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  1. Bobaflay

    Watch here

  2. CrashB111

    Well that was a wasted 6 minutes of my life ill never get back.
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  3. Bobaflay

    this is just to so a lot of TR
  4. cruczi

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  5. cruczi

    1. how come you didn't realize sooner that your time is being wasted
    2. why did you spend 6 minutes watching a 5:23 video
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  6. Bobaflay

    dont know
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  7. Bobaflay

    please support my channel. please subscribe.
  8. Tuco

    Holey low FPS
  9. Chipay

    He had to also type a comment
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  10. faykid

    Why do people upload these? I watched half the video and the OP didn't even kill anyone in it. Seems he was just running around randomly, feeding himself to TR. And there was a lot of NC in this video, not less than TR at least.
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  11. Adukka

    Those graphics and fps..:eek:
  12. kadney

    Not everyone runs a good rig to get 60+ FPS while recording a video in every situation. ;)
    I would barely hit 20-25 FPS in such fights.
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  13. AnotherNoob

    Your point being? Biolabs are too easy to defend?
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  14. ZeroErrorz

    dude try making something else than the ussual stuff like c4 flash, or c4 infil montage thats the type of video people wants
  15. MadBeef

    Besides the content of the video I don´t get people dissing the guy for his FPS or graphics. Not everyone is running the latest rig or has parents that buy them the latest and greatest computer for christmas. Be happy the dude is enjoying the game, talk about the content of the video but don´t ever diss someone for having an inferior rig then what you are running.

    Peace out.
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  16. cruczi

    Doesn't matter how many NC there were, there were still a lot of TR, amirite?
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  17. Cowabunga

    So 6 min of unedited below average gameplay? No thanks.
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  18. Devrailis

    I have most of the parts for my new rig in, just need the graphics card and I'm done. Once my new machine is built, I'm considering making a Before and After video showing the difference in gameplay experience at 5-30 FPS and 60+.

    I have a feeling many people who have played at 60+ FPS have not experienced what it is like to play with FPS that jumps around from an average of about 10 to 20 in large fights, or who dip into single digit FPS when inside a vehicle. Your ability to aim is severely compromised, your ability to even SEE things is severely compromised when your performance dips.
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  19. Epic High Five

    Man that was a handsome MAX early on in that video.

    You should do some commentary Boba, to be honest that's what a vast majority of people gravitate to with PS2 videos.

    edit - also worth noting, this video was shot when the TR literally abandoned Ikanam to the VS just so they could double down on Rashnu (and of course not even take a single point), so there were a LOT of TR around. It was a fantastic farm, especially on the yellow barrier thing between walkways as I spent a minute or two magdumping slugsaws into the doorway as 2-3 engies kept me repaired.
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  20. GhostAvatar

    Yet watching that video shows that NC had 59% of the hex population. It called a zerg meets a biolab farm alert. It happens all the time.