So in Reality the MCG got a huge NERF, Thanks TR Forumside users for begging for more RoF!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by G.O.A.T, Apr 16, 2014.

  1. Robertooooo

    It didn't have any real uses before other than being a fun gun. Now, after the changes it outperforms the CARV in CQC at least.

    I absolutely love the new MCG: it is pretty much better than the old one and the improve spinning time feels way to good.
    And when i hear people crying about the loss of accuracy while ADS, let me remember you that the first 4-5 bullets were accurate and that we have to tap-fire to have a pretty decent accuracy. If you want to play at longer distances with your HA, use the NS-15M.
    At first the MCG was just a lol weapon that was weaker than the CARV at CQC, weaker than TMG 50 at medium range and weaker than NS-15M at longer ranges, but now it's really powerful from CQC to short-medium range

    The only bad point is the name of the attachement (BRRT seriously?)
  3. G.O.A.T

    Except it doesn't...Unless your literally like 5 feet away.

    Before it did have use, there was a range where it was hipfire range and in the distance between ADS/Hipfire range, since the little dot reticule was so accurate.

    Sadly most players sucked to aim with the little dot so they couldn't take advantage.
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  4. Mxiter

    Maybe should you using MSW-R instead?

    It always have been more accurate than the MGC, have optics and always had better COFs (hip & ADS).
  5. Megasurf

    ITT: People with horrible descisons and ideas. Dont listen and keep on going.
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  6. Alien51

    G.O.A.T. I totally agree with everything you've said.

    TR got shafted again. Striker is ******* more useless than the Annihilator, and now our MCG is more useless than every gun in the game. The only thing we have left is our Needler and Prowler Anchor. It's a sad day.

    I tried to use the MCG for a few hours recently and it just doesn't have the versatility which enabled you to flank that it used to. I'm losing extreme CQC fights as well with a regularity the old MCG never experienced. Not sure but I blame the loss of accuracy, which results in loss of headshots.

    And for all you ******* naysayers who've ruined one of my favorite guns...
    2500 kills with 5 KDR; MCG.
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  7. hidden8lade

    All that I can say is that I'm doing better with this version and that your computer sucks
  8. RyanGUK

    What I've gathered from this thread is that there are a set of people that think the weapon got worse who were already using it, and those who think the weapon is better who were already using it.

    All hail those who think their opinions are fact.
  9. NaySayer

    Hey man I was not all for this change.
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  10. Pie Chasm

    The MCG was terrible, now.. it's still terrible, albeit in a different way.

    It's OK. Everything has remained the same, no need to panic.
  11. G.O.A.T

    Actually the people who say the MCG is better are those who never used it or rarely used it.

    These people just bought into the Forumside hysteria that the gun sucked so they tried it once with negative outlook and never gave it chance.

    People who used it, know the gun is useless now without the accuracy.
  12. Pie Chasm

    Yet, it was still bad before...

    The only time I ever used the weapon to some degree was during the spinup bypass and even then it was poor (you had to sacrifice everything for a slow, inaccurate Lynx).

    What the developers don't understand is that IF you are going to make it inaccurate past 10 meters, you have to give it shotgun-like efficacy, or else you're better off with a shotgun.

    The TTK in this game is too short in CQC (exacerbated by flinch) to allow weapon with any kind of spin-up to succeed.
  13. Maljas23

    The MCG is the first gun I bought when Planetside 2 went live from beta. It is also my first Aurx'd weapon. I've used all versions of this weapon(including underslung version), and believe the MCG was mediocre at best before the big changes to the CoF and the new attachment. Now the MCG is a monster at it's originally intended role, CQC.

    The MCG did not get worse, it got significantly better, whether you use extended mags or BRRT. Please speak for yourself for now on.
  14. Togg

    Have to chime in here. Long term NC player since beta....Just opened up a new TR char to play alongside my mate on TR and bought the MCG today....I fell in love immedistly. With an unupgraded heavy I melted face getting 8 kills for every death with it. Never been so stuck as to the single upgrade option as they're all good. Came on here to see what people are recommending post-patch and see the largest amount of whinging ever!

    This gun's great! I havnt had as much fun being a heavy as my basic TR with MCG!

    Try getting 4 kills I'm a row with a Jackhammer I dare you ;)

    For what it's worth to those reading...MCG is defo worth trialling at least to see if you like it and think the extended mag might be the way forward with upgrades :)
  15. RenegadeHelios

    In all honesty....

    It seems in general combat the MCG is heavily out-performing the Jackie and Lasher. Especially with shotguns in their current state. :c

    I was going to post an extremely long rant on the testing that I did, but I just realized I don't have the time.

    tl;dr: I think the lasher needs either an AOE buff or a damage buff and the Jackie needs either a fire rate buff or a damage buff to balance the faction's heavy weapons out. Don't overly nerf the HA weapons; they need to be feared. The other two are kind of laughable compared to other weapons at the moment, so they need a buff to balance das stuff. Yea. >.>

    MCG got buffed, etc.
  16. Mathgeekjoe

    While it is less accurate in burst, it got a buff to its sustained fire. Showing the starting bloom of the MCG is an inaccurate way to show it has less accuracy. I could make an counter argument that it is more accurate by posting the old MCG after sustain fire, and the new MCG after sustained fire. Hey look, the new MCG is A LOT better at sustained fire. It is now a gun that bursting really is pointless on, but now stained fire is king. For those who say they lost in fights because of the lower accuracy causing failed headshots, I would like to say head shots were never good on this weapon since the only do 50% more damage compared to the normal double damage. This is a weapon that you should never aim at the head with.
  17. SadeSkirata

    Sustained fire? I'll tell you what I rarely use either one as suppressive fire, you know why, unless I'm right on the door, or have a pocket engi, its impractical. Why was the loss of accuracy so big to me and others? Because with the high accuracy, I could land shots effectively faster and at a much greater range than I can now, as I now have to spray and pray! I honestly think the only change needed was have the MCG fire at 800 immediately. . .no spin up, no brrt, just fire when your press the trigger at full RPM. . .all the needed to do. .
  18. SadeSkirata

    I think the lasher just needs an AOE buff
  19. Epic High Five

    The old COFs weren't properly representative. You did not have perfect first shot accuracy even though the ADS crosshair said so.

    This gun is absolutely nuts now. I run it with the BRRT attachment exclusively and just wreck with it. The only thing keeping this from being crazy OP is the fact that the TR don't drop freaking ammo EVER :mad: