so more armor, speed and shared xp for liberators

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  1. Catch23

    they did it with Vipers now they do it with Liberators.

    yeah I know. I need to l2p
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  2. Prudentia

    The speed is only for a single airframe.
    The armor mostly for the composite armor and doesn't really change that much.
    and who in their right mind would even think about complaining about shared XP in vehicles?
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  3. Lafladitu

    shared exp looks like will apply to all vehicles so I see no reason to complain i welcome it. Now I will fly the Galaxy a lot more :)
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  4. Santondouah

    Because yes, every lib user will now run racer and composite armor. so OP
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  5. Catch23

    there will be way more liberators. they already own infantry if played with skill and can ruin 12-24s at small bases. now they have more effective HP, are more difficult to shoot down by tanks and esfs.
    They have always been a farming tool, now with shared exp, you will see 3/3 crews in a stronger vehicle.

    more farming -> more infantry players leaving. thats a fact.
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  6. JudgeDeath

    Tell me more about how a liberator "ruins" a 12-24 man battle in a base ? o_O

    You mean it is used to its purpose and acts as a force multiplier vs the enemy ? :eek:
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  7. Prudentia

    and i will great every new liberator pilot with my Dalton. the easiest way to kill a liberator is still a liberator. or a tank if you are NC or TR.
  8. Frank 2070

    You have magic tool against liberators. It's called anti-air
  9. iPlague

    We might see more libs give up auto repair for composite armor, but yeah it's natural resistances were buffed a tad, and you can't complain about the EXP distribution, moar rewarding teamtwerk!

    Takes forever to use A2A missiles though!
  10. Catch23

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  11. Pikachu

    The shared assist XP is the best thing in this update. Finally tail gunners and pilots will have a good time.
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  12. DQCraze

    Fly the Friendly skies, join the ez mode Air Alliance.
  13. DQCraze

    An AMS Sundy pouring out troops will do more damage then any liberator will, and how many rockets does it take to kill one of those+
  14. UberBonisseur

    It's the usually the opposite; the less players there are, the more powerful it gets.
    Rocketpodders murdering small groups of infantry yet avoiding large battles have proven this time and time again.

    And I think you're using force multiplier wrong; a squad of 12 tanks is probably stronger than a squad of 6 infantry and 6 tanks (it helps that you can bail out at any moment).

    Vehicles should be strong by numbers (health and firepower) but weak by other aspects (availability, size, field of view...)
  15. axiom537

    I think that is because most people think that (1) Infantry player should be able to kill a (3) Man Vehicle. Sure it can happen, and it happens a lot more with ground vehicles but a Liberator is a 2-3 man vehicle that is meant to be a force multiplier, requiring either another vehicle to counter or multiple infantry.

    The trick is to use 3 Infantry using A2G and you will notice a significant difference in the results and effectiveness of A2G launchers. And if you want to see a Liberator Melt, grab 3 Bursters MAX's or at least 2 and 1 A2G Launcher to finish it as it tries to flee.

    Good Liberators that are raking up Kills are utilizing team work & communication between the pilot and the gunners. teamwork and communication is also the best counter to a liberator as well, focus firing with multiple A2G launchers or even 1 or more Burster maxes. It is so quick and easy for Infantry to swap out their load outs, there really is little excuse.

    When I run my Sunderer with my platoon, we almost always make sure we keep 3 people with it at all times, so that 2 can swap Max load outs to deal with Air or ground vehicles and the driver generally stays as engineer to use one of the guns or rep the Sundy or the Maxs and if the Sundy is not taking a lot of fire then the driver can swap to A2G or other lock-on to assist the maxes. When you operate this way Most Liberators or other vehicles are little threat on their own.
  16. Frank 2070

    Yes, everything is easier when in platoon and outfit where everybody aim for same goal. But teamwork is hard between random people. Especially in euro servers where one speaks italy, second is from poland etc. and everybody feels uncomfortable when speaking english (excluding those aliens in that island a.k.a brits). Also not everybody is working towards victory. There's people sitting with sniper rifles and only want to score kills or HA's only hunting tanks etc.
  17. Dis

    In the past few weeks there have been a disturbing amount of lib free infantry only battles taking place across multiple servers.

    This simply will not do.
  18. TheBlindFreak

    Because it can pound the ground with impunity, keeping the opposing infantry units from effectively getting to the point.

    But you say, "Blind-senpai! Why don't people just pull a counter?"

    Because in a 12-24 fight, you're unlikely to have the people or numbers to effectively counter a lib. A single skyguard? Dalton'd before it can even chew through 1/3 of its health. Lockons? Meet thermal optics. ESF? Meet High G Frame and Dalton.

    In a large fight, libs are more balanced, but in small fights, 1-12 or 12-24, a liberator's large health pool and high damage output makes it incredibly difficult to down before getting wiped out yourself.
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  19. Zenanii

    People playing free infantry and zerging mindlessly are not on equal ground with people who invest resources and utilize teamwork and communication?
    This simply won't do!

    (Reminds me of all the 1/2 mbts/lightnings crying for harasser nerf >_>)
  20. pintle

    All of your counters are solo "lone wolf" (read: noob cod kiddy) going against at least 2 players.

    This thread is full of rambo solo morons crying that teamwork is OP. It is these people that are ruining the game.

    2 ESF should murder a Lib. If they do not, that is because they got outskilled.
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