So I tried out the Skyguard

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  1. Xiphos

    I'm playing as NC. Zurvan Amp Station was under heavy attack and they had lots of aircraft. I reployed further south and decided to give the Skyguard a try.

    I parked it to the south of the Amp Station near the rock arch to remain unseen. A damaged Liberator flew by, probably about 200m away. I took some shots at it but didn't hit once. The projectile spread was quite apparent, so I drove closer to the base. Shortly afterwards, a damaged Mosquito appeared and started hovering while spewing rockets at some ground target ahead of me. It should be an easy target, right? This time the Skyguard scored several hits which inflicted only minor damage though and the Mosquito escaped. A few moments later I'm hit by rocket pods from behind and destroyed in two seconds by a different Mosquito pilot.

    Nice air vs ground balance right there.
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  2. Protential

    "I Parked it." Protip - Don't do that.

    The reason I liked it when I got it is because.

    Its easy to cut them off while running, and its easy to get out of their line of sight...With the max this is extremely hard.

    While I don't think its up to par if a couple slight changes were made, this would be AA at its best.
  3. Xiphos

    Mind making a video of your skills? I want to learn from the masters.
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  4. Lovecraft

    My experience was similar... I opened up on a lib... Medium close range... Scoring good hits....he just took the hits, not panicking, rotated... Took his time lining up the shot, and then one-shot salvo'd me... I had gotten him down to just past 50% health.

    Yeah I know... I shoulda had 2 other Skyguard friends and a buster max with me... Team Game....

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  5. Dubious

    Skyguard has been USELESS since they nerfed it in Beta

    Only reason it were "OP" in Beta is cause flying was harder and pilots were stupid
    Some are still stupid, but they still survive cause there is no effective AA anymore

    Skyguard could kill ESF at any range, now it cant kill up close
    G2A Could kill ESF in 2 hits, now they need 3 hits, if they even hit anymore cause the tracking is broken
    AA MAX is the only one that has gotten slightly better, but still not good enough, damage is good, but spread and arc is ridiculous
  6. Xiphos

    A Mosquito killing a Skyguard in two seconds while the Skyguard is unable to do the same to the Mosquito is of course perfectly balanced according to every pilot ever. Nevermind that the Mosquito can also attack aircraft effectively with the same loadout. Nevermind that these are both vehicles with similar resource cost and with an expensive and specialized AA/AG weapon.

    To be honest, aircraft controls should be improved so that everyone can fly effectively, then there is no excuse to have terrible AA in the game.
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  7. Owleyes

    LOL My first try with the Skyguard i unloaded a full clip into a mossie and while i was reloading he podded me to death

    The funny thing is, On another thread pilots were complaining it takes half a clip to kill. Anyone who is a pilot can't be trusted to talk about balance.

    The devs seriously need to up the projectile speed on the Skyguard for it to be effective. Also shooting a Lib close range, over 4 clips and he just casually didnt move and killed me in 2 hits. FOR SURE needs a damage buff.

    As it stands, It feels like SOE ripped me off with the Skyguard
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  8. BraSS

    Even at 350 SC i feel ripped off with the skyguard. The spread is crazy and the damage just pitiful. I get more Air kills with the 250 cert HEAT. 2 hits kill an ESF and 3 kill a Lib.
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  9. Xiphos

    Since you mentioned it, in a Vanguard I would have killed that hovering Mosquito with a single HEAT round.
  10. Bad News

    I have also tried it, me and a few others capped a base, that base with only a cap A and it is almost right above the SCU, generator to SCU is like 30 meter from cap A above there tanks spawn.

    My sundy was parked under the gen/cap and shields was ofcourse down, a lib lower himself so he is at groundlevel and he kills my sundy in a few sec and then he take off. I spawn a skyguard and go out to chase him and then i see he have landed on the landing pad above me but almost all his tail is sticking out so i start to shot at him, range 50 meter or so? at the end of my 2nd clip the lib is taking off, i do get almost a full 3rd clip into him and he start to burn and slowly going down. I did finally get the lib but pilot had no problem to bail in time.

    So i can't hurt tanks, i need to be very lucky or spend all my ammo to kill one inf and i have a close fight and lucky kill on a AFK lib... What are you suppose to do with this skyguard?

    My skyguard is now collecting dust in my garage. :(

    Fly 2 Win.
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  11. Zyzyx

    Dedicated SG driver here. I just posted a longer version of this comment here:

    The SG is all about leading and area denial. You must aim properly to kill with an SG, leading in the appropriate direction: if the ESF is diving on you, aim ABOVE it to counter bullet-drop. If the Lib is flying, you need to aim many meters AHEAD of it. Recognize the CoF and recoil by MOVING your aim. The bullet stream has tracers so you can see where your shots are going; take the cues from the tracers and ADJUST your fire. By design it is an "area denial" system to drive off aircraft, not destroy them. You shouldn't expect kills, though you should get them once in a while. Don't fight with an SG unless you're already comfortable with your current level and certs; you won't get more. But as part of a group (and with a nod to "Cool Hand Luke," your mind right), the "social Lightning" can be a lot of fun.
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  12. KariH

    My skyguard is for emergency use if MAX has died and is obn cooldown. ..if the countryside is fit for skyguard.
  13. Smaisteri

    Pro tip: Shove that Skyguard up your *** and use a Double-Burster MAX.
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  14. Aerius

    Going off the amount of times I've dropped to half HP in 2-3 seconds of SG fire, I'm gonna say you're either lying or have the worst aim of all time.
  15. Matti

    A skyguard is mounted on a Lightning tank, thats a fast, agile tank that is really hard to hit if it's driven by someone how know how to. Still amazed at players always standing still in a tanks made for the opposit.
  16. Xiphos

    They don't have weapon stabilization. You can't hit anything while driving around. Nice try though, pilot.
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  17. Vorpal

    The sad fact of the matter is that aircraft, which have great maneuverability and able to engage all targets, can generally destroy their timer based and resource based AA 'counters' like the burster max and skyguard, in even fights - and these counters are much slower, have no versatility, and can only engage aircraft.

    The balance is atrociously bad, particularly with respect to liberators.

    Also no one should be talking about driving the lightning while shooting the skyguard unless they have personally tried it.
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  18. Protential

    I can hit things while driving....More so with MBT's then the Skyguard. Also your point of moving is not move and attack vs an aircraft, its move out of his line of fire, stop and shoot, when he begins to correct, move again. You can literally force them to afterburner away from you...

    I agree tanks should be harder to kill then aircraft.
  19. Lord Robert

    Needs a buff. Unfortunately, when SOE "balances" something, they tend to go too far.
    When they nerfed the SG, they broke it. They need to make smaller adjustments to this stuff.
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  20. Matti

    "The sa fact" as you say, is that an aircraft can be taken out with all weapons, at least an ESF. I have killed and been killed by infantry fire, killed loads of ESF's with tanks, both as gunner and primary, with the default rocketlauncher as heavy, (got it on several videos on youtube) an with the default gun of Sunderers. None of these weapons ar AA, still effective agains air.
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