So NSO still sucks.

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  1. Liewec123

    With the holiday season upon us i decided to get a single month sub, for old time sake,
    so i've been playing some NSO to try out defector and javelin.
    long story short, NSO still sucks.

    not only are you forced to play the losing faction,
    but you only have access to NS gear, which for the most part is weak.

    heavy assault for example starts with a Naginata and no attachments,
    while an NC heavy would start with a vastly superior Gauss saw, complete with attachments.

    200 nanites for an inferior flash, if you save up the hefty 1000 certs to buy the only weapon
    you won't find yourself killing anything with it, it has a long reload, slow wide spread projectiles and very weak damage.
    plus Javelin doesn't even seem to be able to roadkill, i thought i might have atleast been able to kill that way, nope.
    it has no animations or customization,
    the first person driving animation is flash handlebars (which javelin doesn't have) magically moving with no arms...
    c'mon DBG this is what PTS is for, finish developing things before you throw them to live!
    i will say it is fun to drive, but that is all, no combat functionality whatsoever, and 4x the price of a flash.

    the aoe is nice, as is having the infinite ammo heat mechanic, but the cooldown is waaaaay too long,
    Defector also feels like it is made of paper, seriously squishy.
    a standard infantry will spray you with a weak carbine/smg
    and you'll lose half of your health while they dodge your sloooow grenades.
    as with Javelin there is no customization here either, and also has animation bugs (no melee for example.)

    overall it feels quite frustrating to play NSO,
    Javelin and Defector feel like they have been released FAR too early.
    and i'm still of the mindset that there is no reason to play NSO instead of the regular factions and plenty of reasons not too.
  2. OneShadowWarrior

    As Wrel said “it’s a work in progress”.

    NSO needs several weapons for each class, their own ESF and MBT, they are short of scout/battlerifle, no pump action shotgun, heavy weapon (thumper is junk)lackluster auraxium weapon choices to aspire to, not enough cosmetic choices for helmets or armor, let alone vehicle aesthetics and lackluster max suit options.

    However the Hoverbike is the best thing they brought over from Arena and the Sniper rifle with the right attachments is versatile, it just needs the bolt action driver attachment in trade for sway.

    I am in conflict if I ever ASP, taking a shotgun as secondary for engineer and smg secondary for light assault is about it.
  3. Ballto21

    maybe dont play crutch assault and you might get a decent stock weapon
  4. YellowJacketXV

    Wrel just needs to swallow his whatever and make it so the Javelin has weaponry. The Javelin can be the NSO version of a special land vehicle (such as MBT's for the other three factions). NSO is already a small faction, so they would focus even harder on irregular tactics in order to stay competitive. I know he's afraid of making things too fast paced (for some odd, unknown reason even though Planetside is already a pretty fast-paced game as you can die in half a second) but it fits the faction very, very well.

    And I will say for 1000 certs for that silliness on the Javelin is absolutely unnecessary. The weapon is honestly just bad. Even more so that I heard rumble passengers can't aim forward for some reason. This means you have to get super close with a fragile vehicle that can't stealth if you wish to do some counter-armor which honestly the only thing going for them is their speed and maneuverability.

    Just give them the ability to host weapons, it's bad enough that the pilots are 100% exposed they also have to dump 50 more nanites on the Javelin than the Harasser (to which the Harasser still fulfills EVERY role in the game, really has no downsides, AND does a lot of damage...).

    In short, make the Javelin a hovering fast-attack bike. It sincerely cannot out-compete a wolf-pack of Harassers.

    ((Edit: Sorry for the enormous text but I cannot stress how absolutely schizophrenic it is to say that you don't want things fast paced but have ambush LA's with C4/Pump-actions, and Harassers doing their deal))
  5. iller

    Javelin would be bullsh** if allowed to Roadkill
    But the Flash being a 1-hit roadkill is already bullsh**
    ... so I dunno what my complaint/compromise here should look like...

    maybe try balancing them both at the same time?
  6. Liewec123

    Harasser is 1/4th cheaper than Javelin, multitudes tankier and has been mowing down people with roadkills since day 1.
    its bigger too making roadkills so easy.

    javelin literally has nothing to offer, it is expensive, has no offensiveness (i don't even consider Nest launcher),
    and it appears to be even more paper thin than a flash.
    it has no reason to exist.

    why does it not roadkill when i drive directly through someone at high speeds?!
    every other vehicle in the game does.

    i can pull invisible ants that are immune to small arms, pack a Bulldog and roadkill an army,
    or for the same price i can pull a useless hoverbike with no offense, no defence and can't even roadkill.
  7. Scroffel5

    The Flash is very easy to dodge when you attempt to roadkill someone. A Harasser is much harder to dodge, and a Sunderer even harder than that. A Javelin with roadkilling potential would be fast but have a small hitbox. Javelin needs some roadkill potential.
  8. iPug

    I know that the new features in NSO such as Javelin and Defector are still a work-in-progress, I just hope they make progress. I enjoy playing the Defector but it's going to get boring real quick with such a limited access to weapons, ammo, suits, abilities, implants, etc. Its cooldown time is horrendous and makes the Defector a paperweight and that makes no sense.

    The Javelin is fun to ride but that's about all it offers right now. I was hoping it could roadkill - oh well. I like the SR-200. Lastly, It would be nice to have an ESF-like aircraft for NSO.
  9. YellowJacketXV

    PSA do NOT use underbarrel grenade launcher when firing from under friendly NSO Defector shield.

    That is all.
  10. Marik

    So on the PS4 version there is a bug that you can play OPS without membership and I have to agree with you completely. I don't know if they have fixed it by now, but I can still use my OPS character.

    But it is not worth it. No offense to Daybreak, but the NSX weapons as standard weapons are... well, rather bad. No offense, but the NSX weapons are freaks. Well, the Tengu is a good freak, and the Tanto is also useful. But the rest is just trash.

    Well the Max is pretty cool. Especially with the shield, there is something special about it.

    A lot of new games that are in the beginning because... Well, let's face it, the standard OPS looks better than a standard infantryman of the factions. Well they were also designed by Doku.

    Meanwhile I hardly see anyone running around as OPS on the PS4 (Server Ceres). Because the long-term motivation is missing. The extreme restrictions in the choice of weapons and vehicles are/were only for hardcore players who are looking for a change.

    In short: OPS is cool, but useless. (So far)
    The idea is nice, but they offer too little content. I'd rather spend money on a membership every month I'd rather have TR forever.


    Also auf der PS4 Version gibt es einen Fehler das man OPS auch ohne Mitgliedschaft spielen kann und ich muss dir vollends zustimmen. Ich weiß nicht ob die das mittlerweile behoben haben, aber meinen OPS Charakter kann ich immer noch nutzten.

    Aber es lohnt sich echt nicht. Nichts für Ungut Daybreak, aber die NSX Waffen als Standardwaffen sind… Naja eher schlecht. Nichts für Ungut aber die NSX Waffen sind Missgeburten. Gut die Tengu ist eine gute Missgeburt und die Tanto ist auch noch Brauchbar. Aber der Rest ist eher Müll.

    Gut die Max finde ich einigermaßen cool. Besonders mit dem Schild hat das was.

    Viele Neue Spielen die zwar am Anfang weil… Naja seien wir ehrlich, die Standard OPS sehen besser aus als ein Standartinfanterist der Fraktionen. Gut die wurden auch von Doku designt.

    Mittlerweile Sehe ich auf der PS4 (Server Ceres) eigentlich kaum noch jemanden als OPS rum rennen. Weil die Langzeitmotivation fehlt. Die extremen Beschränkungen in der Waffen und Fahrzeugauswahl, sind/waren nur was für Hardcore Spieler, die mal etwas Abwechslung suchen..

    Kurz: OPS ist Cool, aber Sinnlos. (Bisher)
    Die Idee ist nett, aber sie bieten zu wenig Inhalt. Als das ich dafür monatlich Geld für ne Mitgliedschaft ausgebe. Lieber auf ewig TR.
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  11. Liewec123

    A massively restrictive lack of guns,
    A max class with only one weapon and no c4 resistance armour (which is mandatory)
    No ESF, no MBT
    Always playing the underpop,
    A useless faction specific vehicle that has absolutely no purpose,


    Also the reason the max model looks like a silly rehash of the other NSO classes is because it is,
    I hear Doku isn't working on PS2 anymore, so rather than an awesome Doku NSO max model we get this.
  12. pnkdth

    The second they make NSOs competitive is the second PS2 will get hit irrevocably with being P2W and/or hiding content behind a paywall for an unfair advantage. It is already happening by dum-dums on YT flailing their arms around crying about pay-walls and apparently some truly stupid people are comparing the Javelin to the Maggie because if it floats means it is a Maggie, I guess.

    Thus, I hope they retain their NS flair and an option for vets looking for a new challenge because the alternative might just destroy the franchise entirely.
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  13. Albertafox

    They could have saved a ton of time and energy by simply allowing subbed players to share certs across the same server.
    Make a character for each faction and play the under populated faction + get actual progress for everyone of your characters sounds a lot more pleasing/beneficial to me than anything NSO offers.
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  14. Campagne

    Well to be fair, the NSOs are already unique content locked behind a paywall sharing the same space as non-members.

    That's already an issue for some, and there is always the argument that if something is different and isn't worse it is or can be better. A thin line to be hanging on.
  15. Liewec123

    but they still always join the underpop faction, so really it'd remain P2L as it currently is.
  16. Marik

    I wouldn't even call that so bad. If it really balances the population and balances the balance of power, it makes for more startegy than just the number of players running for the flags.


    Das würde ich nicht mal als so schlecht bezeichnen. Wenn es die Population wirklich ausgleicht und somit das Kräfteverhältnis ausgleicht, sorgt es dafür das mehr aud Startegie ankommt, als nur auf die bloße Anzahl an Spielern die auf die Flaggen zustürmen.
  17. BloodArmoredApostle

    agreed in my opinion they half ***** the NSO faction and released 1/8 of it then call it a faction. This game was released with near full faction functions for VS/NC/TR. Paying for not even half of a product is frustrating.
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  18. Liewec123

    i like the changes to the Defector the grenade printer did feel like it took waaaaay too long to cooldown,
    i'm also looking forward to spamming suicide bombs during max alert!

    but the changes to the Javelin are the wrong changes, what it needs are weapons (and MASSIVE buffs to the current weapon)
    stick the NS vehicle weapons on it like Kobalt and Fury,

    and for the love of dog reduce the ridiculous reload time of Nest Launcher
    a flurry of weak missiles followed by an EIGHT SECOND RELOAD.
    imho they should change it to a heat weapon which fires off missiles rapidly while you hold down the button.

    the current TTK of Nest launcher is staggering because of that ridiculous 8s reload
    we're talking 48 seconds for a stock sundy...thats 10s worse than Gorgons,
    and nothing should ever be worse than Gorgons...
  19. eronaile

    Some NSO weapons are quite powerful, like the Medic default rifle. 5 round burst OTKs on headshot, super precise, massive alpha damage even when not hitting head. It's great.
    Tanto is nice too, the default shotgun (do they even have another?) I kinda like as it's forgiving and has long range (for a shotgun), ofc it does not work for alpha-damage as pumps do...

    But apart from that, NSO needs some serious work.
    No MBT?? Who ever released a whole faction with no 2-person tank!?
    Hoverbike is a joke even with the new reduced cost, as others said it needs a primary weapon and that's that. No excuses.
    Also seriously missing powered knife option, the thrown one is absolute and unforgivable garbage, I can only assume they never, not once, tested it on actual players.
    Playing as losing faction is great for defenders (supportive engineer, medic) but horrible for aggressors, for obvious reasons. Just let us chose our faction for god's sake, what kind of mercenary faction allies always with the losers??

    Anyway, gonna keep playing NSO, it's comparable to other factions as engineer, medic or infiltrator (love that Comissioner!), not as bad as people make it imo.
  20. PhantomShadows

    NSO being members only should only be an early access thing tbh. They should eventually be free to access to everyone, at which point they will offer unique and useful items to support whichever team they are placed into. They should have items unlike any of the existing factions in the game that serve different purposes.

    The NSO are essentially mercanaries hired by factions to effectively deal with their enemies, they need to feel like it. Right now the NS weapons feel pretty lackluster compared to the regular factions. As other people have stated already the javelin doesn't really offer much of anything in it's current state, its basically just a flash with less options.

    Maybe they could have some kind of controlled drone to spot enemies (I mean NSO are robots), no, not a small drone that's hard to see or shoot down, one that's maybe a bit bigger than a drop pod that dies from being hit by basically anything and can also be locked onto. Maybe that could be a NS specific ANT constructable that should only cost like 500 certs, it should be not hard to unlock but have to deployed within a certain distance from where the drone will be used in (but just like the orbital strike shows up on the map).

    Their ESF could move fast vertically rather than horizontally, and I'm not sure what it would have equipped but not have the same type of weapons as the existing ESFs.
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