So I tanked a bit for the first time today (my own certed tank)...

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  1. Taemien

    Want to put SC down to see if you can stop my squad with your Lib? By the time you even see the Galaxy, we've already gone indoors and surrounded by invulnerable walls.

    Just be ready to push U to go to another continent. Unless you get skywhaled, then you can skip that step.
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  2. MorganM

    Yeah tanks are stupid and cheesy so I presume you're going to stop using it then right?

    Wait... you're not?

    That's what I thought...
  3. Jawarisin

    Well if you really want, I'm sure we can try to arrange something. If you take a whole squad, we can be two squads against each other :). Mind you, I don't have an outfit so I'll have to ask friends. But we'll all be in aircraft. Libs/reavers and you can try to pass us and cap a base.

    Then again, I'd have to ask a few people around. But if you're actually up for it, I'm sure we can organize a little something somewhere.

    And no sadly, I won't be putting any SC down. If you want to do this, do it because you think you're right. I don't need any SC at the moment, nor do I think I will need any in the near future. It's also something I've learned is not well respected. If I win, I have no guarantee you'll pay up, and if you win, you have no guarantee I'll pay up. I honestly never saw this work ONE time. And I've done those kinds of "duels" at least a few dozen times.

    So, would you be up for it?
  4. Alarox

    Sitting in the safety of a large zerg is equivalent to sitting in a spawn room as infantry. Your K/D will be high but you will accomplish little.

    Not dying != doing well.

    What is your goal:
    A.) Have fun?
    B.) Kill lots of stuff?
    C.) Ensure that you don't die?

    What you're doing is great if your goal is to not die, but otherwise you're wasting your time. Being part of a zerg can be lucrative in small bursts (like the exact moment of a push) but otherwise you need to take risks in order to accomplish much worthwhile.
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  5. stalkish

    Kul story.
    Thought id chime in and say your wrong, you can reload while in the gunner seat, you just didnt wait long enough.
    As long as you initiate the reload before switching and wait out the reload timer after switching your gun will be reloaded and ready to use when you switch back.
    I do this all the time to kill sundies quicker.
    Shoot titan AP
    Switch to halberd
    Shoot halberd
    Wait till halberd almost reloads then switch back to AP and shoot.
  6. Jawarisin

    re-read the red part.
  7. stalkish

    Ive got no idea WTF your talking about, there is no manual reload, when you fire it starts reloading at 0.0 seconds after you fire, you dont have to click R to reload, what are you going on about o_O. There is only 1 round in the clip for halberd or titan.
    Ill say again, shoot your pri cannon, then switch to halberd, shoot that and wait just 1-2 seconds before switching back.
    You do then have to wait a second or so to switch back to the halberd, but it works the same both ways, as long as you wait out the reload cycle your good to go as soon as you switch.
  8. iccle

    So correct me if I am wrong but all I am taking from this thread is:

    New guy tried tanking for the first time and survived by hanging onto an armor zerg, concludes that all tanking is easy. But I guess I should go over all the points raised.

    1) True, as we all know round rubber wheels have considerably more grip than treaded tracks which is why all tanks IRL in fact use wheels, the tracks is just a cardboard facade.

    2) It is in fact much easier to pad your k/d as infantry hero bossing it from the spawn room it is also considerably less risky and cheaper.

    3)4) I think both of these boil down to the fact that you were in the wrong place (ie part of an overpop), the clue is if your in the right place then your inherently unsafe.

    5) Working as intended get a gunner or deal with it.