So in Reality the MCG got a huge NERF, Thanks TR Forumside users for begging for more RoF!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by G.O.A.T, Apr 16, 2014.

  1. Golconda

    from what I know the brrt doesn't change the ads [******] accuracy
  2. ackerx

    Not really. It make spin more faster. Which means it ruined accuracy even you ADS.
  3. Golconda

    not sure I understood what you mean....the ads cone is locked from the start to the end, firing faster doesn't change it in any way....accuracy is the same since more bullets miss the enemy but more bullets hit him too.
  4. Gutseen

  5. Casterbridge

    Some of the replies in this thread are odd. While I liked the longer range capabilites the MCG had before, the thing is a freaking monster now in any type of base fights, it simply shreds targets.
  6. Vearo

    I don't think they actually tried it yet. That's the only thing I can think of that would explain their posts.
  7. Corvus Corax

    I tried it. I also got like 4x as many kills as I usually do just camping spots where LA and heavies like to jump down from. They stood no chance. It was glorious.
    So, in general, it's really more like this: it's a higher damaging SMG with a longer lasting clip. You can usually take down 2 heavies with their shields and an additional class with the MCG before having to reload. IMO if they had BRRT as a separate addition to be coupled with ex mags, VS and NC would **** their pants and go into full 'NERF THIS **** NAO' mode. Because it would wreck every one of them.
    However: the MCG is essentially useless as **** outside of 15m ish. Useless. But that's the tradeoff and I'm okay with it.
  8. seffard

    It isnt a precise all-around weapon or perfect as it used to be once, but for close up to 30m range it performs well and a little better overall (within this range) than other LMGs, specially my preferred T9 Carv. Its not because the area where your shots are gonna land means imprecision that its worse than a seemingly accurate recticule. As long as the T7 aiming circle covers a good part of the target, its likely a hit. Its another perspective to have in mind with this gun. Sometimes when its certainly a miss on a point based recticle, it can be a forgiving hit on an area based one. The better RoF and spin up time of the new attachment can make up for the missing area.

    30m around 33% hit coverage

    20m around 50%[IMG]

    It seems to me that most of the infantry fights happens till medium range, so its not horrible to have this weapon suited for this circumstance.
    The other good thing is that now with the fixed circle its more efficient to keep shooting at a target like a max till the magazine ends.
  9. Yasa

    The only thing the MCG does better is annoy teammates with its ******** firing sound.
  10. Kriegson

    Was killing me fine without issues. See plenty of people using them consecutively (Died, come back, still using) as well. I don't imagine they wouldn't have kept using them if they hadn't been scoring kills with em.
  11. D.C.V.

    Let's not forget about the static crosshair!!! Thanks to this change i ditched my laser sight and went for extended mags! I prefer it this way. You just press left click and strafe to kill everyone inside buildings.:)

    But i have to admit that now i am losing 99% of my 1vs1 in 20+m ranges. It's a minigun though, so i wouldn't expect it to perform any better in these ranges.

    Overall i think it is SLIGHTLY better than what it used to be.
  12. jiggu

    Well it's "new" now so people are going to give it a serious go. Not saying it's bad but dying from it doesn't really mean anything. I think it's more in line with other LMGs and it has been given its own character now, so I am very happy with the change, even if it's no killing machine it now has a proper niche.
  13. Edelhonk

    Am i the only one who really loves the new MCG...sorry but i use this weapon now almost 100% since the new attachment came out and its frecking awesome. lost the pin point accuracy but the old one bloomed so fast that you had to tapfire to gun down a target over 40m+...and that was making the TTK with MCG horrible long.
    Now with the fixed CoF i can go for a target even on 40m and pull the trigger, do some tapdancing and listening the some of pure death and in the most cases i won this fights...even vs 2 or 3 targets with LMGs and/or ARs.
    The recoil is easy to manage so the only thing that makes the gun a little bit odd ist the horizontal recoil aka left-right jumping.
    I wish the BRRT (still hate the name even when its better then FART) would be a barrel attachment or the whole stock MCG would be like the current one with BRRT so i still could get extended Mags or Laser on it...then the gun would be my dream
  14. Stargazer86

    Eh. The MCG is still at a disadvantage in 1v1 fights. The only time I found it to be truly good is when I've managed to flank a group of unsuspecting enemies and hose them down. If you try to assault a room head on with the thing, you're going to get mowed down before the MCG even has time to spin up.

    As for the BRRT attachment, it helps, but then it essentially just becomes a normal LMG that you have to reload after after 2 kills. It just eats up ammo like nothing else. I find myself constantly switching between the extended mag and BRRT, because I like aspects of both, and yet the disadvantages of both annoy me.

    Using BRRT: God I really need more ammo.
    Using Extended Mag: God this spin-up time is killing me.

    All in all, I say it's better, but still not really worth using over another LMG.
  15. Corvus Corax

    There's a balance though. I agree with Stargazer's point that it basically becomes a 2-3 kill LMG. But if you make it a barrel attachment, there will be people posting thread after thread after thread here about how the MCG is OP because of fixed CoF and huge mag size.
  16. Darthjackn

    Because they chain gun was intended to be a weapon for close to medium range and with the new ads and extended mags you can wreck anyone in close to medium range.
  17. G.O.A.T


    You can't own in meduim range.....You literally have to be 5 feet away for the gun to be good, even then you will still lose to shotguns.

    It sucks at meduim range now...Before it was actually pretty good in the range between hipfire/meduim range.
  18. Kevibear

    R.I.P in peace MCG, was good gun much sad.
  19. Corezer

    new MCG rox som cerealus box, what these meth heads talkin 'bout?

    Like the bull tho, it's sexy as hell.
  20. G.O.A.T

    It is.

    The MCG has no use now.