So its confirmed dumb fire is removed from Ground to Air Launchers

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by SemperFi, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. SemperFi

  2. MNO

    It was confirmed like a week ago mate.

    And no, already been asked a million times. No refunds. Balance is constant.
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  3. Kaoschan

    I'm fine with the changes .. if they WERE to add certs to the launcher. Currently no Launcher has any certs ....
    But i think they should be improvable too like everything else ... better zoom, faster missile, faster reload, more ammo, faster lock-on.

    There are lots of possibilities and it's not to hard to make them not "op"
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  4. Youreminenow

    I really don't like this change. They should just make the launchers free now with how situational they are.
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  5. zeep

    This is the worst change since i began playing. So now i can't fire quickly at infantry or anything. Heavy must be the only class now to hold a weapon he can't fire. Dumb balance change. I guess saving up for that rocket launcher was A WASTE OF TIME AND CERTS.
  6. Vreki

    If you want to be able to quick fire, then select a quickfire launcher. There should now be two available.
    But if you want the launcher to do the aiming for you, well, that's what we call a trade-off. I guess you will just have to use your gun to kill infantry. I have tried it , it actually works surprisingly well.

    In other words, I dont really see the problem.
    I only pulled out the launcher when I wanted to kill planes or armour, and as a HA I am mobile enough that I can choose my battles most of the time.
    And if I run into an enemy soldier will holding my AA Launcher? Well **** happens.
  7. Jarek

    I don't think most people who dislike this change care about the rocket's anti-infantry capabilities - it's that the launchers lost the ability to direct fire on vehicles. For the AA launcher, this means you can't punish hovering aircraft or hit ground targets anymore, and for the AV, you can't ambush a tank with a quick dumb fired rocket - you have to wait for the slow lock-on (plus you also can't hit hovering planes with it anymore as well).

    The loss of anti-infantry capability isn't high on many people's list - it's the loss of the versatility that many users of the launchers valued and paid for.
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  8. zeep

    It's just weak when dev's have to resort to "tie one arm behind your back" to gain some balance.

    Imagine your assault rifle only fires when you aim using the sights and no longer from the hip, that would be just as illogical.

    And this. My infantry mention was just an example. It's mind boggling i can't directly fire at a hovering aircraft anymore, which i did many times instead of waiting for the lock.
    Anyway, you said it perfectly.
  9. Kaoschan

    Aircraft should only get a "LOCK" on their display if the lock has been established.
    On the other hand add a cert for the aircraft which "reverts" the change and gives them full information about incoming locks.

    No Certs = LOCK only after it was established (HA got green box)
    With Cert = blinking LOCK while box is red and otherwise just like now.

    This would solve the problem with the "i dumbfire at hovering aircrafts" ... a hovering aircraft will asap fly away as soon as LOCK appears on their screen. Without dumfire this mean that hovering aircraft or slow hovering aircarft don't have problems with AA launcher .. cause they SEE when someone is targeting them.

    Now change that to my idea and Aircraft pilots have to me more attentive in order to evade a lock missile
  10. napalmdeath

    I did not see dumbfire as being a problem. I thought the whole point in making the g2a launcher cost 1000 certs was that it was a superior launcher. Now it seems like it is an overpriced and underpowered g2a option. most aircraft either fly away or pop flares as soon as they see lock start to blink. Not only that, but now i cant defend against ground targets. I really wish i hadnt unlocked it now.
  11. Rakonat

    Honestly this change really doesn't make any sense to me. If anything, the launcher is a fairly useless weapon all around, the only reason I unlocked the g2a launcher was because of how ridiculous it was to try hit air targets moving at all. The lock on takes for ever (to the point that any Liberator with a zepher will probably kill you unless you are very well hidden,) and they don't particularly do a lot of damage against vehicles.

    I'm hoping this change isn't permanent, or they will at least modify the lock on launchers to increase their damage or make them lock on/reload faster, considering even with a dumb fire launcher you would be lucky to kill a sunderer or prowler hounding you down.

    I never really considered the lock on launchers that useful since the target is instantly aware they are in someones cross hair, and the lock on range is so pitfully short, I've had liberators kill me from 800m away, yet the lock only only goes out to 500m. Hopefully this gets addressed sooner or later, or SOE can count on never having me buy SC or membership again.
  12. Croak

    Change didn't go through this patch, or CS got tired of dealing with refund requests and they decided not to implement it at all.

    Hawk still dumbfires.

    EDIT: They removed mention of lock-on only firing in the patch notes, it was there earlier this morning. Makes me believe they are indeed rethinking it or abandoning it entirely.

    EDIT to my edit: G2A Dumbfire works, but it has a LOT more drop than before (more than default launcher amount, ). Will take some getting used to, and there will be a whole lot less mid-range G2A sniping of infantry, but it's still versatile enough to warrant using.

    Also looks like the default launcher has a faster projectile speed compared to dumbfire of the G2A.
  13. Zaik

    What a shame, I was actually looking forward to the lock on launchers actually being useful for something.

    With their general unreliability, short range of the lock on and the massive difference in damage between them, there's not going to be any reason to use the ground lock-on launchers over the Decimator if they don't go through with it.
  14. Heceldi

    The ASP-30 Grounder can still dumb fire. The projectile velocity is now less than the ML-7, and the projectile drop is substantially greater. Personally, it makes them changes I can live with; since it's now a rebalanced, yet functionally similar, version of what I purchased. It is not Air-or-Nothing as I feared it would become, which would have been completely wrong. It will make it harder to use, but that's a matter of skill.

    Yes, had I not had dumb-fire, I was going to contact customer support repeatedly until they either refunded it, or made contact impossible.
  15. Uncle_Lou

    God forbid people have to specialize a bit now. And I'm not saying the launcher utility can't be improved, but I would actually like to see the game move even farther away from the universal soldier model. Specialization encourages team play, which IMO is a good thing.
  16. Perls

    I'm ok with them making them require lock if their damage is increased or lock on speed is vastly increased. That would be a willing trade off. As it stands now (when the patch goes through), I'll be using the stock launcher. I don't like having limitations. It's why all my classes have some sort of anti-armor (c4 or otherwise which has a variety of uses). To be honest with you, I rarely use lock on air or otherwise. For air, it rarely hits, it's more of a "scare you off" type thing. For vehicles, I'm usually so close or get driven up on that my goal is a dumb fire to the *** end of it anyway. Lock on for vehicles is only useful for me when the tank flee's.

    For infantry, well, if I'm reloading my main weapon or rounding a corner, you may get a rocket to the face =D, stock is fine. But yes, kind of sad I won't be getting a refund. It'll be weapon #7 and 8 that I will never use that I purchased lol.
  17. Timujingeo

  18. WNxPlatinum

    AA and HA are pretty worthless now. Lock on time is crazy long, so long in fact I am able to run the little buggers over befor they can get a shot off and I am 50 meters away. Even if they get one shot off the 8 second wait time between the next shot = Death. I can get two shots off to thier one.

    Welcome to Tankside Plus
  19. Warez

    Not when we've ******** payed for it.
  20. Xil

    Because rebalancing NEVER happens in MMOs. Nearly all F2P systems get adjusted, nearly all GAMES get adjusted.

    I paid $50 for Battlefield 3. Gun damage gets nerfed. Not really an issue even though it impacted my multiplayer game.
    I paid NOTHING for Planetside 2, bought $20 worth of station cash. $7 towards G2A launcher. Dumb fire gets removed. STILL not an issue.

    Seriously people, if it bothers you that much, speak with your wallet and don't pay another dime. That'll be your choice at least if you can't get past a video game change.

    DISCLAIMER: I bought the G2A launcher as well.... sucks it can't dumbfire anymore, but in the name of balance... COME ON PPL.