So I was away for a few weeks...

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Goodkat, Jun 16, 2014.

  1. Goodkat

    I came back to check in.

    I saw the patch notes nerfing tanks (magrider especially) and libs...

    Good Lord, why do people hate combined arms so much. Infantry should be wrecked in the open field by vehicles. As this game is going down the path of COD with decorative tanks, I suppose I check back in a few more weeks...
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  2. CrimsonEpsilon

    Still hate HE. But i somewhat agree. Libs however should have just gotten a nerf to Flak and ground to air missiles.
  3. Necron

    Needs more cheese to go with all the whine.
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  4. GaBeRock

    No, they shouldn't have. Neither of those things were changed in the update, and nobody was complaining about lib effectiveness against them beforehand. What libs need are nerfs to tank round resistance and dumbfire resistance, the things that were buffed.
  5. Brahma2

    COD has tanks?
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  6. Corporate Thug

    Perhaps people don't hate combined arms, but dislike being at the mercy of everyone in a vehicle. Just because they want to use a vehicle, with no practical reason as of why they are in a vehicle. Because it's a vehicle, that can't capture control points, that can't set off generators. Vehicles that are mostly used to kill the infantry that do play the objectives but are mostly rewarded with AOE spam from players who benefit from the infantry every time a base is captured. Vehicles who mostly steal kills, accidentally shell friendlies and end the fun by camping in the enemy players, leaving the infantry with nothing to do but sit and wait for cap timers.

    I'm pretty sure lots of other vehicle users wanted some of these changes as well. The lib changes are very much warranted, though the tank changes are a bit uncalled for but I do understand why they want to make them. There is nothing wrong with combined arms combat. It is the lack of dependency of units, in which their dependency fundamentally defines combined arms combat, that most complaints are based on. Also, allowing people to fight back with out having to have 3x the amount of players.

    Soon, tanks won't be able to sit super far away and get easy kills, nor will libs be able to wreck all no matter how badly they fly or friendly population is around/lack of. All vehicles will soon be right in the middle of the battle and have to deal with the same dangers as everyone else. Sounds exciting.
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  7. Jbrain

    I totally disagree tank heroes should never be more powerful than a squad of infantry working together. Its bad enough having to deal with the tankers now who refuse to outfit/squad and work together to achieve a specific goal. They just want to farm their certs. With exception to a few skilled players most tankers I have seen have 99% of their time in tanks and nothing else so they know nothing about what its like to have to deal with them. Combined arms rofl yeh that's exactly what tankers want..if that means they can stay in a tank 9 hours a day and farm certs without working with their faction or infantry base, then combined arms is exctly what they want LOL>.
  8. Flashtirade

    As someone who had an intense interest in vehicles but got disenchanted by the stupidest things, what I want from this game was:
    - Vehicle objectives besides killing infantry and other vehicles. I want to blow down amp station walls so infantry that aren't LAs can pour into the openings. I want to do devastating but short strafing runs from the air and then promptly RTBing. I want Starship Trooper-esque drops outside of coordinated platoons. I want more and better logistics using Sunderers, Galaxies, and maybe even Harassers and ESFs.
    - Better integration and separation of vehicles and infantry. This includes a whole mess of core concepts, but the biggest ones are map and base design followed by weapon design. Bases should be hardened positions with lots of defensive options, but infantry AV power and range would be limited outside of the base walls.
    - More weapons that are versatile and/or the option to switch loadouts, even at additional cost. Rock-paper-scissors balancing is hard to achieve when the battlefield is constantly changing. The devil is in the details, though, like how I believe ESF secondaries should be very specialized while the nosegun can be specialized or general purpose.
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  9. CrashB111

    Ladies and Gentlemen, your typical InfantrySide2 player.

  10. TheFamilyGhost

    The game is eviscerated. It is very sad.

    However, I blame forumside. Back in the day...when the first nerf warriors entered, the players should have opposed them. But we didn't. Instead, we played. Shame on us for not representing the players.
  11. Eaderout

    Awwwwww you really know nothing about tanks. As a ground force tanks will always DESTORY infantry unless they have anti-tank elements with them. If someone likes running around on a tank that's what they like doing, what you need to do is make their day a living hell and not ***** on the forums about them. This is a war game you know.

    Now what I do agree with are not liking people who don't pull their weight for the team.
  12. JesNC

    I blame HE weapons.
  13. Crashsplash

    Because they're being used inside base and not in open fields, otherwise I'd agree with you infantry should not complain about being rekt in open fields.
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  14. Konfuzfanten

    Ppl dont hate combined arms, they hate vehicles shelling spawns or farming infantry inside bases.
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  15. Alarox

    In World at War there were tanks on a few of the maps that you could use.

    Although there have been many tanks in CoD, they're almost exclusively decorations.