn't fixed and most likely never will be, turning the guided rocket into NV and buffing air dmg IS NOT a nerf.

    Of course NC should use it, it's a OP weapon. The problem is WHY the devs feel the necessity to be so biased, when they can create balance between TR and VS yet still insist on favoring NC so blatantly at every turn.
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  11. FigM

    As ESF pilot, I'd be fine with these missiles if they actually cost resources, at least 20

    But since these missiles are completely free and spammable, something has to change. Either they shouldn't be that powerful, or they should cost something
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  12. HadesR

    They should sit somewhere in the damage range of less than a dumbfire > more than a lock on ..

    I think the damage was a bout right before the patch , and would have rather had increase speed ( not less ) or a turbo button ( more speed / less range ) for purposely going after Aircraft
  13. doombro

    If you got hit by a phoenix in the fastest vehicle in the game, then you're just plain bad.

    Nuff said.
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  14. Mxiter

    The problem isn't the ESF ohk, it's the infrantry OHK.
  15. XDDante

    sure why don't we make everything to cost certs huh???that be better for you???
  16. Mxiter

    ESF will soon be glass canons when all ESLR will be balanced and pilots won't just having nice time anymore. Damages are fine in this way.
    It needn't a nerf if in a month every pilots will crying to be useless...
  17. Bankrotas

    Can't say it was right against flashes though :/ Do believe AV damage wasn't changed, but AA damage was. Anyway, as I understood, they're implementing small patches to stuff atm instead of straight nerfing something.
    Do hope PTR is up soon, so they could do that there instead of livefiring in here.
  18. Gruntilda

    You expect any less from SoE, and them to nerf Higby's Conglomerate?
  19. Mxiter

    Maybe because the phoenix can see beind obstacles :rolleyes:
  20. Czuuk

    Because if you manage to hit an ESF you deserve the kill.
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