So i want to be a CQC infiltrator..

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Shinniok, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. Timeraider

    offensive mining is great. Lately ive seen quite some streaks (3+ kills per mine) with them
  2. GSZenith

    don't get a SMG not worth it unless cyclone, get Ghost slap 4x scope on it and use it as a shotgun, resto kit, nano, hunter for stealth flirckering, no silencers, laser on pistol, there done.
  3. Timeraider

    and then you get gunned down by a real shotgun or a guy with an SMG :D
  4. DeathSparx

    Well, you can obviously tell I haven't really looked into the Sirius/Hailstorm/Blitz all that much. :p

    I've done that type of mining before but as of late, I have not found much opportunity to do it which is partly why I've forgotten about that tactic. But yeah, I remember going into a room chock full of guys laid down both mines and a grenade and let all the points roll in. I'm just more a defensive-type of infiltrator because that's what my Vanu outfit does.
  5. Rhyl

    You can kill someone with the ghost outside the shotgun's/smg's effective range. Up to mid-ranged combat it's a one shot kill to the head. As long as you don't panic and control your shots it really does rival both those options. The ghost is surprisingly good. Better than most give it credit for. Same with the TR/NC equivalents.
  6. RoMoronik666

    I like the Armsitice SMG for the TR. It needs the extended mag though, as it runs out of bullets WAY too fast otherwise....
  7. GSZenith

    hmph, not yet :(
  8. Crewell

    Yet not knowing the actual costs, you berated my post as being wrong. Perhaps in the future when you post game info you should make sure you are correct.
  9. DeathSparx

    I forgot that there was an advanced laser sight. I was actually leaning more towards the forward grip over the laser sight which is why I said 330 certs and I do remember saying that I recommended the grip over the laser sight. However, if you get the advanced laser sight then it would bring the cost up to 430 certs. So yes, you're right. Sorry.
  10. Crewell

    A forward grip is a waste on the Sirius. The gun has almost no pull even in hip-fire. It's easily manageable.