so.... is forumside gonna shift hating season over to the VS now?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Camycamera, Oct 21, 2013.

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  1. Camycamera!/wds

    look at the WDS scores.

    now, who is winning today? VS.

    who is winning this week? VS.

    and who is winning this season? VS.

    looks like these changes worked, because the WDS is finally balanced.

    maybe forumside will stop with TR hating season and move on with VS hating season :eek:

    although i think the NC are still going to complain that they are UP on forumside, although this week NC are 10,000 points ahead of TR, and not far behind today.

    so rejoice NC and VS! :rolleyes:

    honestly now that it is somewhat more balanced in terms of scores i don't feel cheap anymore :D
  2. Geneaux

    What I don't get is why people actually care about this thing.
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  3. faykid

    week 1 through 4 winner is Terran Republic

    what am i supposed to look at? even if VS wins the current (last) week, what will it matter?
  4. Xasapis

    I don't think that's how things work :)

    Maybe you would have a case, if there was no bonus for the weaker empires.
  5. Larolyn

    Just ZOEs in vast numbers. Same hatred I feel for Annihilator 2.0 air / ground denial tool the TR got to play with so long and still use despite it being so bad since they nerfed it as all the TR like to let me know.
  6. MrMurdok

    VS OP nerf pls

    WDS prove it.
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  7. Xasapis

    I would wholeheartedly agree, if VS was also the most populated faction. The lack of population for the majority of the game's life is very telling of the perceived power of the empire. In fact, despite the numerous problems NC are facing, it seems that people still think they are overall better than VS.
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  8. HerpTheDerp

    *puts on fedora and big glasses*

    I've been hating on VS long before the WDS
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  9. MGP

    This is ridiculous! I hope they nerf VS soon.
    Because there's no other reason for VS winning other then OP toys.
    Well, this is what I've been told to for a last 4 weeks.
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  10. Xasapis

    I'm sure the double bonus for the least populated empire combined with the bonus for second and third place had nothing to do with it.

    Also, why would they nerf the empire that has problem maintaining population, despite some people assuming they are "OP"?
  11. HerpTheDerp

    So VS should have better weapons because of population issues?

    Your balancing ideas are so brilliant you should work for SOE
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  12. Xasapis

    Not quite that simple. Despite the forumside whining, population shifts are a good indication of perceived balance between the empires. I realise that perception may be different than actual power, but for almost the entirety of the life of the game, VS held either last place or second to last (early launch).

    I'm not saying that VS "should" have better weapons. I'm saying that people still believe that VS "don't" have better weapons. Or at least, that's what the people that migrate from one powerful empire to the next think. The perception of power, or lack of, creates the population issues. Population issues that we had for months with NC and we now have with TR.
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  13. Liquid23

    VS are only winning because they got a 50 percent bonus
  14. Hrafnagaldr

    I was shredding NC with my max yesterday. But withoput ZOE, Charge 5 + Kinetic 5 were enough to get a lot of kills. ZOE makes your MAX look stupid so I wont bother using it ever.
  15. HLM

    In my mind, it is always VS hating season.
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  16. Peebuddy

    Guys it's the pre-season, aka the season to tweak the scoring system hundreds of times until they get it right. You all act like this is the only one we're gonna get, WDS are going to become a regular thing. They've gone through too much effort to only do this a few times.

    5% ahead of 2nd place obviously indicates a problem, they'll keep at it until every faction is 1-3% close to each other. God they're giving us free exp boosts every week yet you insist these matches indicate that ones faction is UP/ OP, it's the ****** scoring system and not because your weapons have a RPM 5% slower than your competitors or how your ESF is the slowest.

    Unless you're a dirty ZOE user, you guys are OP as hell!
  17. RobotNinja

    SOE will just add another week or adjust the scores again or change them or completely change the the VS wins because Vanu players have been flooding the forums complaining about how unfair it is.

    On a sidenote, ZOEs seemed to have actually replaced all VS Infantry. It's becoming rare to see non-MAX VS Infantry.

    Meanwhile, the NC get the short stick as always and ironically VS players have been complaining about how OP the NC is too. One guy played NC for FOUR WHOLE HOURS and then declared the entire NC OP and that they all need to L2P.

    While he was preaching to the NC about how bad they all are he may have forgotten to mention the NEGATIVE KDR he racked up.
  18. Xasapis

    It's funny how big the psychological effect is for some people. I had an NC MAX the other day running away from me although he was at hugging distance and would had vaporised me (I didn't remember to shut ZOE).

    I also had an infiltrator emptying an SMG clip on my head and taking 40% of my health (usually running with nano regen).

    The funny bit is though that it doesn't matter at this point if they even remove ZOE. If they do though, they will need to adjust the anti vehicle weapons. Right now, it seems they are balanced with the assumption that ZOE is active.

    It would be interesting to know what the percentage of MAXes pulled is today. The last information we had (which is rather outdated) was that TR are pulling the most MAXes and MBTs compared to the other two empires. VS were pulling more for the few weeks after ZOE was implemented, but then things settled down and TR took the lead again.
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  19. Larolyn

    I thought the MAX in high heels made you look stupid :p
  20. HooWoo

    Vanu obviously OP

    pls nerf higby.
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