So long Higby.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Ribero, Feb 12, 2015.

  1. Opapanax

    Higby was a pillar around here been a fan since Planetside 1. Thanks for the good hope things are good in your future.
  2. Pirbi

    The community is half insane so, yeah.
  3. DieHard2Live3

    So long, dude.

    It was awesome having you around...
  4. MikeyGeeMan

    This is nova saying to us we are creating a new direction to get old players back.

    They have identified who they think have contributed to current state. Now we wait for their replacements. If no replacements then its done.
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  5. CapperDeluxe

    So maybe now NC won't get all the love?
  6. Bindlestiff

    Matt Higby is funny
    He doesn't resign unless his new bosses are obviously OP
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  7. KnightCole

    I will camp it with my EM6 =D Im an @$$ like that.
  8. Yuki10

    Why do people post here for Higby? He didn't come and participate in forums here, you are much better off tweeting into the abyss
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  9. Ribero

    Not quite on the topic of Higgles leaving, but I don't want to spam the forum with threads:

    Something to keep an eye out for, I don't know if it will be here or Reddit, or when it actually will be posted (Since they need to have their meeting first, and then put it into words for us to read.)

    But thanks RadarX

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  10. Tommyp2006

    That's great if it's actually what they are doing, now that morale is at an all time low, they need to prove it to us.
  11. LibertyOne

    First off, these guys are not idiots. They are not going to indulge the cursory logic that firing people must have caused the jump in revenue. They also don't think that if they eat breakfast, the sun will rise as a result.

    Reinforce your winners, cut your losers. Investment 101. If they saw a jump in revenue, they would first ask, "why?" because right now, it's not something they expect. The next question would be "How do we keep it going and/or ramp it up?" They could also look for a buyer while the commodity is hot.

    In any case, the game is far more likely to receive capital infusion if it makes money than if it doesn't. It really isn't any more complicated than that. If it's a loser, it will not receive any help at all. If it makes money, it might get some help.

    MONEY my friend. It changes everything.
  12. LibertyOne

    And No one to say "no" when they pull the plug. Yeah, that's a win.
  13. vincent-

    Just remember the guy with more crazy passion for a game they work on is always out for us than the guy who thinks business first is the right way.

    I've been with games like this unless the other guy cares don't expect anything to get any better. Just remember this you have more power than them it might be one person per person but that is still a lost on them.
  14. LibertyOne

    Yeah, given all the hate he's endured over the years, rushing into the arms of the forums makes a lot of sense. This guy is human, you know. If I were him, I wouldn't post over here either.
  15. Xasapis

    With a good portion of the development team axed, the best one can hope at this point is for maintenance mode. I don't see how maintenance mode is deserving of my money or why I should effectively reward them for putting the game into maintenance mode by providing them with more money.

    I'll flip your argument around and say that if the owners are unwilling to invest in the service they provide, why should I be inclined to provide them with income? First I need to be shown that there is actually a future and then we can talk money. Because right now all I see is all SOE games stripped of people absolutely necessary to maintain them to the basic level, let alone develop them even further.

    In fact, in leu to all these layoffs, the majority of the topics on the first page of this forum seem completely out of place. Talk about features and balance issues seem trivial, when the only people left seem to be the ones that will keep the servers on, and that's it.
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  16. LibertyOne

    Because people paid a subscription to play it.
  17. LibertyOne

    Maybe Matt's on a secret mission to resurrect Lost Colony.
  18. eldarfalcongravtank

    this is probably the entire conversion when the remaining members of the dev team meet up in a room to discuss the next steps regarding the game:

    *sighs* "okay, we're done for..."
  19. Xind

    Anyone have a firm concept of how many people actually work on PS2 and/or what areas are still staffed? Because I'm very curious what they'll have to discuss.
  20. HadesR

    But they will fill that out with words such as " Restructure " " Safe Hands ", " Positive Future " ... Ya know the usual PR stuff ..

    Hopefully any update will be honest and lose any Spiel ..