So long Higby.

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  1. JustBoo

    Given the same management team, (the same sycophants) and CEO are still there, and they just laid off Quality Assurance people (QA testers). How will anything change?

    I'm having trouble just logging into this website now. <sigh>
  2. Subject851

    Because he was probably next to get the boot. Do not forget he was the boss/creative director, the games current state is his fault.
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  3. metrotw

    Glad to see him gone along with his buddy T-Ray.

    At least there is SOME hope for the game now. Those 2 were both HORRIBLE for this game and it will take at lest 6 months to clean up the mess that they left. At least some of the BLATANT camo injustice is being finally to clean up the game imbalances and then move forward.
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  4. HappyStuffin

    Higby cared so little about this game he didn't even bother to acknowledge us on the official Planetside 2 forums.

    Nobody should be surprised to see him go.

    He should probably leave Planetside off his resume when he finds a new job, which will hopefully not be game in development.
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  5. I play by many names

    Interesting to see the highlight of his career be failing at creative director in PS2. Not a bad community guy, just not dev material. Kinda glad he left, its long overdue to give someone else a chance at creative developer.
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  6. sL360

    I foretold Higby would take up the mantle of leadership within NC and lead an army of darkness over Planetside 2 just as he did in PS1. He would return to the battlefield and cast a shroud of evil over Auraxis in his conquest.

    I thought the only thing that would stop him was his job being PS2's creative developer.

    This suddenly seems a lot more relevant now...
  7. HappyStuffin

    Very well said, Archiadus. I agree with you 100%. Higby would have gained a lot more respect from us if he had communicated on the official forum, on the record, where he would be held accountable.

    He has shown nothing but marked disinterest in hearing our concerns. Indeed, had he spent more time on the official forums, the state of PS2 might not be where it is now. Higby would have known what the community wants for a better game.

    I think Daybreak did the right thing in letting him go.
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  8. Who Garou

    I'm more concerned with the impact of the holding company than Higby jumping-ship.

    If the new crew steers strait and doesn't go wildly off-course, they will be doing okay.
    The largest impact to PlanetSIde 2 recently has been the side-tracking to get the PS4 version up and running.
    In the long run, I think that the involvement of the PS4 will be a dampener on extended content due to the storage capacity of the PS4 (much in the same way that the PS3 limits the content of DCUO now).

    Having new continents would be a good idea, but that could be limited by PS4 issues. I also think that if new continents are added they will need to limit the number of open continents based on population.
    I don't want to see things become too spread out and there are already times of the day on Emerald where there probably shouldn't be more than one continent unlocked at a time (and, I kind of hate to say it, but probably if only one continent is unlocked it should always be the newest continent so there is less advantage of base memorization going on).
    As it is, most of the time when all 4 continents are unlocked, there is really the main focus on the alert continent (if you are already there or if you are an All Access member), a search for the next best continent (if you or your squad/platoon-mates have a long wait to get to the alert continent due to not having all Access membership and you want everyone to be part of the action), or looking for the lowest population continent (due to not wanting to be a part of large battles for one reason or another - including fps, smaller battles, sneaking around, ghost-cap'ing, and what not.) There is virtually always that continent with low pop - and having more continents would lead to spreading out the population even more and reducing the "big battle" effect that is really what PlanetSide 2 is all about at it's core.
  9. LT_Latency

    I don't understand why this matters, If you know he posts there go read those threads as well. They can post there more freely on readdit because........They are not official forums. They can talk about stuff that not finished or idea they are thinking about that might not end up in game bcause....They are not official forums.
  10. Who Garou

    I can almost guarantee that 75-90% of the population would have no idea that Higby is gone unless they heard it from someone in-game.

    I'd pretty much give the same odds (or better) for players not caring if he is gone or glad that he's gone (because they think there will now be improvements to the game).

    .... and that's players - not forum-goers.

    Most players never go to forums for a game unless they are having a problem - and when they do, they are only look for a fix to their problem and nothing else.
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  11. LT_Latency

    100% of the player base has no really knowledge of why choices were made or how the game gets developed. Saying whos fault what is from the outside is sort of silly.
  12. HappyStuffin

    The point is posting on the official forums holds the Dev's accountable.

    They can say and promise anything on Reddit - and they have. But they can't be held to their word because it is unofficial. Think of all the stuff Higby has said on Reddit, how much of that has actually come true? Those things that did not come to fruition, what was the excuse, and why was there even an excuse?

    It isn't helpful for the devs to post "freely" on reddit, to say whatever they feel like and giving us the runaround.

    What we need are solid accountable statements (on the record) on what will be implemented with a timeline. Not vague ambiguities subject to cancellation on a whim with no recourse.
  13. LT_Latency

    That is why they don't. Because you will come back with a post from 1 year ago and say "WTF MAN WTF" when something changes over time.

    So they talk about their ideas on non offical forums so a single quote doesn't get thrown around the forums going "OMG YOU LIED TO US".
  14. Jäger_01

    Exactly right. No Higby, no problem(s).
  15. RykerStruvian

    Higby has been thinking about leaving for some time. I guess this finally finished that thinking process for him.

    Ultimately though, I'm more fearful that the game is officially dead. If that game isn't producing numbers in the green, it'll be axed.
  16. Luftwaffe

    How do you know this?

    And for everyone being so courteous to someone who's left rather abruptly and has had a record of being almost absent when communicating with the community..

    You're talking about this guy, right?


    Lol, 'nuff said.
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  17. LT_Latency

    He talked all the time.

    On reddit, Twitter, The Test server and Interviews. Saying that he didn't speak his mind about this game is just plain wrong
  18. RykerStruvian

    He said it himself in a reddit post that he was thinking about leaving and that the reorganization gave him the opportunity to leave. He was obviously not happy. Just look at any of the videos with him in it. He looks strung out, tired. He looks like a ******* junky whois on the brink of committing suicide. Resigning is probably a massive weight off of his shoulders and he's happy. Definitely no looking back.

    “This is a move I’ve been considering for a while now, and the reorganization provided the right opportunity for me to exit."
  19. Takara

    As a business model it is always a good idea to draw people to your company's website. You also want your customers to think you care about them. Posting on another forum or website is fine. But when you ignore your OFFICIAL isn't so official...and it makes your customers less likely to believe you care in your product. Not everyone wants to be signed up on 20 different forums. I'm FORCED to have a login for this why should they as the company force me to go to another website to dig for info? Also...why are they more free to announce changes to the game on a non-official forum? That is another symptom of bad management and the problem with the company. Everything he says there is just as official as it would be here.

    If the president of the US said something well he was in China it would be considered just as official as if he said it from the White house.
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  20. LT_Latency

    Well with that you have to take it with a grain of salt. Management types almost never get "Fired" they have a mutual agreement you don't trash talk the company and we won't trash talk you. This benefits both parties.

    Usually the most clear indicator of why they left is what they are doing after. If they left because they wanted to the usually have a awesome new job they are going to. If they just left and are not looking for a job......usually there was some pressure for the company for them to leave. Not always but most of the time