So now everyone is playing TR?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by jaktrobot, Apr 20, 2014.

  1. PlatoonLeaderG

    Funny thing on Mattherson we are still the lowest pop most of the times.
  2. Bankrotas

    Every time I hear Repeater fire, I laugh. It has that after fire sound which is practically is a sound of gunshots from far away.
  3. Goretzu

    All that happend when the NC got their "buff patch" was the AC-X11 and GD-7F got tiny buffs.

    What seemed to happen with the NC though was NOT so much that people switched to play the NC, but rather a LOAD of people came back to PS2 and started playing NC (and PS2 at all) again (there was actually a big jump in the total number of PS2 players).

    The TR population has seemingly increased since the patch though:,1398073500000
  4. Hiding in VR


    But please don't tell people that not a lot has changed though, don't want people going back to whatever they were playing before.

    Population is OP ;)

    Shouldn't joke about that. I am sure thats how SOE does its balancing :(
  5. iller

    Pretty hard to forget :mad:
  6. Goretzu

    Population seems to be like an oil tanker piloted by a leaf, hard to turn around, but seemingly blown around by whichever way the prevailing winds seem to be headed.
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  7. NoctD

    Northern Indar WG location.

    C'mon, you all know it!
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  8. Prudentia

    The only thing that is totally Fubar:
    SciFi shooter:
    Everyone plays the conventional Faction and the Alien Laser Hightech faction is underpoped. :eek:
  9. Arkenbrien

    Bring it.
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  10. Llamar

    Are "are" sentence impossible?
  11. Arkenbrien

    Not impossible, just wrong.


  12. Llamar

    Alright how about...

    Well if you had a kid named Are you could do something with that, like...

    Are Are and Billy....
  13. StayFrostyGents

    still no selection of viable ranged carbines. Still have the worst recoil out of the three factions. I think i'll stick to checking forumside now and then. No point in playing a game with a handicap from the start.
  14. khai

    Not really it is still a double lock on. Your still better off with annihilator because at least you will do full damage if it hits the last couple of striker rockets never hits unless the target just sits there. Or better yet grounder at least it dumb fires. The buff makes it so the rockets move faster thats it since it was lock on to begin with that actually does not make that much of a difference I guess there is a chance that one rocket might hit if the target is slow in taking cover or really slow with the flare.
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  15. MacavitySWE

    Anyone who calls a weapon OP just because a patch changes something and some people are trying them out needs to learn how game psychology works. Anytime there is a change people will try them out for a while, and then revert back to whatever they like best. 25m/s increase in speed? Yeah, totally OP right? MCG getting a rail attachment that enhances it's bullet-hose role but makes accuracy and ammo conservation kinda iffy? It's "better" in some aspects than what it had as options before, but not OP.

    Try before you cry. Go make a TR character, play around in the VR room.
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  16. IamDH

    are are u mad bro?

    To answer the thread, i think TR pops increase but they havent there isnt a strong cause for this tbh. The Lynx is a good weapon now and the MCG got changed slightly
  17. WarmasterRaptor

    WHAT??? :mad:
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  18. khai

    Thats a cosmetic someone should come out with hipster glasses and a goatee. Change the look of grenades to either Pabst or some obscure import that no one actually carries. and the theme music should be changed to boards of canada or pavement. taunt should be I played in the techtest.
  19. Ronin Oni

    I think it's funny you listed all 3 ESRL's in need of a buff...

    perhaps they're all balanced after all? :p
  20. GoEErs

    Sounds make little difference to me so long as they die. Muah hah hah hah hah.