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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Foxassassin, Aug 25, 2020.

  1. Foxassassin

    A few days back I got killed by someone using the Raijin. For the people that don't remember, it was a weapon that was given away for PTS testing, like the recent helmet. I had forgot these things existed for years.

    Except that the Raijin and Fujin are completely different from eachother. They're both throwing weapons that replace grenades, but they're both unique. Which got me thinking about how frustrating it is to have something unique locked behind a one time, potentially, test phase. Cosmetics are one thing, but something like a weapon?

    That's why I think it would be a good idea to throw the Raijin into the A7 shop, along with making a new knife analog for grind obtainable Ancient Psykinetic Blade. That way, again, there's a uinque weapon type that's not locked behind an event/bundle.

    Honestly, more things in the A7 shop would be nice period, but mostly this was spured on by the complete lack of ways to get a weapon that already exists in the game, that's not a reskin.
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  2. Liewec123

    As someone who owns Raijin i'd have no problem with this,

    Other stuff like circuit board camo and RAF MBT turrets should be kept special,
    Because they cost a lot of money to get,

    but Raijin was free to acquire and is so bad that noone will use it anyway XD

    Plus it would give another use for a7,
    Though I hear exceptional implants might be coming soon.

    I equipt Raijin on my nso until I had the certs for AV nades and i only got a few kills,
    Its like having a slow firing semi auto shotgun that takes 25 nanites to fire.
    Really bad XD
  3. JobiWan

    If you think Raijin is really bad, you're doing it wrong....just sayin'.....
  4. Foxassassin

    Well. I meant gameplay changing things, as is how A7 has been. Always something usable, not cosmetic.

    Although, to be fair adding in some older cosmetics into the merit shop along with the single cosmetic set for each class/ some vehicles, would be nice too. Merit shop is lacking just as bad as the A7 shop.
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  5. Liewec123

    grenade [50 nanites] - oneshots everything in an area, damages everything out to 6m.
    Raijin [25 nanites] - has the potential to oneshot a single target, but only if you land a headshot.

    the only reason i would ever run Raijin is to deliberately not kill people with it,
    like when grinding auraxium on the gimmick guns,
    you could hit a target with raijin first and then kill them with the gimmick gun.

    otherwise i'd much rather use nades,
    stickies on my engi/infil, AV on my heavy, revive on my medic, standard frag on LA.
    way more useful than a single target attack that probably wont even kill that single target.
    we could say "use raijin to finish off wounded targets" but the half-second delay before throwing makes that impractical,
    most guns in the game will kill you in under half a second.
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