So... Is this OK?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by ThePonticMercenary, Mar 5, 2014.

  1. ThePonticMercenary

    Logged in to find the TR camping outside the NC warpgate. Granted it was easy to just fly around but still kinds cheap and pointless.

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    Warpgate camping parties are nothing new. During the days of the Annihilator peak performance, it was nothing for a squad to camp a warpgate and completely shut down ANY vehicle movement through a factions warpgate
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  3. ThePonticMercenary

    I know it's a "thing", I have just never seen on such a massive scale before.
  4. Blarg20011

    I remember that. It was wonderful.

    @ OP, what server?
  5. ThePonticMercenary

  6. deggy

    Prepare for a couple squads of camp-breakers to hop in. Warpgate campers are really easy certs because you can use the Warpgate as cover against them :p
  7. Aander

    Glad you enjoyed the party! We had fun too! :D
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  8. Jstenholt

    The representatives of TRAF, IRNG, ECUS, ODMN and RTIL are pleased that you had so much fun tonight. Our only concern is that you may not have earned quite so many certs as we did.
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  9. Lampjaw

    We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did :D I think we had 4 or so platoons.
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  10. Leftconsin

    Back before the striker nerf there were multiple leaders in XPIV so obsessed with warpgate camping that they would take two full platoons up to the north Indar warpgate every day to camp it.
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  11. Sidi1

    This thread alone makes it worth it.
  12. bPostal

    It happens. It always sucks when you're on the wrong side of one since now you have to deal with it. Even if/when you do clean it up, it slows everything down.
  13. Dill Bagner

    I enjoyed the part where you knife a MAX.
  14. Plunutsud pls

    Nice to see the overpopulated NC get warpgated, for a change.
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  15. JorgeSarcos

    Your aim is bad... and you should feel bad...
  16. PostalDude


  17. Jachim

    The VS were nototrious for dropping a platoon or two onto the ridges around the SE Indar WG when TR were controlling it. Nothing new to see here.
  18. Tommyp2006

    Sure it's OK, they're out in the middle of nowhere cutoff from friendly territory, not their problem if you can't stop them. Every faction warpgate camps, it's not like you can't just redeploy around them.
  19. ThePonticMercenary

    Yeah, I was on a knife frenzy. I really thought I would have been shot when turning the corner. I was in shock that I was still alive.

    I do. :(
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  20. Prudentia

    The only thing that is better than camping a warpgate?
    [travel back in time to the point where people cared about alerts]
    guess where the next alert should be ( Amerish Territory alert in this case)
    pull 4 Galaxies and drop infront of the TR warpgate
    kill all the Galaxies the 600 TR who deployed to amerish pulled