So in Reality the MCG got a huge NERF, Thanks TR Forumside users for begging for more RoF!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by G.O.A.T, Apr 16, 2014.

  1. G.O.A.T

    Seriously TR forumsiders.

    You guys claimed the MCG sucked that RoF will make the gun amazing.....What we get is a joke.

    We sacrificed this


    for this


    We sacrificed that for this lol

    So we don't even get more RoF, just faster spooling time.

    Now lets look at the only way to make the RoF higher.

    The only way is to sacrifice Laser sight and Extended magazine.


    compared to Laser Sight MCG


    So the only way to benifit from high RoF is sacrifice our short range accuracy or magazines for an unaccurate high RoF gun lol.

    This is a huge nerf to TR....The MCG is ruined

    Sad thing is that is TR Forumside members who made this happen with there begging of make the MCG higher RoF.

    We had an amazing MCG, a great close range gun that owned at close to medium distance in ADS range because of the incredible accuracy.

    Here is the truth about the gun.

    The MCG will never be the best Close Quarter gun because of Shotguns and now it can't hit anything at Close/Mid range ADS.....Thus the MCG is close to being useless now.

    TR Forumside members screwed TR over, once again.
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  2. Surmise

    as long as you can ADS with the upgradable RPM, it's a buff
  3. Darthjackn

    That would be true with ads it is a straight up buff
  4. G.O.A.T

    Dude did you see how huge the ADS reticule is? The gun is worthless in ADS now.

    Once the gun starts shooting that ADS reticule is gonna be super open, you wont be able to hit anything.

    In order to get RoF increases you have to sacrafice laser sight(better accuracy) and extended Mag.

    This is a huge nerf.
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  5. G.O.A.T

    What? How is this a buff?


    Being able to hit anything with pin point accuracy from close/mid ADS range.



    This, not being able to hit any in close/mid ADS range.

    The High RoF won't matter in ADS at all, the gun is useless now in ADS.
  6. SuperMedicated

    Ah how I like to see TR whining because they don't have a minigun that snipes anymore, lovely
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  7. Tommyp2006

    What we asked for was the fixed COF AND a higher ROF. Along with the ability to prespin. Instead, what we got, was a fixed COF, and an attachment that is pretty much just a bandaid.
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  8. G.O.A.T

    Snipes? lulz.

    The gun was good in out of hip range(close range) to Mid range.

    The gun was not even close to being the best Mid range gun but it got the job done if you were accurate enough.

    Saying it was a good sniping weapon is obviously dumb, You obviously got killed by guys who know how to control the MCG.

    The MCG now is a joke....It's not the best CQC gun, any shotgun can take it...and it can't aim good with close to mid range when ADS....Huge Nerf
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  9. jiggu

    The only thing that bothers me now with it is the ammo, otherwise it's good. It was never supposed to be a sniper.
  10. DooDooBreff

    Soe should Nerf bad trolls who have to keep their own threads going.
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  11. Robertooooo

    Within 20 meters it's a monster. And for greater ranges there is already 7 other lmg's.
  12. G.O.A.T

    It never was a sniper...

    This is a sniper


    You would never get a guy at that range with the MCG...never.

    The MCG dot reticule just made it decent at ADS close to mid fire range....Like I said at mid range it wasn't even close to being the best gun but at least you could hit.

    It was a great gun at out of hip fire range when you have to ADS....Thats still close range.
  13. G.O.A.T

    20 meters is pretty long...It's good at hipfire combat but thats pretty much it.

    Anything in ADS distance and its gonna have a disadvantage.
  14. David Lancaster

    The ADS is now fixed, so it's essentially the same size as a ramped up 1.0 chaingun, except it's fixed.

    Dude, not sure if you noticed, but this thing shred to 30 meters, and becomes hardly usable only at like 50 meters. It's a great CQC gun now. Take it up against a max in CQC, see what happens my friend.
  15. FateJH

    Against a Hacks MAX?
  16. Yasa

    Maybe you have access to a different mcg. The MCG I had was useless. Our repeater pistol had a lower TTK than that waste of 1k certs.
  17. David Lancaster

    Eh, don't get too close to those :p
    Everything else though :cool:
  18. Vearo

    The MCG went from a mediocre all-rounder that didn't perform well due to spin-up in all environments to a dedicated Short-range dakka machine.

    I went and tested it about 30 minutes ago (with the BRRT), and didn't find it lacking or as frustrating as it was before. When I was close enough, I could win 1v1 engagements that would have seen me dead otherwise. The important thing to note is that the weapon is MUCH better at close-range due to the buffs to the wind-up time and lack of bloom from sustained fire.

    The best part is that if the weapon is still underperforming, it is very simple to buff it in specific areas. Not enough range? Tighten up the CoF. Not enough damage? Increase RPM. Those factors are far less intertwined now than before with this change.
  19. G.O.A.T

    You obviously didn't know how to use it correctly.
  20. Yasa

    Everything the mcg can do, the carv can do better.
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