So i want to be a CQC infiltrator..

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  1. Shinniok

    Since i started playing PS2, i have pretty much played exclusively with my heavy assault, it's my kind of character.
    Im getting close to max everything what is needed for it, so i started to watch for a new class to master! And the CQC infiltrator seemed like the most fun to me (although the sniping part of the infiltrator seems really boring).

    SO: Which SMG should i get for CQC? how do i cert it? i know that supressor is a must, but what else?
    For the cloak, i should use hunter cloak, isnt it? And should i use a medkit, or AP mines?
    And one last question! : The pistol ( for those knife+pistol cool combos ) , which one? considering im VS, and how should it cert it?

    PS: Other aspects of the class ( recon, suit, nades, etc ), feel free to make your sugestion, pls

    Thanks in advance !
  2. Ztiller

    The Sirius with the larger mag is pretty much the clear choice for the SMG. apart from a minimal difference in TTK and a longer reload, it is superior to the Eridiani in every way.

    Hunter Cloak or Nano Armor. It's all personal preference. I prefer the Hunter ,since i prefer the more stealthy and less Rambo-style infiltration, where i rather run and hide from enemies than fight them. Other players are more head on and the Nano Armor suits them better.

    Get the AP-mines. they are invaluable when being chased, and will allow you to set up a small perimiter around your "camping spot." and cause general confusion. Medkits are better for long-range snipers. You can always hack a terminal and change to medic if you need to heal.

    The Manticore is low priority. While slightly better than the Beamer, the difference in survivability when under direct fire is minimal, and when knife+gun comboing, the difference is in one single shot, something that shouldn't matter much.

    I recommend getting the Manticore, but don't rush it. Especially not if you have your SMG.

    Get Flak armor. It will allow you to survive the AP mines that riddle the game like pinecones right now.

    Nades is personal preference. I use EMP grenades, because they are extremely effective at removing minefields (Large area and work through walls), and they also work as a disorientation device, while reducing all enemies health by 50%.

    The Frag grenade is less stealthy, but have a more trustworthy and less risky use. You throw it, things die. The EMP grenade can lead to more kills if you know what you are doing, but for a new player, id recommend Frag. Don't bother with Decoy.

    If you want to be a successful CQC infiltrator, always remember that you are the weakest combat class in a direct firefight, and will lose most of the time. Therefor, use stealth and cunning to kill your enemies. Surprise them. Kill quickly and disappear. You're not a cloaked Heavy Assault. Often running is your best option.
  3. CptFirelord

    Personally I prefer the Beamer, but the Manticore is nice for a little extra damage in the pistol+knife combo. As far as certing your SMG, Advanced laser sight, silencer. Scope is your choice, but the ironsights are arguably better for the SMG (due to the fact they don't remove some FOV on the right side of your screen). I personally run a regen kit, but you could run AP mines. It's situational really, and keep in mind the regen kit will stop healing if you cloak.
  4. SirIBON

    My chose would be the Sirius SX12 (was on special offer this week)
    I used it in the VR to check if i would take this or an other weapon for my LA, i take a Carabine. But this isnt an Option for an Infiltrator.

    Sirius SX12 (50 Ammo Clip)
    - Advanced Laser Sight (makes the Crosshair from Hip very small)
    - Soft Point Ammunition
    - Suppressor
    - and IRNV Scope

    I would only shoot from the Hip, because you can move (walk) faster, with the SMG while shooting.
    So while i not aim with a scope, so i can than use the IRNV Scope if smoke comes in view. I do not like the IRNV Scope. But on this CQC SMG i had a free place for it.
    In my tests i think that i did not hit so much better with a scope (Reflex Sight 2x) as with the Hipshots. And better movement is for CQC nice.

    Try it in the VR.

    Restoration Kit i use as long as i cant cert Mines. You only need to buy it once for all Classes!
    It gives more Health back and you can use it before you enter the Combat. So the Regeneration Process goes on.

    I am a Supporter, so i use often the Advanced Equipment Terminal Hacking. I would invest the first 3 Levels to save time.
    Much Terminals stay free outdoors, and the others are inside with doors in your back. For me it is nice to have only a short time to be (nearly) helpless.

    Handgun, i read something, that there will be a Revolver that can kill someone that is near. I wait for that.
  5. carbonite

    My suggestion for CQC Infiltrator:

    Sniper Rifles (DMR): Ghost VS12, and or Phantom VA23; Certifications: Forward Grip, Suppressor, Scopes (1x-4x)

    SMG: Sirius SX12; Certifications: Forward Grip (if you ADS) or Laser Dot (if you hip fire), Suppressor.

    Pistol: Default Beamer VS3 is good with Pistol-Knife, and by itself;

    Grenade: EMP - they are good (removes shields, stop abilities (if in use), and scrambles screen)

    Utility Slot: This is up to you, VS Proximity Mines are good, and I would suggest you use them. But if you want to go on streaks (relying more on gunplay) get your Medkits - don't use restorations (they are broken currently);

    Suit Slot: Flak Armor or ASC (advanced shield capacitor)

    Ability Slot: Hunter Cloaking

    Passive Systems: Max this out last.

    Have any questions let me know. Good Luck!
  6. Kaon1311

    Dont forget to turn your mic off, or set it push to talk, as you will be laughing 90% of your playtime. I know i do, Infiltrator is the OP class when it comes to fun :D
  7. Vasheron

    Ztiller really knows his stuff - listen to him!

    The only difference in opinion I have with him is the suit slot. I use Advanced Shield Capacitor instead of Flak. If have to cloak immediately after an engagement it is more likely that my shields will be ready to recharge by the time I uncloak. This can reduce the downtime between engagements, which is crucial if you're surrounded by enemies (likely if you're an infiltrator). You will die to AP mines, but I think this is outweighed by the fact that it is less likely that an enemy will catch you without your shields. If you don't like the sound of ASC then Flak is a good choice.
  8. Get2dachoppa

    No one has mentioned it yet, and its a lower priority than getting your SMG certed out but don't overlook dumping a few certs into turret hacking. Alone in a tower surrounded by the enemy, this can be quite valuable to quickly jump into turrets to shoot vehicles or troops that are leaving to the next objective. It also gives you a means to quickly hack a terminal and rearm yourself.

    The quicker you can hack, the less time you leave yourself exposed for someone to find you but like I said, its a lower priority. Also, it will be nice when they finally fix that bug so you can gun down people after ejecting them from a turret.
  9. Shinniok

    wow, so much clear and usefull tips, and quick responses ! *-* , thank u very much guys ! I cant wait to get my hands over the infiltrator.
  10. Ztiller

    Just dont get disheartened when you die. We all did when we learned. When i first learned how to infiltrate, it would take me like 2-3 minutes to get from the bottom floor in a watchtower to the top. Now i can do it in like 30 seconds.
  11. Dr. Euthanasia

    Get the Sirius and then get either Proximity Mines or Medkits - your choice between a way to cover your escape (or blow people without warning them - there's no indicator like with frag grenades), or a way to recover health on the move. If you do go with medkits, you're definitely going to want Nanoweave Armor as your suit to make the most out of them.

    Also, put points into your recon dart tool. It starts out horrible but scales exponentially with upgrades, and gives you reliable information about where you targets are so that you can both hunt them down and avoid them as you see fit. Just be aware that firing the dart counts as an unsilenced weapon and thus reveals you on the minimap of nearby enemies.
  12. Timeraider

    Something not alot of people try, but still something people should try.. ammunition belt as suit slot.
    Tbh i cant count on my fingers how many times i would have ran out of ammunition without it :p

    But ofcourse most CQC infils ive seen dont survive long enough to make use of it
  13. Ztiller

    I just steal ammo from enemy engineers. They always leave ammo packs around, and you never get spotted stealing ammo, because nobody expects you to do it. Just casually stroll into a cluster of enemies and refill your ammo.
  14. DeathSparx

    I'll just tell you what told another guy who wanted to do CQC Infiltrator:
    You sound like you're going for CQC,
    in that case I would recommend (in no particular order):
    - SMG:
    - Eridani (Cert for: soft point ammo, suppressor, extended mag, sight [optional])
    - Sirius (Cert for: soft point ammo, suppressor, forward grip to control that left/right recoil or laser sight for better hip fire, sight [optional])
    - For survivability you need to figure out what is gonna give you the most trouble (vehicles, AP mines, or foot soldiers). The first two would indicate flak armor, the last one says nano-weave. Keep this in mind: Nano-weave will allow you to walk over one AP mine (with atleast rank 5 which is the second to last rank) but leave you with barely any health left so be ready for active defenders camping in the area (typically engineers and other infiltrators that are camping their own mines).
    - For the cloak, this depends what type of infiltrator you are: If you really don't rely on you're cloak that much then nano-armor cloaking works for the getaways as the shoot at you. Typically, going around stabbing people in the back in high traffic areas will require long term stealth so I would highly recommend maxing Hunter cloaking as it gives you a longer cloak and maxing it increases the recharge rate.
    - AP Mines: most ppl wear flak armor these days but they still worth it for the occasionally random kill. I've planted these at a base and went a couple kilometers away to another place and just on my way to my destination gotten a random kill. These pay for themselves if placed properly. Get both when you can. Completely worth it.
    - Turret/Terminal Hacking Speed: Depends on how much you find yourself hacking terminals (and the conditions under which you are doing so) but certing into this gives noticeable results to the speed so feel free if you feel the need.
    Author's NOTE: For the SMG's I personally prefer a certed out Eridani over the Sirius because of the higher damage and more controllable recoil (especially with extended mags), however the Sirius isn't a bad option. In the case of the Sirius, I would highly recommend the forward grip over the laser sight because all SMG's in this game already have the best hipfire accuracy (i.e. aiming downsights does not change their accuracy--it's the exact same). The Sirius, as you'll come to know, has a tendency to "walk" or pitch side to side as it pitches up. Guns with that recoil pattern are generally harder to control but can be made easier with forward grips.

    I think that covers everything...
  15. Crewell

    Assuming you are VS based on your avatar, the Sirius is a good choice. As mentioned above, it takes 430 certs to make it a great weapon. Proximity mines are a must as well. Everything else fill in as you desire.
  16. DFDelta

    I actually prefer medikits to mines.
    You are usually behind enemy lines, somewhere where no medic will reach you.

    The ability to heal myself up to 4 times is better then the ability to kill 2 guys with mines.

    I'd go mines if the respawns in this game were a bit longer, that way I could instill a bit of paranoia in my enemies with repeated mines hidden in the safety of their very own base, but with our quick respawns no one cares.

    For the suit I'd go with advanced shield. You are usually going to get the drop on your enemy, so the most damage you will take is to your shields.
    The ranges you're going to fight in nanoweave becomes next to useless (it is only really good in long range when damage dropoff sets in, or when you're a heavy with a resist shield)
    Ammo can be "stolen" by leeching abandoned enemy ammo packs.
    And you should not take enough explosive damage in CQC to make flak worthwhile.
  17. Dr. Euthanasia

    You clearly aren't using your mines right if they only result in one kill each.
  18. DeathSparx

    uhh...That's 330 certs actually. 100 each for the soft point ammo, grip or laser sight, and suppressor, and 30 certs for a sight of choice.

    Unless people travel that close together, it usually will net you one kill each, but if you're actively guarding with your mines, it will weaken anybody near the first guy for you to take out with your weapon of choice.
  19. Dr. Euthanasia

    The Advanced Laser Sight costs an additional 100.

    And here's the problem with your mentality: You're assuming that I'm talking about using your mines defensively, yet they're as powerful as Frag Grenades with none of the delay or warning. If you get behind a cluster of four enemy players, or hell, even if you get in front of them when sufficiently prepared, they're all going to explode and die. Those who survive are easy pickings for your CQC weapon of choice, besides.
  20. RobotNinja

    The video quality is kinda crappy but here's an example of just that, using mines offensively. I think this was before SMG came out though or right after it did. Basically, the player in the video was defending a biolab, cloaked, ran out of spawn and straight to where the enemy was holding a point, dropped a mine, shot/stabbed some guys, ran around, threw a grenade, shot some more guys until he finally died as the group kill bonuses were rolling in.

    And that's just with one mine. You get two and the fun is begun! :p