so more armor, speed and shared xp for liberators

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  1. CrashB111

    Liberators and ESFs both have the issue that nobody uses them for actual fights where the enemy is liable to have Air of their own, or Skyguards ready to defend the ground.

    Because the pilots have free mobility to go anywhere, they always just choose to fly over the smaller squad vs squad or half-platoon vs half-platoon fights and farm the undermanned/underequipped people there. Nobody wants to waste a Burster MAX or Skyguard when its only one thing shelling them, so they take advantage of that.

    At least with Tanks the enemy ground forces can fight back at you on a more even playing field, Air are just farming machines.
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  2. Forlorn Hope

    Thats a bold face lie.
    1 burster will keep a Lib from hover spamming the ground, 2 will keep the Lib away for most of the time repairing and if timed correctly can take down the lib.
    5 heavy's with lock ons will instagib a lib. 2 Heavy's dumb firing Deci's can bring down a lib.
    Manning the guns on a Sunder can be a huge deterrent, having both guns manned and a lock on heavy or burster Lib will not be able to do jack.
    AA Turrets are everywhere, free, infinitely repairable and have good range and damage.

    At most thats 5 people pulling a no resource class at a minimum its one person deterring the Lib. 2-3 people can keep the Liberator from affecting the battle. How many people are manning the Lib, 2-3. Seems like a fair situation to me.

    The problem is people would just like to ignore the Liberator and just hope it goes away rather than doing something about it.
  3. EliteEskimo

    Implying going from 4-9 Prowler HEAT Shells with full composite "Doesn't change much"

  4. Bragg

    Whos ******* bright idea was to give lib this ******* idiotic buff?
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  5. Prudentia

    'OMG he invested 2000certs to make his lib more resistant to ground fire and has neither autorepair nor stealth equiped. that is unbearable he has to die in the same number of shots regardless'
    isn't that exactly what all the competetive 'high skill' players always complain about?
    'i invested 20k certs and XXX ressources into that vehicle therefor i deserve to be invincible'
    now there is an actual choice if you take Composite and be more resilant per run or nanorepair and have more uptime or stealth and be sneaky.
  6. Verenz

    Oh lol the nerve, I am rank 92 and a fair pilot besides and I cannot even fly liberator properly let alone coordinate it well with a gunner.

    In my reaver I am yet to lose to a lib piloted by anyone below rank 80 (lowest I remember is actually 88 but I'll play it safe).

    You may not like libs but easy mode they are not.

    Also to the OP, the stuff which was buffed was barely being used. Buffs to regen, fire suppression, weapons or overall handling would have been a flat buff. As it is only the bad weapons were buffed (a bit) and the best one was nerfed (both directly and indirectly). Granted it did get a small health increase to some weapons but most of the buffs were to the resistances against other lib weapons.
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  7. TheBlindFreak

    I'll concede that I did exaggerate a bit and that this is a teamwork issue. And I apologize for that. But I still have a point.

    1-2 bursters have the same problem as a skyguard. They can easily be pounded to dust before destroying the lib. If the pilot/gunner pair is smart enough to realize this, bursters won't be able to do much.

    I can't really remember the last time I saw anyone organized enough to pull 5 heavies simultaneously and have all 5 target the same thing with lockons, which at minimum cost 250c. Hell, even sqauds often have trouble getting that done. Not to mention you're taking 5 people out of a small fight which has a much bigger impact than taking 5 people out of a large fight.

    So, ignore the lib and die, or devote the resources to destroy it and lose the edge on the infantry fight. Keep in mind we are only talking about small fights.
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  8. DQCraze

    God I hope they do, no lift for the flying brick my lib crew will be cheesin hardcore for the noob pilots running this combo
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  9. Corporate Thug

    I think the changes being made to the liberator will just encourage more lib crews to go out and randomly farm instead of using that added EHP and AA capabilities to contribute to larger fights. I would have loved for SOE to make libs an artillery platform that can be used by ground forces designating targets or areas to bombard. Ground forces could highlight a small area on a map via some spotting tool that other friendlies can see and avoid, A lib crew with a special secondary gun, or even current ones like a zephyr, could enter an artillery mode where the pilot has to stay at a certain distance and the secondary gunner's sight is fixed on the target area, only the slightest adjustments might need to be made manually. I think changes like this would encourage more team play and give them a more viable role in larger battles.
  10. Frank 2070

    But of course the dudes with better coordination does much more damage than randoms which don't. I was just pointing out how it is. In US servers the thing is propably different because evereybody speaks english naturally so the threshold to speak in mic is lower. And text chat is not reliable way to coordinate and I have pretty much low to zero faith in randoms that they can actually get something useful done.

    So in case of big bad liberator I'll just pick up AA MAX or G2A Heavy and start shooting and hope it goes away. And what I really hope is that someone else realizes to pick up AA gun so we could get that thing actually destroyed
  11. EliteEskimo

    Except they aren't applying it all all vehicles. It would be cool to have a full composite armor line got MBT's that allowed me 5 Decimators rockets from the front or side, however many dumbfires, and get a 60% resistance to C4. We all know that isn't going to happen. The reason it is broken in my though is the capability for a 1/3 liberator to go tank busting with such a low TTK weapon against MBT's. It was a high risk/high reward weapon because the tanks you were trying to blow up could kill you if they happen to see you a few moments before. If I see a Liberator from a good distance off I still might not have to land 9 HEAT shells on it before it blows up.
  12. Chowley

    So did you miss the fact that they buffed resistances quite nicely (not just composite armour) and the afterburner?
  13. Prudentia

    The only thing that changed with base resistance was that the Lightning AP requires a single hit more. and a Dalton lib now also need a single bulldog hit or a third dalton hit.
    which they also changed. dalton has less splash and zephyr less direct hit damage on some targets.
    and the afterburner is also just one utility slot item that was probably buffed because nearly no one used it.
  14. Codex561

    I will always use auto repair and High-G, nothing changed for my playstyle.
    Pre-patch loadout:
    Tank buster

    Post-patch loadout:
    Tank buster
  15. Klypto

    You sure it didn't make it so that it now requires 3 Titan 150 AP rounds to kill a lib?
  16. DQCraze

    The libs main function is to kill armored vehicles, but we dont want it to excel at it? Ive been saying since the game started the lib is the best weapons platform in the game, I got tired of getting owned by it and put the time in it to get halfway decent with it. But I guess my K\D ratio reflects my learning curve and the hundreds of times I got owned by, ESFs, Bursters, Turrets, skyguards, G2A, MBTs and Sundys. Anyone that thinks its OP, I ask you to only get your XP from flying a lib, if its not up sit at the WG till it is. Let me know what your total is at the end of 1 day of primetime play. Ill pull my magrider and only use it, lets see who wins.
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  17. vincent-

    Oh god we actually would need to TEAM UP and take down libs as a force instead of going Rambo on them! My days of solo killing and not relying on others for help is now ruined!
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  18. DQCraze

    Pull your own lib? That could be a possible solution, oh wait, your not good at flying. Well nevermind, guess youll just have to keep getting farmed or maybe you could actually pull off one of the most astounding feats known to man like the other couple thousand pilots did and L2 fly. OMG, im fin brillant.
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  19. Sigmundr Rumare

    I was under the impression that the lib's strength against armor vehicles was it's high damage and ability to, you know, hover where those armored vehicles couldn't hit it? Not staring a tank down face to face and winning anyway. If a tank shot you down with it's main cannon then you deserved it.
  20. maudibe

    Uh..... a group of 12 tanks goes to take a base and WHO will capture the A point?
    The 15 man crew taking a base will be greatly benefitted by a lib raining down dalton bombs on the spawn center and a few tanks hitting the roof and doors of the spawn center and a sniper getting the spawn rooftop lock on HAs and a Max guarding the A point. The defenders have to have a burster Max to take out the Lib and or ESF rocketpodders and he will get in trouble if he steps outside to tank fire and infantry fire. I would much rather face 15 infantry than 11 infantry and a lib and 3 tanks. In large battles guys will spawn burster maxs and HA lock ons and eat libs and esfs unless they are too plentiful. I am not sure if you have experienced the latest 20 ESF attack on a base thing yet. Wow..... players lose base...come back with 20 planes and a sundy and small crew maybe 10 including a couple Maxs, to take A point while everyone at base is rocketpodded. Burster max gets hit after hit but no kills as there are so many its hard to focus on one in particular and they just fly off and heal up and come back. Tried running AA turret but got exploded before i could take out one ESF by 5 ESFs hitting turret.