So, is there anything being done right now?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Endlave, Apr 4, 2015.

  1. Endlave

    Hey there,

    I am a patient man. When Daybreak announced that they would no longer be SOE and proceeded to fire a lot of staff, I was giving them the benefit of the doubt and stayed optimistic. Now, quite some time later, I am forced to ask myself, there even anything in the works right now? Or was that it? They said they would focus on bug fixing which was...a reasonable goal, I guess, considering how buggy the game could be, but I must have missed something, because I hardly remember any updates lately. No real bug fixing I have taken note of abd especially no updates that actually brought in something new or interesting.

    What I really liked about Planetside before was how the devs were so open with their plans for the game. There was this amazing roadmap thing going on last year which was not only interesting to read, it also allowed you to look forward to something. Now? Well, there is SOMETHING in that wishlist and development section of the forum, yet these threads are old and I am not sure if we have even seen any of the stuff yet, despite it being over a month old. (I wouldn't know since I am not playing on PTS)

    Back when Higby was still working for Daybreak, he also had his Higby Pls sessions every once in a while. Believe it or not, but I actually liked those. It provided some interesting insight on PS2's near future. Now that he is gone, the streams naturally ceased to exist. A sad thing for me. It was the only reason I even kept coming back to twitch and check the PS2 channel. All the other stuff just isn't interesting.

    So, is there something that is actually being done for this game right now? Because all the relevant stuff I can see people posting about is regarding PS4 stuff, which, frankly, I couldn't care less about. I realize that this whole PS4 business is important since it will likely decide if Planetside will be getting more money and staff to work on the game if it DOES become successful, but does that also have to mean that the PC version will have to be treated like the unwanted bastard of some ancient noble family? I don't need huge updates every month (though I would enjoy them, of course), but at least something every once in a while would be nice to have. Higby once talked about giving nice advantages for having Bio Labs, Amp Stations and Tech plants before he left. Like, real advantages compared to the crappy ones we have right now. "Turret heat reduction"? Really? I couldn't care less. I would be fine with getting just some cool advantages for now. It doesn't have to be the resource revamp everyone else is so desperately begging for. Just...SOMETHING interesting. Even the HUD element that shows how many of your mines are still active would be enough for me right now. And it was promised ages ago.
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  2. Ballto21

    Koltyr, gunner seat revamps, a few new weapons. Theyve stated theyre focusing more on performance and bug issues more than content for the next few months, which could mean two months could mean a year.
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  3. Pikachu

    Rocket rifle
    AM rifle
  4. DrPapaPenguin

    Hold please, money is being counted.
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  5. StellarHAZE

    I have been hearing that they are focusing more on optimization for 2 years now.I quitted the game 3 months ago, waiting for some new interesting content to get me back in action, and i'm still waiting, but new games are coming out soon, so... I get very angry at SOE/Daybreak for all the missed opportunities this game had.
  6. Tommyp2006

    I have zero expectations of seeing any meaningful change this year. Right now their focus is on the PS4 version getting finished. Then they'll be working on bug fixes for the PS4 version for a while. Then we'll go back to hearing the old "that takes too much time/resources" to do as they churn out cosmetics and copy/paste weapons.
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  7. day ofm one

    Let's see:

    - code fixing
    - weapon remodeling
    - performance improvements
    - bug fixing
    - Koltyr
    - new weapons

    Seems like they work quite hard for me.

    They focus on code fixing right now, what is a really good thing.
    That should prevent issues in the future.
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  8. day ofm one

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  9. StellarHAZE

  10. Pootisman

    Yes. And this is the most important improvement:

    They have finally fixed one of the biggest performance killers.

    A big fight with 20 vehicles and lots of infantry? Stable 60 FPS, no problem. 1 dual pounder MAX starts shooting, FPS drop to 15. It was ridiculous. Its sad that it took them so long to fix it.
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  11. Dj Gus

    As far as i'm concerned, DBG is actually getting work done. Keep it up.
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  12. day ofm one

    The question was if something is happening.
    Every single post in the linked thread is what is happening/what has happened.
    It is a lot, isn't it?

    Nothing new?
    You do realize every single one of these fixes is new?
    It didn't exist before.

    And about new items (I guess that's all you want):

    It is better they focus on bug fixing right now rather than only adding new stuff, isn't it.
    And they still managed to get a lot of new stuff into the game.

    I honestly can't see a single rational reason to complain right now.
  13. Tiedemann

    I was hoping this patch would contain a bunch of performance fixes since they said (when still SOE) that they were focusing on performance etc.
    Maybe we get more of those "small" ones like in this one (smoke thingy) and that they update more frequently from no on?

    I'm still scared of "big" patches like this :p

    At least Miller/Cobalt has been a lot better the last few weeks even though big fights and/full alert conts is a bit hit and miss :D
  14. Drag0

    I like how the game masters or ingame CSRs were an active part of the game. I feel like Daybreak is slacking just a little. I will be patient and wait and see.

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